Grand Theft Auto 5 Details May Leak as Hacker Accesses Preload

A PS3 hacker could divulge GTA 5 details after accessing a preload of Rockstar's title.

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Iltapalanyymi1243d ago

Wow cant wait to see something.

Angainor71243d ago

Are you f***ing serious?

sengoku1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

lets wait and see.
hackers defo have there hands on the 18gb download.
but cant imagine rock star being that stupid as to not includes some sort of a lock to prevent early access to hackers.

gedapeleda1242d ago

I also can't wait and since I have one ps3 with cfw on it i might just get myself a sneak peak

vishmarx1243d ago

NO F****** WAY...
id rather be off the internet for the next 3 weeks

Iltapalanyymi1243d ago

yea. i think i will do the same.

Khajiit861242d ago

Just do not watch or read anything except reviews. I hate reading details about a game, just get it and play not having much of a clue about it. Makes it so much sweeter

voodoochildnyc1243d ago

i just find it hilarious that in another gta5 related comment section, dealing with preorders for digital downloads of gta5 on xbox live, everyone is talking about how xbox live is riddled with hackers and unsafe. and here we have a hacker busting into psn and pulling this stunt. hilarious!!!!

Dark_Overlord1243d ago

Just thought I'd point out, at no point does it state that he got it from the PSN, even if it was from the PSN he could have used a PC and managed to find the DL address (Yes the psn gets its DL's from web addresses) if you know the address you can DL all the PKG files :)

There's even a possibility he hacked Rockstars servers, so until its confirmed, I wouldn't jump to conclusions.

JackBNimble1242d ago

If it's a pre-load then he didn't have to be online at all because it's already on his console .

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clmstr1243d ago

I don't care. I have enough patitence to wait till September 17th.

clmstr1242d ago

*Patience, sorry for a typo =P

SchwoererBear1243d ago

If this is true and info leaks it wil contaminate all gaming news sources and major spoilers wi be seen evrywhere. I hope they can block this guy out or something

AllroundGamer1243d ago

spoiler - at the end... you will win :)

Swiggins1243d ago

Not necessarily ever play Spec Ops: The Line?

At the end of that game....nobody won.

RioKing1242d ago

John Marston sure was a winner at the end of RDR, wasn't he?

TheUndertaker851242d ago

@RioKing: He was in Undead Nightmare

SIRHC131243d ago

Lol, I love how people think a pre-load is that easy to unlock. I saw one guy on the GTA Forums say "'I just need to crack the code!"

Yeah, by hacking into Sony's database and uncovering heavily encrypted keys to an extremely high profile game.

ppaige20011242d ago

I actually heard Sony Accidentaly released a download for the game on PS3 and the guy was downloading it when the dycrypted it and he got the 40 Hours+ Worth of Audio Files

madara0sama1243d ago

I'm not reading anything GTA related anymore. The trailers is enough and I want to experience everything by myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.