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Ryse: Son Of Rome hands-on preview – are you not entertained? | Metro

Metro: "One of the Xbox One’s most important launch exclusives is fully playable at Gamescom, including a hands-on look at the newly unveiled co-op mode."" (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

cyguration  +   621d ago
Nope... I'm not entertained.

Thanks for trying, though.
edonus  +   621d ago
This game really looks better than every game Sony has shown. The critiques of it are just some Sony gremlins trying to high jack and screw up all MS news and make it negative.
This article is some gremlin stuff too. When they said the game at E3 looked like all QTEs on rails that was it they are a circle jerk station. Now all of a sudden hack n slash games are bad, QTEs are bad now launch games will never be classic ( I bet these stealth trolls won't say that about KZsf) it's all bull.

Ryse day one.
SillyYou   621d ago | Trolling | show
xRedline  +   621d ago
Ryse is looking pretty good. I'd like to try and see if I can't find a demo of it set up somewhere or check out a friend's copy before I decide to pick it up though.


Ah, the classic "If I get disagrees it's because [insert excuse here], so I'm going to troll and any disagrees I get mean nothing."

Hehe, silly indeed.
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DonFreezer  +   621d ago
They won't even play it.They cry about something that they won't even get their hands off.
windblowsagain  +   621d ago
The game's graphics look great, some of those set pieces look great as well.

That being said, the gameplay is a little lacking atm. A bit clunky. It's hard to know exactly what's what until you play it for yourselves.

Love cryengine 3 though:)
Deadpoolio  +   621d ago
It's amazing how all the Xbots do is cry about games that have too many QTE...But when it's in an awful looking ONE80 its suddenly Sony Gremlins and QTE are amazing people are just stupid.

At least you morons could be consistent in your stupidity, the entire internet must be Sony gremlins by your moronic account consider EVERY singe site all said it was a QTE party and mash your way to victory....Yet something else the idiot Xbots cried about with games like DMC....

But you go ahead and enjoy your pretty lame looking 360 game upscaled for the One80, have fun mashing your way to QTE victory cause we all know that Xbots are barely a step about retards with down syndrome and believe all of Microsoft's crap about how this is the next evolution of gaming and the demos were just made QTE fests because they wanted it to be easier in demos
Master-H  +   621d ago
Yea right, Infamous Second Son which looks and plays fantastic, and seem more next gen than 95% of all the games shown (1st and 3rd party) is inferior to Ryse, the former x360 kinect game (now with controller) with it's shallow clunky combat and retarded AI (as proven by the latest demo) , QTEs (that you don't even have to match the buttons to what's shown on the screen, you're just ALWAYS rewarded) and linearity Lmao
That must be some stroooong kool aid you been drinking son.
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Mkai28  +   621d ago
Well it was entertaining for me to see arms and legs cut off in the arena. Double team finishers was a plus. Guess you like your games kiddy with marshmallows and sprinkles on top..
What's not to like about this, bet you watched and liked Spartacus too..
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Wni0  +   621d ago
Hell yeah I love Kubricks Spartacus. Why cant we have a game like that??
gaelic_laoch  +   621d ago
I am not to pushed on Ryse, it seems like an on the rails hack and slasher.
cootdog123  +   621d ago
I said it last nite on this site about this game. I don't know about this one. It for sure is not worth 65.00 dollars. Maybe at 29.00 dollars.
ashahab861   621d ago | Spam
thetruthx1  +   621d ago
Sony gamers would rather have a character that's too powerful for his enemies that twirls colorful chains (Kratos) lol

This game has real time damage to enemies, great graphics, great executions and the multiplayer looks fun when the person demonstrating it knows how to play.

They say this game looks repetitive but won't mention the same fireball shooting/three hit combo shown in every Infamous trailer lol
FlameHawk  +   621d ago
And you would like to have the low framerate, clunky co-op, Ryse Of the Quick Time Events.
thetruthx1  +   621d ago
I'd rather have the beautiful graphics and good gameplay over the main character jump roping into cheap kills lol
Wni0  +   621d ago
Till we actually get our hands on the gameplay, we really wont know. It might be an improvement over Dark Souls, or it might be too easy, and repetitive.
Deadpoolio  +   621d ago
LOL your actually going to compare a garbage 360 Kinect game upscaled to be a One80 launch title to Dark Souls..Quit drinking the Microjizz this game looks and probably is awful...Again it was originally designed to be a Kinect 360 game
hOoDnErD  +   621d ago
I thought this article was about Ryse, How did it turn into "What Sony gamers like"? Comment sections are so weird now a days, if you like the game play the game. I think the game looks good graphicly but boring other wise but It could end up being a dope title and thats a win for Xbone gamers!
gcolley  +   621d ago
Every damn article
gamer2013  +   621d ago
The game is gorgeous haters gonna hate
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USMC_POLICE  +   621d ago
god of war rip off no denying in instead of greek its roman
Hufandpuf  +   621d ago
Then where are the chains and tattoos?
USMC_POLICE  +   621d ago
your right it has to be 100% the same....not
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   621d ago
i like his pony helmet x3
TemplarDante  +   621d ago
Poor mans God of War.
Graphics are great...
but what the fuck is up with the animations?
bigbearsack  +   621d ago
Animations looking repetitive.
chrissx   621d ago | Trolling | show

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