Sony: “You can Buy a PS4 Plus FIFA 14″ for Less than Xbox One, Pre-Orders are “Breathtakingly High”

In a bid to entice European gamers to put their money down on an Xbox One and pre-order the system before it launches this November, Microsoft is offering up a free copy of FIFA 14. - PSLS

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joeyisback1673d ago

Yep PS4 with Fifa is still cheaper than a xbox one Microsoft isnt very smart cant wait to pick my PS4 up

ABeastNamedTariq1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Tis true.

They have a good point. That $399 price point kicks butt.

Septic1673d ago

Yeah but it doesn't come with a camera. The free fifa bundle goes a long way in making up the cost of the camera.

Anyway....en route to gamescom! Pray that my car makes it!!

TomShoe1673d ago

For the last time, no one wants the stupid camera.

darthv721673d ago

@tom...I do. I want both cameras actually. just because you dont doesnt mean you speak for everyone.

just give it a rest.

True_Samurai1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

You will learn one day that you don't speak for everyone on earth maybe on internet you get some people to agree with you but at the end son you will realize not everyone is close minded as you are. Those who ordered the x1 obviously didn't want the camera huh? Lol

DragonKnight1673d ago

The camera is irrelevant. It really is not the selling point that Big Green and some of the people on this site think it is. Some want it, most don't, but either way trying to make the camera seem like a value is just wrong. It's not like there is any 3rd party competition for that camera that can make it a value so either it's irrelevant.

MysticStrummer1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

@Tom - It would be more accurate to say that most people don't want a camera, and for them it is a negative to be forced into buying one if they want MS's console.

$100 extra for something most people don't want = Not great marketing

xHeavYx1673d ago

People keep saying "but you don't get the $200 camera", so I have to ask, would it make more sense to sell the One for $300-$350 instead to force a camera that, in the past, worked really bad? And for the people who will say "but Kinect 2.0 is da best thing eva", just watch the lag on that fighting game demo, besides, not everyone wants Kinect and the shovelware that comes with it

BitbyDeath1673d ago

If Sony needs the camera included for a better comparison then MS needs better hardware included so be sure to add an extra $200-300 on for them too

spaceg0st1673d ago

The camera will be relevant when they give us a reason for it to be relevant. Right now there's no such reason.

papashango1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

so for an extra 40 bucks you get one of the most advanced motion sensors to come to market.

There's this whole argument going around trying to justify why the ps3 was so expensive. "YOU GOT THE CHEAPEST BLU RAY PLAYER ON THE MARKET AT $600!!!"

just sayin 40 bucks more gets you get a crazy advanced piece of hardware with the X1.

trafalger1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

"The camera is irrelevant."

why, because you say it is? over 20 million people bought it for the 360 and it was a lot worse. xbone owners now know it is unified with the system and will get more support.

its like saying the gamepad on the wii u is irrelevant or the bluray drive on the ps3 is irrelevant and they could have used dvd instead to keep costs down. same with wi-fi adapters.

the fact is m$ does not have to offer the same system sony is. thats why we have options and m$ have invested billions of dollars into this technology. apple is also investing in voice control for siri, its what they believe in. voice control can make searching easier. a camera can also make things like auto-signing and controller preferences easier to deal with too.

i dont get why sony fanboys care so much when they have a system that is perfectly fine for them. its like they don't get any satisfaction unless they can blast m$ every chance they get. its like a bunch of kids at school teasing and taunting others.

who is asking for touchpad controls on the dualshock? again it's a vision sony thinks is important. it doesnt bring the cost to $500 but its still something they think we all will want to use.

not only is m$ offering fifa free for pre-orders they are trying to make the xbone version the most desirable with additional content.

who knows, maybe in a year they will drop the price like sony had to with vita.

Pixel_Enemy1673d ago

Third party developers won't use Kinect and if they do incorporate Kinect functionality, most likely they will have the same functions on the PS4 with the eye. The only games that will take advantage of Kinect are first party games and it will be a tacked on feature that will be optional OR they will be Kinect based games like Kinectimals (woohoo...).

Ryse was supposed to be a Kinect based game and MS reversed that like another 180 that they are now know for. Shows how much faith they have in Kinect now doesn't it...

denawayne1673d ago

@trafalger - I agree. I've yet to comment on a PS4 article.

TheHierarchy1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Sony: “You can Buy a PS4 Plus FIFA 14″ for Less than Xbox One"

But what if i want to play Ryse, Forza 5, Quantum Break, Project spark, dead rising 3 and Sunset overdrive?

people should know you don't pay that kinda amount to just play one game right?

stuna11673d ago


Even with the ps camera, it'll still come out cheaper! People can argue semantics all day, but the Ps4 will still be the cheaper choice, add ps+ still cheaper, add earbuds still cheaper, of course you'll have to add those same cost to the Xbox 1 to get comparable results.

jon12341673d ago

@TheHierarchy WRONG! i know people who ONLY buy sports games like fifa...

DragonKnight1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

@denawayne: I really don't care what kind of self-important tripe of trafalger's that you're agreeing with, but you just commented on a PS4 article.

@TheHierarchy: You don't get those games for free, and that's the point. I could list off PS4 games and the end result is the same, a less expensive experience on the PS4.

Monkeyonfire131673d ago

Oh Ya! why would Any intelligent or otherwise person choose to spend an Extra 100$ for a camera thats Always on, Always watching.
You know nobody will ever use it, unless forced to.
Even if they cut out the camera, gamers have spoken.
All these "Changes" have have sunk their ship.

kreate1673d ago

I think spacegost nail'ed it

ma1asiah1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

opps my bad wrong comment

ZHZ901673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

It means that if a person wants just to play Fifa he/she should buy PS4 with Fifa instead of buying Xbox One.

@Septic, not everyone will about care motion controls.

LocutusEstBorg1673d ago

In this age of highly efficient manufacturing, if it costs less it's worse.

Cyanide851673d ago

Wait and see MS will drop that camera soon enough when they don't get enough sales, they have not stuck to any of their policies so far why would this be any different?

FYI got my PS4 day one edition paid for so I'm no MS fanboy, just wanted to state the obvious when it comes to the biggest turn coat company on the planet.
For all the ignorant fanboys out there that has not yet realized that MS doesn't listen to consumers they listen to sales numbers and pre-order numbers that's it! The ONLY reason for all these 180's.

andibandit1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )


In order for the kinect to have any chance for success the first thing MS must do is guarantee developers that it is present.
After that developers might actually support it better, altho 3rd party developers will be far less inclined than 1st party developers.

these two steps are in no way a guarantee for success, but one of them lacking is a guarantee for failure.

In the end it's mostly about the end cost for the user, and I wish that MS had been willing to take a higher loss instead of propagating the kinect cost onto the customer.

Denethor_II1673d ago

"Yeah but it doesn't come with a camera. The free fifa bundle goes a long way in making up the cost of the camera.

Anyway....en route to gamescom! Pray that my car makes it!!"

I will not pray for thee HEATHEN!

mikeslemonade1673d ago


NFL and NBA are the best sports in the world.

Ritsujun1673d ago

The lil Microsofie needs to try harder.

TotalHitman1673d ago

You'll get the idiots who think X1 with Fifa is a good deal, not considering a PS4 with Fifa.

mattdillahunty1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

you guys are looking at this too rationally. this isn't about which is the better deal or which will save you more money. i think this is more about Microsoft trying to align their brand with another brand.

take Call of Duty for example. most people know it's also on PS3, but CoD is still synonymous with Xbox 360 and XBL nowadays. this is because MS took steps to align themselves with the brand. so when your average person thinks, "hey, i want to get a console and play some Call of Duty," there's a good chance they think 360. right or wrong, for better or worse, this is what they've done.

and it looks like this is what they're also trying to do with Fifa. it's a massive franchise in certain parts of the world, and having it be synonymous with a console could be huge for Microsoft. whether or not they're able to pull it off is still in question, but i think that's what their goal is, at least for the launch.

snipab8t1673d ago

PS4 doesn't come with a 200 dollar motion sensor though.

1672d ago
TotalHitman1672d ago

"You'll get the idiots who think X1 with Fifa is a good deal, not considering a PS4 with Fifa."

*Update to my other post*

Haha, I was right! I was reading an article on BBC news and I saw this quote, "I'm sold! I was going to go over to PS4 from the 360. Fifa is the only game I want to play and now I'm sticking to Xbox."

Absolute idiot.

The BBC article if anybody is interested,

BlueBlood171672d ago

I believe someone asked for a fair comparison so here goes:


Games: Xbox One has 23 launch games and PS4 has 33. Very many of the big games are the same on both consoles. PS4 has more indie support, 5 great free to play games, and the only motion game is the playroom which comes with the console (although I don't really count this as a proper game, more of a tech demo). A few of the Xbox games are motion only. Shovelware. No real gamer should care for these crappy games.

Add Xbox live, PS+, the PS4 camera and an Xbox one play and charge kit and you have this:

PS4 = $510 with 8 games to play straight off (driveclub, resogun and the 5 free to plays + doki doki universe)

XBO = $580 and 1 game (killer instinct with one character).

If you were to theoretically get FIFA free with Xbox one in the US, PS4 would still be cheaper if you bought it.

1672d ago
andrewsqual1672d ago

@TrueNinja And yet you were all screaming with glee last week when the unnecessary forced use was removed. What was it again "CONSOLE WITHOUT KINECT INBOUND!!!!!" lol.
Now we are back to the Kinect camera that is great yet it wasn't even on the front cover of Halo 4 or Gears of War Judgement, the only 2 games you got since.......... well GOW3 in 2011 really.
And did anybody cry when the purple banner of death "Better with Kinect" wasn't sprawled on the boxart of those titles? No because even Microsoft were terrified to put it on those 2 games, the last games for the only hardcore gamers left on 360.
Here is to another 6 years of Halo and Gears every single year. Halo 5 Winter 2014 confirmed.

UltimateMaster1672d ago

The PS4 camera will be able to record you in 3D.
And by that I do mean in real 3D like in Hollywood Blockbuster Films.

Pretty Cool, I'm going to pick one up.

TomShoe1672d ago

315+ agrees. I must be setting some sort of record.

BlueBlood171672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )


That 23 is still including the crappy kinect shovelware games, a F2P and numerous indie titles. Both consoles have 3 full exclusive disc-based titles.

And yes, you would argue with the OFFICIAL list of 33 with absolutely no merit wouldn't you?

You delusional little fanboys sicken me. I talk facts, you talk bollucks.

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Sitdown1673d ago

That's right, especially since the ps4 comes bundled with a camera as well. :-/

WorldGamer1673d ago

You sound upset brotha, everything cool?

FullMetalTech1673d ago

Its not like you need the Kinect camera to play FIFA either way. They are stating the obvious.

rela82me1673d ago

Also doesn't have the complete version of the game. If your upgrading consoles and want fifa to be one of the main games you play, you cannot beat the exclusives ms has to offer, let alone the kinect that is included.

DinoNYC1673d ago

Damn, guess I can't play zumba fitness, kinect sports, kinect adventures disneyland 2, and just dance. I should get an xbox one instead. Thanks for opening my eyes to the great possibilities.

Xsilvermist1673d ago

Guess no fighter within damn that was gonna be game of the year -_-

AzureskyZ1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Actually its because of the camera is why im refusing to purchase an xbox one-- i dont play fifa and i dont like kinect--- i did just fine without kinect on my 360 i dont need to be told that i need one either. I still dont trust them after there e3 fiasco to begin with but if they remove the camera and drop the price to 399 i will buy an xbox-- til then i can live with just the ps4(I can get titanfall on pc if push comes to shove)

ma1asiah1673d ago

@ DinoNYC

You do realise that Ryes Son Of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Battlefield 4, Project Spark, Forza 5 to name but a few all have Kinect integration

BUT hey noob keep pretending that it is Kinect 1.0 and NOT 2.0 that is bundled with the X1.

Cheers mate

Back on topic the reason acknowledging the camera is not pointless is simply so that a fair (you all do know what that means right) comparison can be made.

Because the last time I checked $399.00 + $120.00 (for game and PS Eye) comes to $519.00 which would make it more than getting the X1 with Kinect 2.0 included plus free copy of Fifa for $500.00.

I don't know maybe math has changed since I was at school but $399.00 for PS4 + one PS Eye $60.00 + copy of Fifa $60.00 hmmmmm nope still comes to $519.00

But hey we don't want to be fair do we, we just want to justify to ourselves that this is not a good deal and spin it any way we can so that it appears that we are correct and the MS fanboys and us X1 trolls are wrong.

WeaseL1673d ago

@ma1asiah why are you using dollars the US are not getting the FIFA deal you will have to buy it like everyone else.

Saigon1673d ago


You do know this is an EU deal and not a NA deal correct. On that you will see the cost of the systems are a significant difference.

ma1asiah1673d ago

Ok I apologise for my ignorance (bloody stupid Kiwi lmao)

Yes I do know that this is an exclusive deal for those who reside in Europe.

However as I do not know what the the X1 and the PS4 plus the PS Eye and a copy of FIFA are worth in euro's. I just thought it would be easier to make my point using US currency as I thought it would be easier to convey.

Still if someone can prove me wrong and show me using euro's that even with the PS Eye included that the PS4 would still work out cheaper then I will happily accept peoples argument.

Please don't bring into the argument the whole but I don't want the PS Eye and SONY are not forcing it on us BS. All I am after is a FAIR comparison that proves that what MS is trying to do with bundling a free copy of FIFA with every X1 pre ordered is not better than buying a PS4, a PS Eye and a copy of FIFA separately in Europe.

moparful991673d ago

@ma1asiah You do realize that every single PS4 comes with 2 free games right? Drive club ps+ edition and Resogun. Soo this fair comparison you are referring to needs to take those two titles into account..

HolyDuck1673d ago


You realise the PS+ Edition of Drive Club is an incomplete game therefore shouldn't be used in this comparison.

XB1 get KI too, but we're not including that because it's incomplete.

Thegamer411673d ago

If you want to add unnecessary peripherals then why dont you add the play and charge kit for the Xbox One?
The camera is not a necessity for the consoles to work or to even play games, there are no games that are worth playing that use the cameras on either console as of yet.

Sitdown1672d ago

Why would I be upset? I'm getting both. I do think its ignorant to keep comparing the price when 1)Everybody on this board pretty much knows the price, so why keep stating it 2)clearly one has extra items included, so it would make sense for it to be more. I don't have stock in either companies, so no need foot me to get emotionally attached like a lot of you.

GoodnessGreatness1672d ago

So what? The camera isn't even required to play the system.

1672d ago
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GribbleGrunger1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I've noticed in a couple of comments elsewhere that some people think Sony shouldn't be saying things like this. Sony have the right to point out if they've got a better deal. It needed saying.

aceitman1673d ago

your right ms does it all the time with the ps3 until it passed them worldwide in sales . now ms says look what we sold in the usa. with just that they still cant stop saying things.

thereapersson1673d ago

We live in the age of the most asinine politically correct mentality ever seen. People can't handle the truth.

ziggurcat1673d ago

lemme guess... it's the same idiots who kept trolling on about how the X360 sold more, and now they're, "be nice guys, don't be such a jerk!"??

black0o1673d ago

they worked hard to get the 399 sweet spot .. they got all the right to advertise that

tarbis1673d ago

Sony has class. They don't need to name names or point out the obvious. Only idiots like being blind and deluded.

wishingW3L1673d ago

there was a time when MS was saying that you could buy a Wii and an X360 for the price of a PS3 and so the term Wii60 was born.

MasterCornholio1673d ago

Theres something crucial that people are forgetting and that is the fact that Fifa 14 is a temporary bundle for preorders in Europe. Which means once its gone the price for an XBOX One with Fifa 14 will be 559€ again versus the PS4 at 459€ which is a 100€ difference in price.

Thats the truth.

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nightsurge1673d ago

But if you want to do this comparison that Sony is trying to make, you would have to add the price of the camera to have actual matching offerings. System + Game + Camera = $500 Xbox One vs $520 PS4 (US prices since I don't know European conversions).

Granted, not a huge difference at all, but neither is $460 for PS4 + game vs $500 for Xbox One + game.

All these back and forth comments between Sony and MS are interesting to watch, but in the end it all comes down to what each individual gamer's wants and needs are. Price is a big factor, but not always the biggest as we've seen in PS3 vs Xbox 360.

Minato-Namikaze1673d ago

What if you NEVER (like me) plan on using the camera?

Baka-akaB1673d ago

No you dont have to add the camera to the comparison .

Kinect is an integral forced part of the xbox one package , like it or not .

It isnt on PS4 end of story .

KonsoruMasuta1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

If you want to do that, you would also have to add the price of a charge and play kit to match offerings.

The charge and play kit is $25.

PSVita1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Well if you really wanted to be fair you'd have to add the extra cost of the better hardware of the PS4. Plus