Co-Opinion: Titanfall | Joystiq

This is Co-Opinion, where two Joystiq editors play a game and discuss their experience. This edition focuses on a Gamescom 2013 hands-on session of Titanfall, from developer Respawn Entertainment.

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GhostPanther1647d ago

This game is going to be great. I just hope CoD will finally see its own grave.

TomShoe1647d ago

This seems like the best title to make my first foray into the world of PC gaming. I've always wanted to give it a shot at least once, even though I've stories about the so called "glorious PC master race."

1647d ago
Brix901647d ago

Not til its multiplatform.

Bolts1647d ago

It is multiplat. There are other platforms than the PS4.

1647d ago
Sleepless1647d ago

Reading impressions like this just get me more excited about Titanfall...and its not just joystiq reps...everyone who plays is saying the same.
Titanfall is gonna be Next big thing

HugoDrax1647d ago

Yeap, and knowing Microsoft they're digging in those pockets to secure it as an XB1/X360/Windows PC title only. They only have a couple 230 billion to bait Respawn with lol.