Fallout 4: Running Low On Ammo? Your Enemy Won’t Know That [S&R]

Fallout is best when your character is desperate and that’s where Fallout 4 can expand upon. That’s what the folks over at S&R suggest as they think Fallout has been struggling in balancing availability with scarcity.

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Iltapalanyymi1461d ago

i hope we get some new info of F4 in the coming months.

Snookies121460d ago

I drool a little over the thought of Fallout 4 on next-gen...

konnerbllb1460d ago

Imagine fallout without load times.
Fallout with sprint.
Fallout with better animation and combat.

BlackTar1871460d ago


Seriously went out and bought the ultimate edition 2 weeks ago because i just love the depth of these games. Preferred New Vegas over fallout 3 though. But played them all like crazy but didn't get all the DLC for Vegas so im going thru the entire game again with the new DLC in the ultimate and the game is just amazing.

Kal8531460d ago

I also just picked up NV Ultimate Edition and am enjoying it very much. PLEASE GIVE US FALLOUT 4 FOR NEXT GEN!! I'll name my first born son after the title character if that would help.

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dumahim1460d ago

Who is S&R? This article confuses me greatly.
The article doesn't seem to have anything to do with what the title suggests.

digim01460d ago

S&R is trash. I cover games for a small tech site and wrote up a long piece on Fallout 4 a few months ago. Those guys (plus sidhtech and auto-o-mobile) steal my stuff a lot.

I'm a huge Fallout 4 fan and I went out looking for PROOF and found some interesting stuff about patents and trademarks and the actual paperwork relating to the game.

Plus a couple educated guesses: