Gran Turismo Will Come to PS4, “Perhaps it Will be GT7,” Says Polyphony Digital CEO

With Gran Turismo 6 so far, we know it’s releasing for the PlayStation 3 on December 6th, and when it comes to a possible PlayStation 4 version, it’s only been said that it’ll “appear naturally.” - PSLS

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ABeastNamedTariq1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

:) I'm all for it. Imagine the graphics. Good gracious our eyes are gonna bleed, WE'RE NOT READY! Lol.

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Xsilvermist1673d ago

Good let Drive Club get their time to Shine. The GT7 later down

trafalger1673d ago

whenever it comes i will be getting. that much i know.

Gster1673d ago

I think with how easy it is to port a game to PS4 we will see GT6 on the PS4 in mid 2014. Especially now with over 1 million preorders, the forecast for sales is going to be huge. There's no way Sony will want to miss the chance of putting their best selling franchise ever onto their next gen system. That way they will have sold millions on PS3 with the potential of millions more on PS4.

It seems as if Sony has huge plans for GT6, even more so than GT5. With the ease of development on PS4 I don't think Sony will want to push out GT7 too soon. I think anything under 2 years would be too soon for a next GT installment. It just seems more natural to port GT6 to PS4, hopefully summer next year, and after they have pushed all the DLC out start thinking about GT7 for a Nov '16 release.

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TrendyGamers1674d ago

As long as it isn't a 4-5 year wait, I'll be happy with GT7.

cyguration1673d ago

It will probably be a 4-5 year wait. lol

Minato-Namikaze1673d ago

MOst likely not. 2 years probably.

punisher991673d ago

"As long as it isn't a 4-5 year wait, I'll be happy with GT7. "

You wont have to worry about that next gen. Remember the PS4 is x86-64 bit architecture with a pool of unified memory. You are talking about one of the easiest to develop on architectures.

DoomeDx1673d ago


They are talking about the engines

Engines are indeed easier to develop. But it didnt take Polyphony 4-5 years to make an engine on ps3. It took them 4-5 years to get everything PERFECT (Physics, car details etc etc).

Just because its a PS4, doesnt mean they will get the car physics and details etc done faster.

theWB271674d ago

That's cool...all I ask for is, if it's GT7, that every piece of the game be a PS4 asset, and nothing carried over from PS3.

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Sci0n1673d ago

WB you getting a PS4 too? you crafty xbot troll you lol.

theWB271673d ago

Hellz yeah I will...eventually. Hey, I'm all Xbox and Microsoft but I will NOT miss out on what PS4 brings.

It was beautiful, this whole gen, being able to have both the 360 and PS3. : )

Sci0n1673d ago

nice! I have a feeling you will end up falling in love with the PS4 and shelving your xbox done though lol.

theWB271673d ago

Me shelve Xbox...never. But, when Uncharted 2-3 ..MGS and GOW released...I didn't touch my Xbox for quite some time.

I game where the games be...can't wait : )

neoMAXMLC1673d ago

*Every* asset? The cars already look incredible. Just look at those photomode screenshots!

theWB271673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

So imagine how good it would look if it were built specifically for the ps4... games look better when they aren't ported up but instead built specifically for the more powerful hardware.

neoMAXMLC1672d ago

I would say those cars are already next gen. It's pretty clear that they modeled super high resolution cars that are toned down for the PS3 hardware. Just compare the trailers to actual gameplay. A bit of a noticeable difference at least when it comes to poly count and post processing.

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Ipunchbabiesforfun1673d ago

Just don't take forever please...

I would happily take GT6 for now.

cunnilumpkin1673d ago

they want to wait and see if it sells enough, they will be waiting a few years

like most devs/pubs they say screw making a game for a 15% audience with only a 2 million person market share, that's why launch games always suck

Narutone661673d ago

I disagree on that, GT is a system seller. They don't need to wait and see if the console have enough user base to decide. During PS2 launch, GT helped the PS2 a lot.

cunnilumpkin1673d ago

they waited till 2010 with gt5, 4 full years after ps3 launched

though prologue did launch in 2008 two years into the console cycle

prologue only sold 5 mil
gt5 did over 10

jerethdagryphon1673d ago

Gt prolouge only sold 5 mill... thats more then 2 forza games combined gt5 matches all forza numbered games .. theres no only about gt it sells

Narutone661673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

The reason why GT5 took 4 years is that PD was optimizing the game for the PS3. KY even admitted that PS3 is different from the older console, meaning harder to code for. But the fact remains, GT is a system seller, just like Halo is a system seller for the Xbox. So saying that PD is waiting for the install base to grow is not true.

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