Ready To Launch! Will The Xbox One or PS4 Offer More For Your Purchase?

GameNTrain co-owner Broadcaster Jeff writes: With a release date of November 15th set for the PlayStation 4 and the XBox One expected to release in some markets in November, both companies are readying their opening volleys as the war for your money gets set to begin.

Both companies have announced an initial line-up of games for their systems. Launch titles are always interesting, as they are a gamer’s first taste of what to expect from a new generation of gaming.

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thetruthx11704d ago

Well the Xbox One will have games on day 1

Ps4 will be just a DVD player till 2015 Lol

cellur1111704d ago

How is it going to be a dvd player? It's obviously going to get lots of multi platform games and obviously lots of exclusives.

1704d ago
ABeastNamedTariq1704d ago

Just bubble this guy down, don't even dignify it.

isarai1704d ago

wow man you're not even trying, god that was bad

OlgerO1704d ago

PS4 will have the following free games for PS4 on day 1

Driveclub PS+ Edition
The Playroom

kayoss1704d ago

Wow isn't the Xbox 360 just a DVD player now? The Xbox one I guess will be a cable box then. That is an upgrade. Roll eyes.

hagla1704d ago

It'll be a through connect for your cable box.

MysticStrummer1704d ago

What? No day 1 games on PS4?!?!? I'm convinced. XBOne me!

Wait... no. With PS4, I'll buy BF4 and Watch Dogs, and be playing those 2 games plus DC Universe, Warframe, and Drive Club.

That's 5 games for the price of 2 on day 1.

Soon after I'll be adding Planetside 2 and Outlast to that mix... for free.

PS4 clearly offers more.

PS4 me

PS4 the win

pyramidshead1704d ago

You're gonna need a step ladder to reach those clouds buddy, you're reaching way above your trolling level and it shows.

In the laughable words of some Xbox enthusiasts on here

"I smell fear"

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Agent_hitman1704d ago

Yes it will offer more because we are all ready for next gen.. :)

SillyYou1704d ago ShowReplies(2)
cootdog1231704d ago

This would depend on which system appeals to what you would like to do. But might I suggest if you or on the fence about it give the PS4 a try. You know where I stand lol.

joab7771704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Arent most ppl gonna buy the system their friends buy? My guess is that 80-90% play CoD, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, AC4, FIFA or Madden. So, why do day 1 games matter so much? By the time u play these games, many others will b out! Destiny is big and Titanfall may b xbox one's biggest selling point. By then though, I will probably have both. If I get bored of these games, killzone looks awesome and Infamous comes in Feb. Its about a better machine for less money. That and all my friends will b getting the ps4.

Themba761704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

i'm not most of my friends are sticking to xbox one im moving to ps4 I hate cod and they know this. ps4 fits my taste better.

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The story is too old to be commented.