As the Xbox One v PS4 battle heats up, a wild Titanfall appears - Ninemsn

Ninemsn: It's especially fitting that Titanfall is arguably the most anticipated game on the Gamescom 2013 showroom floor, because the show itself is crazy, just like the game. Titanfall is a chaotic execution of satisfying online gunplay, bringing with it a monstrous experience equivalent to the chaos infecting the Gamescom halls in Cologne, Germany.

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golding891576d ago

One of the best previews i have read. Thanks for the read.

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SIRHC131576d ago

I'm glad it's coming to PC, will definitely check out.

thereapersson1576d ago

Mechwarrior vs. Unreal Tournament. PC release here I come, though it'll probably be a console port.

Anon19741576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

If it had a single player, campaign I'd be more inclined to be excited. But as it sits right now, it's a slick looking sci-fi multiplayer only COD from the COD folks. I just find it hard to get excited about multiplayer only games. I can't even remember the last time I played multiplayer anything, but that's just me. I'm old.

DinoNYC1576d ago

I'm the same way man, I grew up on single player games. Ico. Zelda. Dark Cloud. Uncharted. MGS. Tomb Raider. Summoner. Mario 64. Final Fantasy. etc.

levian1576d ago

Yea, I'm usually the same way. I get sick of seeing all these FPS games, and I'm getting annoyed with every game trying to add multiplayer.

That being said, I do like having a multiplayer game I can jump into for 10-30 mins when I'm bored or don't feel like getting into a long game. That's pretty much what I feel games like this and CoD are for really. I probably wouldn't enjoy the single player in this game if they had one, I didn't enjoy it in CoD

XboxFun1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

So much excitement and anticipation for this game. It is more than warranted as the gameplay looked like a sci-fi dream come true.

Can't wait to run along side a mech takin down enemies in a hail of glory!

MS definitely hit the game nail on the head picking this one up.

*looks below*
I love me some salty sony fanboy tears.

Enemy1576d ago

What's funny is, they only picked it up for some months. It's owned by EA, so to think it'll stay on Xbox One for too long is quite the funny delusion. EA only cares about money, and once the contract is up, all focus will be shifted to the PS4 version.

Belking1576d ago

You are the one that is delusional because Titan Fall is owned by Respawn. EA just has a publishing deal.

AngryEnglish1576d ago

@Enemy Respawn own everything they make, all IP, they got funded by EA through the partnership program, what's funny is you making a statement without having any idea what your talking about....

GodGinrai1576d ago

based on the fact that irs respawn IP , I just had a thought..MS might even try to get pub rights on titanfall 2, if the first game proves successful. At this point in time its becoming pretty obvious that it is the next big thing.

Rimeskeem1576d ago

MS didnt pick it up, if sony had used more cloud support they would get it too after the timed exclusivity

Brazz1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

This thing of cloud is bullshit, MS paid a good money for this TIMED exclusive.
If MS cloud gaming in the X1 is necessary and a key for Titan fall what the explanation for the X360 and pc version? Will you say that X360 + cloud is superior to ps4? What about PC, will you say that a US$1000 - 2000 Rig can't do what X1 and x360 can in titanfall because of the cloud?
Microsoft cloud talk is bullshit!
Titan Fall pc will be amazing and Titan fall Ps4 will come as Bioshock, Masseffect, Elder scroll, etc.

HammadTheBeast1576d ago

Obviously the cloud is the main factor.

That's the reason it's on 360 and PC as well right?


90Supra1576d ago

"....if sony had used more cloud support they would get it too after the timed exclusivity"


Bundi1576d ago

Just to shut Hammad up...
"And they’ll host our game servers for other platforms, too! Titanfall uses the Xbox Live Cloud to run dedicated servers for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360."


So now you know and can shut up about it.

Rimeskeem1576d ago


the devs said it themselves that it wouldnt be possible with out the cloud

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xtremeimport1576d ago

Its by the people who made CoD.
I hate CoD and dont really have an interest in this game. Looks cool...but just can't see anything other than a CoD game with Mechs when i see it.

PimpDaddy1576d ago

If you have NO interest in this game then why take the time to tell everybody in an online forum? You sound jealous and insecure.


C-Thunder1576d ago

I'm interested, but I agree that it looks like Cod with mechs.

xtremeimport1576d ago

lol. I'm jealous and insecure about a video game?

I took the time for the same reason you took the time to point out that you dont understand why i took the time. So my question is why did you take the time to make a completel irrelevant comment and then insult me?

I also didnt say "NO" interest. You added the no and even capped it. So, go back to school and learn how to read.

xReDeMpTiOnx1576d ago

While it don't look innovative it does look very smooth and good.

I can see it being super popular for awhile but quickly overshadowed upon any other big shooter like cod,halo,battlefield

I wouldn't get an x1 just for titans fall but it looks good.

But I still got tons of other stuff that will keep me occupied.

gamingfriend1576d ago

Yep when i have played all the awesome ps4 games titanfall will appear, as respawn say they want to hit all platforms, but until titanfall, ill have bf3, gt6,driveclub,the order,deep down, assassins creed,destiny,beyond two souls, infamous second son, the division(sony and ubi/bungie joined up),then maybe titanfall if ive played all them lol some sweet games, infamous looks epicness.

starchild1576d ago

You sound insecure. There are good games on all platforms.

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