Volition talks Xbox One, dedicated servers and why Saints Row 4 lacks "bleeding edge" graphics

OXM UK: "Volition's Saints Row 4 is out in the UK today, and if you've read our review, you'll know it's an utter hoot. The developer has yet to announce what it's up to next, but senior producer Jim Boone was prepared to discuss some broad possibilities for Xbox One and PS4 when I caught up with him at a hands-on last month."

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n4rc1706d ago

dedicated servers for every multiplayer game at a bargain price (we've heard reports that these servers are, in fact, free, but we've yet to receive official confirmation from Microsoft). For a developer like Volition, which lacks the publisher resources of a company like DICE, this is a tempting prospect.

thats the big thing.. anyone that says that isnt huge knows nothing about online gaming.

Skate-AK1706d ago

Deep Sliver has plenty of money to get their own dedicated servers for Volition.

n4rc1706d ago

the point was offering up free dedicated servers on a massive network to smaller developers is a huge boost to the gaming industry..

EA already has their infrastructure.. but its insanely expensive and really only activision could do the same, and they dont want to.

this option was just never possible for smaller games before..

Freedomland1706d ago

I believe it when i see it up-till now they are just marketing the term.

trafalger1706d ago

its the same thing with respawn and titanfall. having m$ handle all of that means they don't have to. someone like ea has there own infrastructure but even activision is talking about xbone servers and not ps4 servers. m$ has invested billions of dollars having servers around the world to make matchmaking better. dedicated servers also make online play more fair. you dont get host advantage, can have more gamers in matches and not worry about lagging. the cloud will allow patches and updates on the fly too. in fact call of duty will updates its games without you even knowing so they can monitor feedback better.

No_Limit1706d ago

there is no going back after cloud based dedicated servers. It is like going back to 56k internet after using blazing fast broadband. 300,000 servers will make games online great. Welcome to the next generation.

iamnsuperman1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Dedicated servers will make online much better but not the same extreme as 56k internet to broadband. That is just absurd and a silly parallel.

DeadlyFire1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

You know cloud based just means they are still using the same type of servers as everyone else. They just can scale them up and down across the network when games are created/ended without a transition and likely only results will be less time for matchmaking. That is all that is different. Costs are still there for Microsoft. Speeds are not faster than normal servers. Just all their servers are linked together now under one network.

Without cloud servers. A regular dedicated server has very little difference. Servers might be searching an extra minute, but speed is relatively the same and servers are individual for every game. On a cloud they are universal servers that can apply to any game. Not just for a single game as dedicated servers are often aimed at single games. Cloud servers are the same servers just all linked together and sharing the same game info so they could be utilized for every game. So the need for new servers for games is less so it reduces some cost.

Only result I can see is faster server swapping on Microsoft side for games as they are universal servers. Games on PC and consoles before had to be setup for each game individually and closed after awhile to make room for new games.

This isn't something that really affects gamers. On a console you never pay for your dedicated servers typically other than the standard subscription if you pay that.

Baka-akaB1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

This got nothing to do with that . There was no trade off in perfs , it's just a case of SR4 being the further development of a SR3 addon . Enough with the PR Bullsh*t , the fans that care will pick it up either way , and you are not going to convince people that feel otherwise about SR4 ...

badz1491706d ago

graphics have NEVER been the strength of SR series and even on PC max setting, it doesn't even look stunning unlike other games like Sleeping dogs which is looking very good maxed out on pc. even JC2 on consoles put SR4's graphic to shame! I remember how SR2 basically looks like a PS2 game on 360 and PS3 and I though my eyes were bad!

I'm not saying their games are crap because not every dev in the world should play the graphics "card" but as long as it looks good enough and most importantly plays good, people will have no problem getting it! CoD have been looking very outdated these years but people seems to have no problem buying it year after year.

Baka-akaB1706d ago

And i dont have issues with their graphics . But let's be honest , a SR4 that started from scratch would still look different even on current consoles , and probably better on ps4/xb1 . The current look happened because it's build with a SR3 expansion at its core .

Sayai jin1706d ago

Dedicated servers is a plus for MP.

forcefullpower1706d ago

I just dont get why the Xbox is only just now getting dedicated server. Dedicated servers have been used for years by companies for games on PC and PS3. Not sure if Wii ever had any.

Sayai jin1706d ago

Not sure why either. They mainly left it up to devs to have dedicated servers.

Fireseed1706d ago

They've have had them before, but you're missing the point that Azure isn't just for MS published games. They're for every game.