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Submitted by ICC_06 830d ago | preview

As the Xbox One v PS4 battle heats up, a wild Titanfall appears - Ninemsn

Ninemsn: It's especially fitting that Titanfall is arguably the most anticipated game on the Gamescom 2013 showroom floor, because the show itself is crazy, just like the game. Titanfall is a chaotic execution of satisfying online gunplay, bringing with it a monstrous experience equivalent to the chaos infecting the Gamescom halls in Cologne, Germany. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

golding89  +   830d ago
One of the best previews i have read. Thanks for the read.
IDoIt4TheLolz   830d ago | Spam
SIRHC13  +   830d ago
I'm glad it's coming to PC, will definitely check out.
thereapersson  +   830d ago
Mechwarrior vs. Unreal Tournament. PC release here I come, though it'll probably be a console port.
Anon1974  +   830d ago
If it had a single player, campaign I'd be more inclined to be excited. But as it sits right now, it's a slick looking sci-fi multiplayer only COD from the COD folks. I just find it hard to get excited about multiplayer only games. I can't even remember the last time I played multiplayer anything, but that's just me. I'm old.
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DinoNYC  +   830d ago
I'm the same way man, I grew up on single player games. Ico. Zelda. Dark Cloud. Uncharted. MGS. Tomb Raider. Summoner. Mario 64. Final Fantasy. etc.
levian  +   830d ago
Yea, I'm usually the same way. I get sick of seeing all these FPS games, and I'm getting annoyed with every game trying to add multiplayer.

That being said, I do like having a multiplayer game I can jump into for 10-30 mins when I'm bored or don't feel like getting into a long game. That's pretty much what I feel games like this and CoD are for really. I probably wouldn't enjoy the single player in this game if they had one, I didn't enjoy it in CoD
XboxFun  +   830d ago
So much excitement and anticipation for this game. It is more than warranted as the gameplay looked like a sci-fi dream come true.

Can't wait to run along side a mech takin down enemies in a hail of glory!

MS definitely hit the game nail on the head picking this one up.

*looks below*
I love me some salty sony fanboy tears.
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Enemy  +   830d ago
What's funny is, they only picked it up for some months. It's owned by EA, so to think it'll stay on Xbox One for too long is quite the funny delusion. EA only cares about money, and once the contract is up, all focus will be shifted to the PS4 version.
Belking  +   830d ago
You are the one that is delusional because Titan Fall is owned by Respawn. EA just has a publishing deal.
AngryEnglish  +   830d ago
@Enemy Respawn own everything they make, all IP, they got funded by EA through the partnership program, what's funny is you making a statement without having any idea what your talking about....
GodGinrai  +   830d ago
based on the fact that irs respawn IP , I just had a thought..MS might even try to get pub rights on titanfall 2, if the first game proves successful. At this point in time its becoming pretty obvious that it is the next big thing.
Rimeskeem  +   830d ago
MS didnt pick it up, if sony had used more cloud support they would get it too after the timed exclusivity
Brazz  +   830d ago
This thing of cloud is bullshit, MS paid a good money for this TIMED exclusive.
If MS cloud gaming in the X1 is necessary and a key for Titan fall what the explanation for the X360 and pc version? Will you say that X360 + cloud is superior to ps4? What about PC, will you say that a US$1000 - 2000 Rig can't do what X1 and x360 can in titanfall because of the cloud?
Microsoft cloud talk is bullshit!
Titan Fall pc will be amazing and Titan fall Ps4 will come as Bioshock, Masseffect, Elder scroll, etc.
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HammadTheBeast  +   830d ago
Obviously the cloud is the main factor.

That's the reason it's on 360 and PC as well right?

90Supra  +   830d ago
"....if sony had used more cloud support they would get it too after the timed exclusivity"

Bundi  +   830d ago
Just to shut Hammad up...
"And they’ll host our game servers for other platforms, too! Titanfall uses the Xbox Live Cloud to run dedicated servers for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360."


So now you know and can shut up about it.
Rimeskeem  +   830d ago

the devs said it themselves that it wouldnt be possible with out the cloud
xtremeimport  +   830d ago
Its by the people who made CoD.
I hate CoD and dont really have an interest in this game. Looks cool...but just can't see anything other than a CoD game with Mechs when i see it.
PimpDaddy  +   830d ago
If you have NO interest in this game then why take the time to tell everybody in an online forum? You sound jealous and insecure.

C-Thunder  +   830d ago
I'm interested, but I agree that it looks like Cod with mechs.
xtremeimport  +   830d ago
lol. I'm jealous and insecure about a video game?

I took the time for the same reason you took the time to point out that you dont understand why i took the time. So my question is why did you take the time to make a completel irrelevant comment and then insult me?

I also didnt say "NO" interest. You added the no and even capped it. So, go back to school and learn how to read.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   830d ago
While it don't look innovative it does look very smooth and good.

I can see it being super popular for awhile but quickly overshadowed upon any other big shooter like cod,halo,battlefield

I wouldn't get an x1 just for titans fall but it looks good.

But I still got tons of other stuff that will keep me occupied.
gamingfriend  +   830d ago
Yep when i have played all the awesome ps4 games titanfall will appear, as respawn say they want to hit all platforms, but until titanfall, ill have bf3, gt6,driveclub,the order,deep down, assassins creed,destiny,beyond two souls, infamous second son, the division(sony and ubi/bungie joined up),then maybe titanfall if ive played all them lol some sweet games, infamous looks epicness.
starchild  +   830d ago
You sound insecure. There are good games on all platforms.
Supermax  +   830d ago
Great read looking forward to this on the x1
Belking  +   830d ago
"There is every other game and then there's Titan Fall."
AsheXII  +   830d ago
Dont need an Xbox one, i got a 360.
Supermax  +   830d ago
Oh yea and for all those that say its going to ps4 Microsoft just bundled FIFA in for free in Europe that is a ea game correct,ms will keep titanfall a exclusive title. For the slow peeps that's 60 million dollars ms paid ea for FIFA on the x1 bundle they will have no prob keeping titanfall.
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xReDeMpTiOnx  +   830d ago
Well knowing EA and how money grubbing they are I highly and I mean highly doubt it will stay exclusive.

If preorder numbers are anything to tell the future sales by then the ps4 would be way too huge of a loss not to have the game on.
90Supra  +   830d ago
What exactly does a free bundled multiplat game have to do with locking down a completely different game as an exclusive?
gamingfriend  +   830d ago
Then there infamous second son/killzone/battlefield 4
Bundi  +   830d ago
...competing for 5th place after Forza 5, DR3 and Quantum Break have filled in the other spots with Titanfall
Pancit_Canton  +   830d ago
Reminds me too much of Mechwarrior on the Snes. This type of games could get easily imbalance when it's not done right. Overkill mech, over the top soldiers,traps and etc.
gamingfriend  +   830d ago
Nope reapawn wanys to hit all platforms,fifa I hate ffootball games worse than zombie games I dont care about gay fifa 14 lol you cans can have it, but fifa will be on ps4 and titanfall will be on ps4, hello dumbass ea(money) they aint guna want to miss out.on money from ps4 sales its ea lol, it will be timed but not for aslong as you think lol watch this space.........
Bundi  +   830d ago
I'll give you 5 bucks if you can say all of that again, but in English this time!
Funantic1  +   830d ago
Wni0  +   830d ago
most overhyped game of next gen? its the same mechanics as call of duty. (XP for kills, it even looks the same.) except you have a double jet pack and a mech in the game. it even has brown and bloom bullshit going on.
Funantic1  +   830d ago
The most overhyped game is Killzone Shadowfake. That series has always been mediocre at best. And good graphics won't help it. That's why they're giving away the DLC cause no one would buy it.
kwiksilver99  +   830d ago
titan fall looks to be a great game as does killzone shadowfall.
there's no need to hate on another game just because it doesnt suit your preferences.
gamers are a diverse crowd,people may like cod,bf ,kz etc .
i've played games from all three mentioned series and i find that each have their strengths.
dont hate,learn to appreciate what someone else has to offer.:)
DinoNYC  +   830d ago
Not my cup of tea. Rime and Hell Divers oddly enough are my most anticipated games in terms of exclusives.
CrimsonStar  +   830d ago
I bet if this was a PS4 exclusive, it would be a day one ultimate edition with none stop gloating in every article. Like the PS fanboys try to do with Infamous ss .
arbitor365  +   830d ago
its not even a launch title. by the time it comes out, there will likely be a PS4 port on the way. EA isnt going to limit themselves to one console and PC
JBSleek  +   830d ago
EA doesn't own Titanfall. It was created using their EA Partners program where they simply publish the game, but the IP and what happens to it stays with the developer. So based on the reception and sales, Microsoft can purchase Respawn and the IP and Respwan can choose to keep it with Microsoft only. Not EA decision. Respawn keeps all ownership of Titanfall.

an example would be Left for Dead which is also apart of the program yet was never released on PS3 due to the developer not wanting to.
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H3ADWOUND81  +   830d ago
Not too bothered for titanfall, spring 2014.. Isn't that when rockstar port GTA V to ps4? Ooh, the weather forecast is overcast with a massive chance of over shadow..
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eman3d  +   830d ago
Again, Sony Fanboys posing as PC gamers and also putting down an excellent title that will only be available for the Xbox One as far as consoles are concerned. You Sony fanboys can make excuses and try to downplay this amazing Xbox One title but what you fail to realize is the following:

When new systems hit the market what separates the competition is the killer game either on launch or within the first 2 to 3 months. PS3 gamers will buy the PS4 and Xbox 360 gamers will by the Xbox One, that's a wash, but what makes the difference is a game the stands above the rest yet unlike anything ever seen: Titan Fall is this type of game.

PS4 is launching KillZone Shadowfall... nothing new.

Titanfall will tip the scales in Microsoft's favor because gamers will buy systems that feature the best games and right now TitanFall is looking to have a Halo type of impact.

Don't worry though, Sony will create/ copy their version of Titanfall much like they created Killzone is response to Halo.
DinoNYC  +   830d ago
Someone is butt hurt. Just another scifi shooter game on Xbox I don't care for, have anything else? Nope.
JBSleek  +   830d ago

Project Spark
Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct
Fable Legends

Anything else??
r40k213  +   830d ago
Doesn't effect me in the slightest. I have a PC so if I get a console the obvious choice is the PS4. Most of the Xbox "exclusives" aren't really exclusive since they're coming to PC too. I've tried Xbox and Playstation in the past and I've always been a bit happier with Playstation so I think I'll stick with just that this generation.
JBSleek  +   830d ago
Yet PS4 has games that are also on the PC yet that is easily overlooked....

Oh the hypocrisy.

You can't make that statement and then just ignore that PS4 is doing the same thing. That is so ridiculous.
r40k213  +   830d ago
I didn't ignore it. I clearly gave my reason for choosing PS4 in the second half. I'll restate "I've tried Xbox and Playstation in the past and I've always been a bit happier with Playstation so I think I'll stick with just that this generation."
Bundi  +   830d ago
Actually, most of ps4's exclusives are already on PC. DCU online, planetside 2, war thunder, Final fantasy 15, using your logic, why get a ps4 when the exclusives are coming to or are already on the PC you own?
r40k213  +   830d ago
You mean "why get a console period." If we agree that both Xbone and PS4 have exclusives that are on PC, then the question is why get a console. I've always kept a console just for the few exclusives that don't make it to PC.
TheKingWilliamV  +   830d ago
"But shoddy stabs at your competitor, who happens to be showcasing the best next-gen game on the Gamescom showroom floor, seems especially shallow for an industry stalwart lacking the titanic punch EA and Microsoft are bringing to the table with Titanfall."

Prepare for Titanfall...
sAVAge_bEaST  +   830d ago
and if they truly want it to be a CoD killer, it will be multi-plat,. esp, with low bone sales.
kwiksilver99  +   830d ago
i really like what ive seen so far from this game.
the mobility with the jet packs and the titans which can work on auto as well.
i think people who are trying to dismiss it by saying 'cod with jetpacks and mechs' should try and be a lil more open minded.
the mechs and jetpack aspects are done really well as far as i have seen and the game looks and seems to be -SUPER FuN
i hope to get a ps4 and dont really think i can splurge 2 next gen consoles so i sincerely hope titanfall can make its way over to the ps4.
a fun game is fun irrespective of the platform.
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rmw2hot  +   830d ago
Killzone shadow fall or call of duty Titan fall? Sorry but I'm not in to call of duty and rather play the best looking next-gen game, and its 60fps. I want all call of duty players to stay away from Killzone. Killzone still gonna have the more realistic weighty feel which is great to see.
starchild  +   830d ago
It is a "soft 60fps" according to Guerrilla which means that it will go up to 60fps, but dips below that are common.

And that's only for multiplayer. Single player is still 30fps.

I personally dislike unlocked or variable framerates. I prefer 60fps over 30fps, but only if it sticks to 60fps at least 98% of the time. Otherwise I'll take a solid 30fps over a variable 45fps to 60fps any day.

In any case, do you not care about gameplay? If you rather play the best looking game you shouldn't be playing Killzone Shadow Fall. You should be getting yourself a gaming PC and playing Crysis 3 because that game looks AMAZING and beats KZSF in the graphics department hands down.

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