No 'game over' in Beyond: Two Souls, but Jodi can die

There is no "game over" in Beyond: Two Souls – the screen never fades to black, there's no inspirational quote in sight, and, most importantly to creator David Cage, the story doesn't come to a complete stop.

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so same as heavy rain


3 games i still will buy for ps3 this fall

NukaCola984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

Yes(GTA) yes yes and Puppeteer

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oh yes and that too

i want to play teraway on Vita so badly

Me-Time984d ago

Those are thee three games I want that are yet to be released. I'm not sure if I should hold off from getting GTA V or Beyond because of money constraints. I really want to support Quantic Dream by buying B2S at full cost, but GTA has the replayability. :/

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you can wait on GTA for a month and play the complete package with online modes and all

B2S IMO deserves our support more because sony/QD are taking risks, a lot of us say there are way too many shooters so when something different comes along we need to support it

also B2S may leave a lasting affect on us more than GTA and that's coming from a RS/GTA fanboy

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Yeah seriously WTF!! Who approved this stupid shit! So dumb...

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I take it from your user name that you must be an amazing singer?

Otherwise idk how you got away with it.

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Are you completely unfamiliar with Metal Gear?

dcj0524984d ago

Haven't played not one metal gear game. Get out.

helghast102984d ago

This isn't a spoiler.
You can let Jodi die in numerous places throughout the game or see her through to the end.
Does basic English escape you?

HammadTheBeast984d ago

Not really, I've played Sons of Liberty, and Peace Walker, and I kind of played Guns of the Patriots.

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I really didn't want to know that.

But thank you SO MUCH for spoiling it. /s

EDIT: Please change the title of this article so nobody else can have their game spoiled.

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