What The Next 30 Years Will Hold For 360, PS3 And WII Owners

Polygon - A generation is a funny thing. It has no clear beginning and no clear end, but we can all tell when one is on the rise or when one is fading away.

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dcj05241737d ago

In 2043 we'll be too busy in oculus rift 18.0

_QQ_1737d ago

PS3/360 will be broken, Wiis will still work.

AbortMission1737d ago

The Wiis work fine as dust collectors Loljk

_QQ_1737d ago

i think in 30 years, broken or not they will all be collecting dust.

swansong1737d ago

Are we talking before or after all our freedoms are stripped from us by the Obama administration? Oops I better just be quiet and play my video games.LOL