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Submitted by PsyphonD 897d ago | news

Sony passively says that multi-platform games can be better on PS4

In response to the notion that Sony isn’t focusing on exclusives as much as Microsoft, PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny suggested that multi-platform games on the PS4 can have better graphics and responsiveness. (Mark Cerny, PS4, Sony)

ZBlacktt  +   897d ago | Well said
At 10 times more powerful then a PS3. I think that's a pretty safe bet, lol. Next Gen means moving forward. November 15th can't get here fast enough!

As far as exclusive, lets not forget Sony is supporting the PS3 with game like The Last of Us ( Naughty Dog ) and Grand Turismo 6 ( Polyphony Digital Inc ). Both Sony owned studios. So they where working on those games way before the PS4 was to come out. Yet both studios have already put statements out that they are working on PS4 titles now. You have The Order: 1886 with Producer's SCE Santa Monica Studio who are also owned by Sony. They just had God of War Ascension come out for the PS3 this year as well.

So where Sony's exclusive studios have been busy. Look at the 3rd party help that has stepped in.

Ubisoft has partnered with Sony and give the PS3 and PS4 exclusive game content for the PS3 and PS4.

Bungie has given exclusive content already to the PS4.

So there is plenty to do on the PS4 and we all can only play one game at a time. Games like the new Assassin's Creed 4 have over 100 hours of game play for example. Who the hell wants to rush that? That is one damn beautiful living gaming experience.

Just as everyone is getting settled with the launch titles. Then comes inFamous Second Son in Feb 2014. So it's once again kicking off with more AAA titles. Plus, as said many times. The PS4 is far easier to develop for and we see the list of developers working on it. So watch, 2014 is going to be a very good year for gamers!
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NewMonday  +   897d ago
that is true according to reports coming from GamesCom

people can deny all they want but after the consoles release their will be nowhere to hide.
JohnnyBadfinger  +   897d ago
ABeastNamedTariq  +   897d ago
MS fanboys like to act like ND, SSM, MM, and QD (among others) don't exist.

Yeah, they totally aren't developing PS4 games.

Because it's absolutely the launch exclusives that count, of course (even though PS4's are great too).

Longevity doesn't matter. They don't like surprises. They want everything out there now so they can "brag" now and regret it later when Sony's heavy hitters start shaking things up.

I hope "/s" isn't needed for this.
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abzdine  +   897d ago
BF4, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed are all superior versions confirmed for PS4.
but i'm more waiting for first party exclusive awesomeness. it's the reasn why i bought a PS3 and Vita and i will buy PS4 and future Sony consoles.
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badkolo  +   897d ago
no its not, no one has said things look better on the ps4, stop dreaming
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FamilyGuy  +   897d ago
I've been saying this for a while now, once the final form of these consoles are in our hands and even the hands of the games journalist and reviewers they'll be no way of hiding or denying anything.

All this "being played on a similarly spec' pc" bs will be over with. We'll see what the REAL systems can REALLY do. The speed of their OSs, the responsiveness and feel of the new controllers, the fluidity of the actual gameplay and the enjoyment.

First-hand perspective > all
ZHZ90  +   897d ago
These are reasons why I am getting PS4

1. Sony support more quality and quantity of exclusives than MS do
2. Multiplat games will look better on PS4 since PS4 is more powerful in terms of capabilities and specs than X1
3. Hardware 8GB with GDDR5, plus it's more developer friendly
4. Sony cares more about customer satisfaction than MS do
5. PS+ is better service than Xbox Live
trafalger  +   897d ago
the ps3 didn't do a very good job showing its power through multi-platform games. the ps3's success was due to exclusives, brand loyalty, making bluray arrfordable for videophiles, free online play, and having a great relationship with gamers.

the battle going forward won't really fall much on multi-plat games again either. not unless sony can pull a ps2 and go after 3rd party exclusives, which outside of japan developers is doubtful. it will be based more on price (which favors the ps4), exclusives (which going by history sony has a better track rating), relationship with gamers (which again sony has a better track record of) and services (which is where m$ leads, including online play).

whats exciting as a gamer is how fierce competition is. if the xbone starts to fall behind in sales i expect m$ to really become aggressive, which is a good thing. it will make them hungry like sony was after the ps3 came out and all the negative press it got.
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nukeitall  +   897d ago

"I've been saying this for a while now, once the final form of these consoles are in our hands and even the hands of the games journalist and reviewers they'll be no way of hiding or denying anything."


The reviewers will finally report that the games don't look that different despite the "supposed" gap in performance. Just like how a 10x increase in performance from current generation to next, barely result in visual upgrades. With that gap even smaller between Xbox One and PS4, that will barely be visible if that. Diminishing returns!

However, people will start taking this console online and discover consistently better online experience due to dedicated servers on Xbox One over PS4 games that do't. Less rage.

They will start discover that, hey TV is pretty awesome when I wait for a matchmaking to occur and instantly switch.

Suddenly more features pop up with dynamically learning AI in the cloud, and now the cloud really rears it's beautiful head.

Point being, hardware specs next to features means almost nothing. Remember how the Wii outgunned everyone with features, not specs! Imagine when the specs are so much closer.

When the consoles are released, there is nothing to hide!
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NewMonday  +   897d ago


wishful thinking, most publishers will use their own dedicated servers on the XB1 and PS4, games like Destiny and BF4.

and with dedicated servers being an external service from the consoles they can be provided easily, in fact Sony are doing just that if you read the reports about this a few weeks ago, so it is a momentary advantage..

..unlike the permanent advantage of the hardware, the consistent PS4 showdown wins over the XBone will give it consistent free publicity.
SniperControl  +   897d ago
I am buying a PS4 day 1 for the likes of Uncharted 4, GOW 5, GT7, TLOU2.

The launch lineup is ok, it will be in a couple of years that the PS4 will come into it's own.

That is the philosophy that Sony are pushing now.
abzdine  +   897d ago
Killzone Knack DriveClub will have me busy at least until inFamous comes out.
Dont forget Sony still heavily supporting PS3 and Beyond, GT6, LBP HUB and Ratchet are all coming out this year.
Tearaway, Killzone: Mercenaries on vita.

Sony is gun blazing at this holiday season.
Salooh  +   897d ago
14 is my lucky number :) .
USMC_POLICE  +   897d ago
I agree already paid for my ps4 but when gt 6 comes out Dec 6th I won't touch my ps4 for weeks lol. Its a good feeling knowing my ps3 will stand right next to the ps2 and remain there for as long as I live. I want my grandchildren to play the ps2/3.
ZBlacktt  +   897d ago
OT: I was in the Marines for 8 years myself. Semper Fi.
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USMC_POLICE  +   897d ago
Semper Fi zblacktt
CJDUNCAN  +   897d ago
I think where most of this debate goes is into tech specific talks, whereas I'm willing to say most gamers just don't have the knowledge to understand those dynamics. I'm sure most gamers will appreciate the graphical capabilities and extensive gameplay mechanics that can be pulled off with the tech of both systems, but I highly doubt that most gamers will look at both versions of games and from an eye test alone can spot the tech differences between the XO and PS4.

It's the fanboyism from both consoles that keep holding on to the tech to brag about, when most of us have a "cool story bro" look on our face as we anticipate just playing a cool new game on a better console than the current gen.

But maybe that's just me?
cootdog123  +   897d ago
And they are right.
badkolo  +   897d ago
first of both ms and sony are saying this in their own sneaky way
ms is claiming with the cloud games will be bigger and more immersive and do things you cant do elsewere and the same with kinect 2.0,,, so they both spout crap, lets wait to see what true and what just flabbering
gaelic_laoch  +   897d ago
The dogs in the streets and the cats in alleys know that multi-platform games can be better on PS4 the only one's that can't except it will be the Xbowners!
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Wizziokid  +   897d ago
Well that's obvious really but it's all down to will third-party devs make use of this or will this just be Xbox 360 / PS3 all over again.
gaelic_laoch  +   897d ago
Once there are no shady M$ deals getting Third Party devs to tone down game quality so it can get squeezed onto the Xbone at the expense of the PS4!

But that is why I have faith in SONY's First party games as they will out which console is truly epic......the PS4!
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thehitman  +   897d ago
You wont see that. Last gen it was more of content because they used different storage media so 1 system could obviously have much bigger games than the other but they use the same media now. MS cant stop devs from naturally producing higher textures and framerates because the PS4 can handle it and the xb1 cant.
jessupj  +   897d ago
Well hopefully this ratio of 4:1 in the PS4s favor holds true after release. Because if that happens, MS will lose pretty much all there influence on publishers and developers, and that can only be a really good thing.
boing1  +   897d ago
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QuantumWake  +   897d ago
Of course the multi-platforms can be better on the PS4. There is no denying the PS4 is the superior platform hardware wise. It all comes down to whether the game developer will put in the time with each console or just stick to trying to get them to look the same.
JunioRS101  +   897d ago
If Microsoft is more focused on AAA exclusives, where were their AAA exclusives for 360 this year? Or last year?

Microsoft is SO much more focused on exclusives in fact, that they've announced 1 more whole exclusive so far for Xbox One than Sony has for PS4, even though they haven't released a good exclusive in over a year!

That makes a lot of logical, well-rounded sense.
gaelic_laoch  +   897d ago
M$ is focused on triple A TV shows and Third Party Timed Exclusive games to sell its console for them!
Dread  +   897d ago
Gears of war judgment
Halo 4
Forza horizon
Say hi

Stop spreading lies please im sure you know about the games i listed
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JunioRS101  +   897d ago
gears of war judgement sucked, and I can say that because I've owned every Gears of War.
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bjmartynhak  +   897d ago
God of War Ascension
The Last of Us
Beyond Two Souls
Gran Turismo 6
Dragon's Crown
Tales of Xiilia (western release)
Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

They all say hi too you

Halo, Forza and Gears might be awesome franchises, but don't pretend that 360 had strong 1st party support
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Jiggins99  +   897d ago
i think you missed the point of "they haven't released a good exclusive in over a year!"
Kayant  +   897d ago
Yh while PS3 gets Beyond two souls, Last of us, the puppeteer, rain. Gow judgement was not needed it's a good game for what it is but the MP was not changed for the better in most places. The gun balancing was good though. Halo 4 i don't know much as am not a crazy halo fan as I am Gears but it was well received and a better game overall compared to Gow:J from what I have seen. Forza horizon also has been well received and a great game. Problem is all the new Sony games are new IPs compared to the sequels/prequels we get on X360.
pyramidshead  +   897d ago
i think the general consensus is that micro changed up quite a lot titles for 360 to bump them up to the XB1 to bolster its launch line up.
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JunioRS101  +   897d ago
Developing for the lowest common denominator made a lot of sense last gen, because the lowest common denominator was both easier to develop for and less powerful, plus it had a larger install base at the turn of the generation.

This time around though, both consoles will be the same to develop for, and the PS4 is coming out the gates with a larger install base than Xbox One. Considering this, it seems logical that they would develop for the more powerful console to ensure the best quality game and then port down, even if only slightly, to accommodate the less popular, less powerful Xbox One.

Comparing PS4 vs Xbox One to PS3 vs Xbox 360 is truly irrelevant, because the situation was 100% different in many considerable ways.
jessupj  +   897d ago
I think any level headed person will agree that multiplats have the potential to be noticeably better on the PS4. The only thing stopping it is development time.

I'm not developer expert, but I would think it would be logical to make the X1 the lead platform. Because anything that can run on the X1 can easily be ported over to run on the PS4.

The question is, will publishers allow developers to take advantage of PS4 hardware? I think the PS4 is going to have a much bigger install base than the X1, and publishers will want their games to sell and cater to said large install base, so I believe developers WILL take advantage to get extra sales.
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ghoh1  +   897d ago
I'm amazed by those who say that xbone has better exclusives, obviously those 'journalists ' don't know that ps4 has more than 30 first party exclusives 20 of them are launching in the first year only, I'm buying my console for the 7-9 years not couple of months and we all know what will happen after that *cough*360*cough* , everybody is eager to see what m$ will 180 on next time.
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jessupj  +   897d ago
Exatly right.

I don't want to offend anyone, and sure, the launch titles can be a very small factor in someones decision on which next gen console to buy. But I think anyone that chooses a console based on the launch line up is a compete and utter fool.

Like Ghoh1 said, we're going to be having these consoles for years, not just for the first set of games.

I think past history is infinitely more important than the launch line up.

That's why I don't even need to give it a second thought. Sony have proved, time and time again that they support their consoles for the entire generation.

But in the 360 space, as far as the amount of exclusives go, it's so bad it's just not funny.

It's seems a lot of fanboys will defend MS no matter what. I honestly can't understand it, I really can't.
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Good_news_every1   897d ago | Spam
thecurseddevil  +   897d ago
i don't think that differences would be all that noticeable on multiplats.
sure first party playstation titles will look much better than xbox1's.
Sadist3  +   897d ago
Don't care about the graphical difference. Care about the games, and the operating system. That's why I play games on a console and not the PC. Even though I'll be purchasing both a X1 and a PS4, most of my gaming will be on the X1 because of the controller, Kinect features, online capabilities... like that voice control options on that console. I want my consoles to do more than just play games, this isn't 1995 anymore. Time to step up other entertainment features on consoles.
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Iltapalanyymi  +   897d ago
Of course they are. what do you lads expect?
chrissx  +   897d ago
Ps4 is batman, Xbone is robin. Nuffsaid
Spenok  +   897d ago
He more than likely was referring to the PS4. The article says, "While Cerny’s being ever so passive, he’s surely referring to the PS4 and how it can offer a better game experience than its competitors."

However, you CAN look back at last generation. If a system is more widely accepted, and is easier to make games run on and perform better, people will tend to support that system.

So, if it turns out the PS4 can not only look better, but run games (including Multiplats) better than its competitor, than you should easily see this happening.

Though it could just as easily turn out to be very similar to this gen again. In the fact most differences are superficial and most people won't care.

All in all, I personally say stick the platform you like best. Stick where the games are you want to play, and you will be happy. Enough said.
sigfredod  +   897d ago
Well EA already state that NFS will look better in one console, so is very likely
Picnic  +   897d ago
Here's how it always is:

Early Xbox games always look stunning. It's important to Microsoft that they always get off to a great start.
Often you'll get a game released here that sees no later sequel released at all. e.g. Perfect Dark Zero. The beginning of their generation never necessarily bears any resemblance to the end of their generation.

Playstation consoles always get off to a less 'pow!' start.
It's not uncommon for people to point out that early PS2 games look worse than early Dreamcast ones etc.
Often you'll see a new franchise being released here, one that a sequel substantially later improves on.

Later on in the generation, Playstation consoles get in their stride. Great exclusives continue to be released on Playstation consoles even 6 years in to the generation at a time when the Xbox console is of lesser interest for new exclusives because Microsoft are yet again queuing those up for the next generation and mopping up the gaps with Kinect and multi format games.

It's always a long game for Playstation. This means that Xbox games definitely, no doubt, often look prettier at the start of the generation. It depends on whether you like a nice dawn to the generation or a nice closing to it.
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