Opinion: Six lessons for creating believable female characters

Polygon - I was excited when I heard about (spooky ghost game) Gone Home mostly because I knew it had Heavens to Betsy in the soundtrack somewhere and I love riot grrrl bands. There's something special about games that shout-out something you love; games that have a similar personality to you.

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Bolts1707d ago

1. Boobs
2. Ass.

Did I mentioned boobs yet?

Kurylo3d1707d ago

u forgot to mention jiggle.

cootdog1231707d ago

You know I have to give this one to Ellie on the Last Of Us. She was a very believable individual in the game. The situation was in made it even more believable.

elhebbo161707d ago

yea because all male characters in video games look believable /s. even Joel from TLOU looks like a sexy ass dude for his age.

memots1707d ago

Don't put them in cod ?

Thehyph1707d ago

Whoa. Almost clicked the link before I realized it's Polygon. After a couple of their reviews I decided that they are a joke, and I won't give them the hits.
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