Forza 5: New HD Gameplay Footage Emerged

Check out some new HD gameplay footage of Forza 5.

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1702d ago
wishingW3L1702d ago

this game's graphics are way beyond Driveclub's.

ABeastNamedTariq1702d ago

Did you see the Gamescom trailer for DriveClub? I don't know if that statement holds true. They're both beautiful. I think Forza has the better art direction, and Autovista mode looks fantastic, but judging from that trailer.. It's close, man. It's close.

jimbobwahey1702d ago

Desperate fanboys say dumb stuff! Guy has problems if he's watching footage for Forza and all he can think about is DriveClub.

CGI-Quality1702d ago

Definitely not. In fact, I'd call them even, with Driveclub having better lighting and background textures, and Forza's car models being a touch more shiny.

1702d ago
gaelic_laoch1702d ago

It's a bland looking racetrack! Driveclubs backdrop was far more dynamic! You may need to take your rose tinted glasses off!

sincitysir11702d ago

Night driving in driveclub.

mcstorm1702d ago

I don't think you can quite put Forza 5 and DriverClub in the same comparison as Forza is more along the lines of GT and Driverclub is more along the lines of Horizon. Both games do look impressive but for me its all about Forza in November I have loved every single one of the Forza games and this looks like its set the mark again. Looking forward to Driverclub when I pick up a ps4 later on next year though and dam the bills I have to pay to stop me from getting both consoles at launch.

Kayant1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Have you seen the lighting in drive club yet? Graphically yh it's a bit better but not by miles. Drive club has real time lighting vs pre-baked, day and night cycle vs none and bigger and richer environments than forza.

^ This is a 720p direct feed and it looks quite good. When it's up on youtube hopefully 1080p then we can see the real difference in graphics.

1702d ago
M-M1702d ago

In my opinion, it doesn't. No doubt that Forza is a great looking game, but the attention to detail in Driveclub is top notch. The lighting, and reflections look amazing as well with Driveclub, it gives a more realistic feel to it. The lighting and reflections in Forza don't give me the same feeling, but it's still a great looking game overall. The one thing Forza will have over Driveclub are probably car physics since both companies' approaches are different.

HolyDuck1702d ago

Lets face it, we will never know how good both games look until there is some proper footage, not some HD cam footage.

boing11702d ago

Direct feed of DriveClub demo from Gamescom.

abzdine1702d ago

well tried :)
i know what you feel trust me

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OrangePowerz1702d ago

I wouldn't say way beyond. Some parts look better like car models, but Forza 5 has bad AA, pop in and bad smoke and dust effects that look like current gen

HarryMasonHerpderp1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Forza looks great, I don't see how it looks "loads better than DriveClub" though :/

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DoesUs1702d ago

60fps is really nice (and vital for a sim) but sacrifices have been made elsewhere visually speaking.

corvusmd1702d ago

This game looks amazing, no other driving game even comes close.Even on a handheld off screen it looks great, and leguna seca looks perfectly recreated.

WarThunder1702d ago

"no other driving game even comes close" lol

DriveClub looks better!

Better environment. Better lighting.
DriveClub has dynamic weather and Volumetric clouds

Forza 5 uses static painted clouds (very outdated for current games) and no weather or night/day.

Izzy4081702d ago

Drive Club is the generic version of Forza 5.

ABeastNamedTariq1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

How is it generic? Lol.

I'm waiting....

WeAreLegion1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I don't think he has an answer to that. Driveclub is going to do for racing what Battlefield 2 did for the FPS.


(To clarify, BF2 introduced XP and leveling into multi-player. That RPG element was later done in COD4:MW, which is what most players will recognize it from.)

ABeastNamedTariq1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


Of course he doesn't have an answer, lol. All they do is bash and run, saying absolutely nothing to back up their statements. It's sad.

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