What Does Google Know About Us?

The better question might be, what doesn't Google know about us, according to Gartner analysts.

Google knows almost everything connected to the Web, but there is one major source of untapped data the company has scarcely touched to date. Can you guess that area?

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decapitator3897d ago

They pretty much own the net now, a few years back, it took a while for things to appear on google but now, it's just mere seconds.
The moment something hits the interweb, its available on google. Its almost scary how quickly it works.

TriggerHappy3897d ago

Google knows what you did last night if the event hit the web....FACT.

decapitator3897d ago

It's possible. No wonder they were sued by that couple. At this rate, it won't be long before names and house addresses are all on Google maps.

decapitator3897d ago

Yeah...just imagine what and how far a Yahoo and Google combo will be for the industry.

Harry1903897d ago

mail and sell it as info.You can't trust them.

Tsalagi3897d ago

I created a Google account a few months ago that i never got around to using. I never signed up using the email address ANYWHERE but i still had 3826 spam messages when i checked it Wednesday.

Rourker3897d ago

they already do, have you ever typed your address into google maps, it narrowed in on my house, with a great deal of accuracy.

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