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Ready To Launch! Will The Xbox One or PS4 Offer More For Your Purchase?

GameNTrain co-owner Broadcaster Jeff writes: With a release date of November 15th set for the PlayStation 4 and the XBox One expected to release in some markets in November, both companies are readying their opening volleys as the war for your money gets set to begin.

Both companies have announced an initial line-up of games for their systems. Launch titles are always interesting, as they are a gamer’s first taste of what to expect from a new generation of gaming. (PS4, Xbox One)

thetruthx1  +   559d ago
Well the Xbox One will have games on day 1

Ps4 will be just a DVD player till 2015 Lol
cellur111  +   559d ago
How is it going to be a dvd player? It's obviously going to get lots of multi platform games and obviously lots of exclusives.
ashahab861   559d ago | Spam
ABeastNamedTariq  +   559d ago
Just bubble this guy down, don't even dignify it.
isarai  +   559d ago
wow man you're not even trying, god that was bad
OlgerO  +   559d ago
PS4 will have the following free games for PS4 on day 1

Driveclub PS+ Edition
The Playroom
kayoss  +   559d ago
Wow isn't the Xbox 360 just a DVD player now? The Xbox one I guess will be a cable box then. That is an upgrade. Roll eyes.
hagla  +   559d ago
It'll be a through connect for your cable box.
MysticStrummer  +   559d ago
What? No day 1 games on PS4?!?!? I'm convinced. XBOne me!

Wait... no. With PS4, I'll buy BF4 and Watch Dogs, and be playing those 2 games plus DC Universe, Warframe, and Drive Club.

That's 5 games for the price of 2 on day 1.

Soon after I'll be adding Planetside 2 and Outlast to that mix... for free.

PS4 clearly offers more.

PS4 me

PS4 the win
pyramidshead  +   559d ago
You're gonna need a step ladder to reach those clouds buddy, you're reaching way above your trolling level and it shows.

In the laughable words of some Xbox enthusiasts on here

"I smell fear"
Agent_hitman  +   559d ago
Yes it will offer more because we are all ready for next gen.. :)
SillyYou   559d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
cootdog123  +   559d ago
This would depend on which system appeals to what you would like to do. But might I suggest if you or on the fence about it give the PS4 a try. You know where I stand lol.
joab777  +   559d ago
Arent most ppl gonna buy the system their friends buy? My guess is that 80-90% play CoD, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, AC4, FIFA or Madden. So, why do day 1 games matter so much? By the time u play these games, many others will b out! Destiny is big and Titanfall may b xbox one's biggest selling point. By then though, I will probably have both. If I get bored of these games, killzone looks awesome and Infamous comes in Feb. Its about a better machine for less money. That and all my friends will b getting the ps4.
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Themba76  +   559d ago
i'm not most of my friends are sticking to xbox one im moving to ps4 I hate cod and they know this. ps4 fits my taste better.
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thetruthx1  +   559d ago
@Ashahab861 sure bro if you wanna trade your George Foreman grill machine Lol

@Sillyyou Xbox One can stop itself from overheating and is big so it'll be ventilated just fine. There's probably a greater chance of the Ps4 cooking some nice disc based sandwiches Lol
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ashahab861   559d ago | Spam
The_Infected  +   559d ago

I'll be blunt since no one has done it yet. You're jokes are lame and you look like a dumb ass coming in articles being a fanboy. Both consoles will be great it's more less if which game lineup, features, and UI you like better.
JohnnyBadfinger  +   559d ago
Pretty sure thetruth and adahab are they same person
ashahab861   559d ago | Spam
thetruthx1  +   559d ago
@Infected shut your dumbass up you gay bitch
thelaughingwiseman  +   559d ago
the 360 was saying the same thing the last console generation: We have the games, we have the entertainment system, we have the best console experience.

It is going to be the same thing, for a time. Some of those exclusives will come to the playstation (remember Bioshock and Mass Effect xbox peeps?).

The entertainment thing though, that might be a different story. Sony has deals that are internet friendly and serve as real world micro transactions. What if you don't want to deal with cable companies anymore, and only like a few good channels? and you can just pay to watch channels you really watch a lot, not just a whole cable system. Sony already has interactive tvs and gadgets that go with their tv's.

And you are able to stream your games on the playstation and other gaming sites (twitch, uStream). You can actually share with friends the games you are playing right then and there. I think that is a little better then cross chatting and Skype. Skype is for hipsters and really what business man is going to use a Skype from an xbox
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isarai  +   559d ago
Depends on what you want really, i mean it gives you more parts(comes with Kinect) but if you're not interested in Kinect then it comes down to games and value. Games are purely opinion, but in terms of value Ps4 is both cheaper and more powerful(on paper) and offers far more without needing the paid online service. so essentially you can buy a PS4 with no games and be able to play all the free to play games like DCUO, Warframe, Warthunder, Planetside 2, Blacklight, Don't Starve, etc and still be able to access your media apps like netflix and such
edonus  +   559d ago
You don't compare things at their bare minimum you compare them at there maximum. You don't leave anything out. You can't just say if you don't like kinect then it's not there... That is pretend and Make. Believe. Then give the Ps4 the benefit of the doubt that its more powerful. Free games are a nice bonus but so is dedicated servers and X1 has Project Spark and Killer Instinct so far in free to play.

Trying to compare the two systems without the subscriptions is again not comparing the full product. Remember X1 runs windows 8 apps, and there apps like netflix
Are highly customized for voice and gesture controls premium content has to count for something.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   559d ago
You can absolutely compare things at their minimum. It lets you see the base value. What kind of logic was that?

With a PS4...No games, no anything:

DCUO, Planetside 2, Blacklight: Retribution will all be available to play without a subscription. That list will grow. Traditional MP requires PS+.

With XB1:

1 character from Killer Instinct and Project Spark will be available to play. All multiplayer (F2P included) still requires Gold.

Base value.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   559d ago
Depends on what you want. I like Sony exclusives more than I like MS ones. I'm looking forward to Infamous and The Order. And I can't wait to see what Naughty Dog is making. It's all preference, I'm getting tired of this. Why can't we just enjoy games?
JunioRS101  +   559d ago
I like this website because all the people who leave comments are intelligent enough to make wise purchasing decisions ;)

(Greatness Awaits)
ZHZ90  +   559d ago
Ok here's what I'll say

If you care about Kinect, and games like Halo, Forza, Gears of War and Fable and you think MS will bring you back classic Rare games just like they did with KI and maybe bring you Battletoads, Conker and Banjo back and you like Remedy and you like corrent line-up that so much like DR3, Titanfall and Ryse well ok go with Xbox One.

Unless if you really care about the power capabilities and specs of a console especially for multiplat games to look better and a hardware(uses GDDR5 and uses 8GB) and a friendly hardware(Easy architecture) for more games, move motion, best online service and customer service and great experience of 1st party exclusives(And it doesn't really matter for you whether old or new IPs just play best games) and care about games in development not just line-up so far go with PS4. '

(Especially free PS4 games don't require PS+ while free Xbox One games require Xbox Gold)
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   559d ago
I find it funny that MS fanboys are taking the lineup so seriously. All they do is bash PS4's lineup. For what? For the sole reason that those games aren't on PS4.

Their whole lineup for the year has been revealed. Sony still has much up its sleeve. They act like Naughty Dog, SSM, and MM doesn't exist (among others).
i3eyond the Circle  +   559d ago
I just have to say I think Xbox One will have a better launch for me personally.

Less are buying it if going by what the internet says...so hey that's less lag I have to worry about for decking out my digital library upon release...maybe even less kids.

Nonetheless....the only person offering more for my purchase are the 3rd party developers out there because they are what's making X1 launch that much sweeter...and yes Ryse and DR3 are also 3rd party titles.

Not to hyped about Forza....not to be a douche but it might be a top selling game but nobody I know really plays it...it's like that game you get in a bundle then trade in after you get the easy achievements.
Y_5150  +   559d ago
Playstation 4 although it does have it's negatives they are rally minor to me. Xbox One has gone better since it's reveal, I may get one in a couple of years. PS4 on launch, and Wii U at the right moment. :)
x1man  +   559d ago
getting both so i dont care:)
The_Fat_Boss  +   559d ago
It's all about the games people. I absolutely loved the PS3 and played practically every exclusive it has had. Don't get me wrong, I really want the PS4, but no exclusives have me totally won over. The only one I can think of is Killzone SF.

XBOX has really surprised me with its games, I've never been much of an XBOX guy, but Dead Rising 3, Ryse, and Titanfall have me stoked for the XBOX One and I'm picking it up at launch. The COD Ghosts dedicated servers is a nice extra (I play COD for fun, I know it's not nearly as good as other games).

Now once the PS4 releases Infamous SS, The Order, and all the other games that its first party studios have been working on, that is the time I will buy the PS4 and love what Sony has created once again. I already know that the PS4 is as amazing as everyone is saying it is, but I can wait until more of its games come out.

I know my opinion doesn't really matter, but all I'm trying to say is that everyone has their own tastes, and overall, it's just good to be a gamer :)
TheGrimReaper0011  +   559d ago
I think it depends also where you live
An Xbox one in america will offer more than an xbox one in europe as almost all the tv and sport features wont work in europe (yet)
People, just buy the system wich you think is best for you!
Hicken  +   559d ago
So many factors to consider, but if you look at them objectively, it's hard to say the PS4 doesn't offer you more value for your money at launch.

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