IGN: I Played Titanfall, and...

IGN: I haven’t been this genuinely giddy after experiencing a much-anticipated game for the first time since E3 2004, when I initially got my hands on Halo 2 multiplayer in CTF matches on Zanzibar. That year, I kept going back to Microsoft’s appointment-only booth again and again, begging the PR reps to sneak me in on their packed schedule so I could have one more turn. And that’s exactly what I’m doing with Titanfall here at Gamescom.

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FrigidDARKNESS1736d ago

Awesome stuff. Day one buy for me.

NewMonday1736d ago

EA sure made big fail betting on the wrong horse, this could have been their COD killer but to bad for them most of the next gen market is going for the PS4.

not surprised they didn't even try to deny a PS4 version is coming.

aceitman1736d ago

you know its coming to ps4 , whem ms doesn't say xbox 1 only.

kenmid1736d ago

@newmonday, aceitman
If does come to PS4 it will be likely 2015.

TheFallenAngel1736d ago

If PS4 destroys the xbone in sales by next year you can bet your sweet ass that titanfall will be on PS4. EA loves money and I don't think they will let go the sales from PS4. Sony should had opened their wallets like ms did for this title. But it will come on ps4, I don't care what people says. Even the devs said that ps4 is not out of the question.

True_Samurai1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

^^^ @acietman
>_< that's because it's not an x1 only title dummy its a Microsoft exclusive platform . windows, x360, and X1

I love how PS4 gamers are hoping it comes to their console. But it's okay once you guys get it we will have moved to something else

PraxxtorCruel1736d ago

At the comments above:

Concentrate on what you have on the PS4 rather than wishful thinking...geez...are you lot not happy with what the PS4 is providing?

lastofgen1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )


um...because it's really not only on the xbox one..
it's coming out for the xbox one, xbox 360, and the pc.

edit: how in the world am I getting disagrees for stating a fact?? aceitman says that ms isn't saying it's xbox one only because it is coming to the ps4 later down the road, when, in reality, ms aren't saying it's an xbox one exclusive because the game is coming out for two other platforms other than the xbox one: the xbox 360 and the pc.

starchild1736d ago


Nope, I'm staying on PC. If I get a PS4 it will only be for the exclusives that interest me.

There is going to be a plenty big market for Titan Fall on PC, Xbox One an Xbox 360.

Or should Killzone Shadow Fall come to PC and XB1 in order not to fail?

There will be many millions of gamers on PC, XB1 and 360. I know everything is skewed in the mind of a fanboy like yourself, but you need to wake up to reality.

creatchee1736d ago

If Microsoft were smart, and they can be at times, they would pay to make this exclusive permanently. Or buy Respawn. I'm not saying that PS4 buyers shouldn't experience it, but from a business sense, it makes sense.

1736d ago
ZHZ901736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

@starchild, not everyone is intersted in PC gaming. KZ is different story same applies to Halo and Mario.
You are a PC fanboyism. Btw I'd rather not own more than one console because there're money

@newmonday, EA made BF4 and Mirror's Edge ultiplat but Titanfall. I am intersted to see this game especially as multiplat.

@kenmid, I wouldn't mind to wait.

blackbeld1736d ago

It's timed exclusive for sure. It's EA so you can guess.

I like COD more then some jet-suits and running all the time.

ProjectVulcan1736d ago

Looking forward to this. If for no other reason it'll give us a great idea how Xbone actually stacks up against a decent gaming PC. I'll be playing it on PC personally but will be very curious about how the versions will compare

Gozer1736d ago

Those dedicated servers MS has invested in are already producing the goods. Titanfall looks amazing. Cant wait to see what else the X1s cloud produces. Its a great time to be a gamer.

GodGinrai1736d ago


Perhaps. but if the game turns out to be a real system seller...If that happens..MS will fork over the cash to keep it on their console.

guitarded771736d ago

Am I the only one not impressed with TitanFall? I don't care about the "exclusiveness" (timed or not), it just looked like a more futuristic CoD with mechs. I'm not saying it's crap, but Destiny looks much more interesting for team play, and The Division (although very different from TitanFall) was the E3 team player that had me on the edge of the seat.

minimur121736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I really like the look of this game, but I'm getting a PS4 lol, such a shame :(

And I know it's also on PC but my PC is crap so I'd rather spend that £50 of a new graphics card on a game.... or the PS camera. :)

but I'm spending quite a bit lol
PS4 349
AC4 50
W_D 50
Knack 50
Camera 60
My bank account will be screaming.... I'm sorry :(
Maybe I can cut out one of the games to save a bit - I'm definitely getting Knack though. PM me which of W_D or AC4 I should get rid of :p

W_D looks like a weird sort of face thing lol

mewhy321736d ago

Yeah , with PS4 outselling the bone 4-1 EA will most likely release on PS4 as well. I'll be playing it on my gaming PC til then. I'll be playing TRUE exclusives on my PS4.

Kingdom Come1736d ago

Wow, the Sony worshipers are in full force today. I doubt the game will make it to the Playstation, purely due to lack of dedicated server support from Sony in regards to third-party titles. Microsoft are openly providing all developers with server access to allow for the best possible online experience...

JokesOnYou1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Since E3 X1 clearly has the most wanted games. Hope ps fans dont forget about KZ SF, GG is working hard to make this latest version much better.

caperjim1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

@The realness

Your right. If this game becomes a gears or Halo for Microsoft they wont let it go to Sony no matter how much money it takes to keep it.

Even if it does go to sony it will more likely be when the second Titanfall is launched on XBOX/PC. At that point it will be an old game ported over just to make some extra money.

pixelsword1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Fanboy logic: Titanfall will NOT come out on the PS4!

Inner rationality: Just like Mass Effect and Bioshock didn't?

*poops in chair*

OT: I think Titanfall will be a good game, but I'll wait until someone else gives me their opinion. Yeah, yeah IGN: suck, suck, suck, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, swallow, swallow, swallow; new gen, same old crap.

The_HarryEtTubMan1736d ago

Yup, I think my 7950 will more than handle Titanfall when it's released ;) Really looking forward to this one.

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LackTrue4K1736d ago ShowReplies(4)
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1736d ago

these are the same ppl that say COD are the best you cant trust popular sites like these they get paid

vinniects1736d ago

30 million people who play cod love it. 500 people on n4g say it sucks. Makes me wonder who is right. The real gamer just plays games. i'm getting a xbox one and ps4. excited for both systems. Personally the single game i'm most excited for right now is titanfalls. and activision does not need to pay people to praise cod , they have the biggest fanbase .

AbortMission1736d ago

Day one for me on PC. I'll also get it on the PS4 once the Xbox One timed exclusivity deal ends and the devs are able to get TF on PS4.

vinniects1736d ago

bet you are still waiting for gears of war to make it to playstation. Since epic owns gears and they can do what they want. been hearing that for years now.

StoutBEER1736d ago

Holy shit, i bitch at the Sony fanboys just as much, but come on! This guy said he hasnt been this excited for a game since 2004. Almost 10 fuckin years! Do you KNOW how many great games have come out since then?!?!
I'm sorry i am an Xbox fan yet i still admit i want a PS4 when TLOU 2 is announced.
And this guy is basically saying this is one of the best games he has seen since Halo 2?! If you are calling this game bad because you hate Xbox One, get over it. Or don't i WILL be playing this along with TLOU 2.

HugoDrax1736d ago

I remember after MS E3 presentation, I headed straight to GameStop and plopped my $100 down on the counter for my XB1 pre order. There was this 40+ yr old man in front of me in line as well. Except he paid for his XB1 in full, cash money. He said it was because of TitanFall demonstration at E3. For me it was the moment the pilot climbed into the Titan and the interface changed. That was all I needed to see. I still get excited when I see that aspect from the gameplay.

Link: 4:10 second mark

I was sold on XB1 because of TitanFall, I didn't even care about the initial policies, as all I noticed was TitanFall was releasing on XB1. Rather it is exclusive or timed, I can only play it on Microsoft software (PC/XB1/X360). This is a breath of fresh air, as I haven't enjoyed a shooter in a long time.

itBourne1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

What if I say this game is bad because I hate CoD, that is a better argument. I have a pc anyhow so I cld careless if its not on ps4. CoD quite literally ruined the entire shooter market for people who actually want shooters to be competitive. It looks like I am going to have to deal with another generation of this utter bullshit.

Jaces1736d ago

Tried to get in myself, line was insanely long. Going for it again today so hopefully I can make it this time.

DonFreezer1736d ago Show
paradigmfellow1736d ago

Am I the only one that doesn't care about this game?

JokesOnYou1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Yeah you care, why else would you be here saying you don't care?...just like you're not the only one here who sounds so desperate to downplay this game because its NOT on ps4.

paradigmfellow1736d ago

@JokesOnYou because I can voice my opinion. I don't care about shooters.

slimpickens1736d ago

I love shooters personally! Will be picking this up day one for X1. It's going to be a good next gen for everybody!

ATi_Elite1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Titanfall will NEVER see the PS4.

This is MS new Gears of war (sorta)

Titanfall gets a PC XB1 release
Titanfall 2 is XB1` ONLY

Only PS4 fanboys are down playing Titanfall cuase it's NOT coming to PS4.
If Titanfall had a PS4 release PS4 fanboys would be ALL over this.

I've been comparing MP video of KZ:Sf to Titanfall and Titanfall is the game I want to play.

DeadlyFire1736d ago

Just like Destiny wasn't launching on the PS4 in its first year either. MONEY means everything to EA. They have only Battlefront to compete with Destiny/Call of Duty on PS4 in 2014. That will change at E3 2014. Watch. Titanfall is launching Early 2014 for PC,1box, X360. Sales numbers for consoles will come in and they will shift to pushing out a PS4 version before Fall 2014.

MS does need something in there, but I doubt a game signed with EA would get exclusive treatment at Microsoft.

Same thing that has happened many many times. They claim something is exclusive. A system outsells the other one then bam its no longer exclusive and people whine and cheer.


I wont be getting an XBOX ONE because I prefer PS4 exclusives and I dont like Microsoft cheating gamers by paying off greedy devs to keep games console exclusive.

Microsoft is too cheap to have as many first party devs as Sony so they have to pay for third party games for timed xbox console exclusivity. Its not only a cheap shot at gamers but its also bad business for all parties involved. Instead of boasting about how microsoft is screwing gamers by paying for timed exclusives like cod dlc and games like left for dead, Titanfall, and Rome... why not be a real gamer and demand that they stop and get FIRST PARTY DEVS so that ALL gamers win and let REAL exclusives determine what console wins this gen!

Instead of bowing down to Microsoft over one game Why not just play it on PC? The XBOX is 500 dollars, If you add live and the cost of buying a titandfall thats over 600 dollars just to play one game! Its a much better Idea if you use that money instead to buy a new PC! Any PC that is in that price range will have better graphics anyway. I cant afford both consoles so this is my approach. I dont like Microsoft and how they have treated their fanbase the past 10 years.

kewlkat0071736d ago

XBL = Dedicated servers available for all multiplatform games...

Developers will be giddy..

HardcoreGamer211736d ago

Yeah me too i'm going to buy it day one on pc, verry good game

RedSoakedSponge1736d ago

that is a surprising amount of disagrees!

i personally think the game looks awesome!

JsonHenry1736d ago

I can't wait to play this on my PC. I don't think I am good enough with a controller to play this on a console, lol.

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SillyYou1736d ago ShowReplies(3)
thetruthx11736d ago ShowReplies(3)
Virus2011736d ago

Everyone keeps saying timed exclusive to convince themselves it will come out on the PS4; never once has Respawn said anything confirming timed exclusivity.

In fact the very reasons pointed out for Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive being exclusive were because of the Cloud infrastructure MS has provided. Both Respawn and Insomniac said they talked with Sony and MS and came to the conclusion that MS was offering what they needed to create the games they envisioned.

Also, EA doesn't own Titanfall. It was created using their EA Partners program where they simply publish the game, but the IP and what happens to it stays with the developer. So based on the reception and sales, Microsoft can purchase Respawn and the IP.

hazardman1736d ago

Well MS needs to get it done. Buy them before its to late! These guys are stoked I cant wait to get my hands on this game!!

MrBeatdown1736d ago

Keep dreaming.

Respawn values their independence and their ownership of their IP.

If you think Respawn has any interest at all in being acquired by Microsoft, you're living in a fantasy land.

MrBeatdown1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I love the disagrees for stating fact.

"Gamasutra sources have said that going independent has long been a desire of West and Zampella's" - Gamasutra

"Now that the team is in control of the games and brands, we can ensure that the fans are treated as well as they deserve." - Jason West

And just in case there's any lingering delusions that Microsoft will ever acquire Titanfall or Respawn...

"Respawn also said that EA, through its EA Partners division, holds exclusive worldwide publishing and distribution rights for future titles coming out of the new studio."

You may now hop the bus back home to fantasy land.

hazardman1736d ago

@ Mr Beatdown...

I like that Respawn is indie. But Virus had an interesting point. With all the hype Titanfall has garnered and people who have hands on with giving it praise aswell..youd think MS would make a move.

Regardless you might not think they cant be bought out but everyone has a PRICE!! And MS out of the 3 consoles has the deepest pockets! If MS wanted they can have the best of everything. They for some reason choose not too....odd!!!

MrBeatdown1736d ago

West and Zampella valued their independence and creative freedom so much that they walked away from their positions at the developer of the one of the highest grossing games ever, a series they created, and risked getting sued into oblivion. A huge chunk of their co-workers followed.

Those two were making millions each year. Sure, I'd sell my foot for the right amount of money. Everyone has a price.

But a realistic one that everyone at Respawn believes is worth giving up everything they fought for? That's likely never going to happen.

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sparta761736d ago

@ virus, they never talked too Sony they went straight to Microsoft.

MrBeatdown1736d ago

"Everyone keeps saying timed exclusive to convince themselves it will come out on the PS4; never once has Respawn said anything confirming timed exclusivity."

So, if a developer says it's exclusive, it's guaranteed it won't turn out to be only a timed exclusive?

Explain BioShock. GTA4 DLC. Fallout 3 DLC. Mass Effect 2. Ninja Gaiden II. Oblivion. Lost Planet. Those were all "exclusive" too.

Oh, and this...

"Let's put it plainly: will PlayStation owners ever see Titanfall?

"It's definitely not out of the question," Emslie replied."

"Also, EA doesn't own Titanfall. It was created using their EA Partners program where they simply publish the game, but the IP and what happens to it stays with the developer. So based on the reception and sales, Microsoft can purchase Respawn and the IP."

Yeah, that makes sense. Respawn fought Activision for control of the Modern Warfare IP, got themselves fired, founded a new company, and made a deal with EA to ensure they retain the rights to their series, their independence as a developer, and the ability to do what they want with with their IP, only to let Microsoft buy them and everything they own.

Uh huh.

Hicken1736d ago Show
stuna11736d ago


Now that's a beatdown!

In MR "Ts" voice "I pity the Fools"! Lmao.

Hicken1736d ago

Wow, Trolling in less than 30 minutes, while these same dudes troll all day with NO repercussions? Are you kidding me?

Yeah, Sony fansite, for real...

gamer20131736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Who cares if it eventually go's to the PS4 it still won't compare to the XB1 version because of Sonys inferior network infrastructure. Besides, Respawn already stated that they approached both Sony and Microsoft at the start, and decided that the XB1 was the better option because of the Azure cloud.

XboxFun1736d ago


Please link where the actual developer said those games you mentioned would be exclusive.

L4D, Mass Effect 1, Splinter Sell: Conviction, Dead Rising 1. You see, I too can pick and choose exclusives that never made it to the PS3.

"...only to let Microsoft buy them and everything they own."

Or to let MS publish the game as they also do with Gears of War which is owned by Epic, but hey let's just forget about that other scenario too right.

that was a pretty limp attempt at a beatdown but at least you have your cronies below you.

MysticStrummer1736d ago

@XBoxFun - You're right about most of that but ME1 did come to PS3.

MrBeatdown1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )


"Please link where the actual developer said those games you mentioned would be exclusive.

I don't need to, especially when some state it right on the front of the damn box. It's a fact they were all announced for 360, then in most, if not all cases, were promoted as exclusive, and released on 360 long before being announced for PS3.

Did it mean they were never coming to PS3? Nope. Same with Titanfall, which is my whole point. What is exclusive today, isn't necessarily exclusive tomorrow. The handful of games you listed (one of which came to PS3, ironically) doesn't change the reality of what happened to the ones I listed.

Hooray, logic!

"Or to let MS publish the game as they also do with Gears of War which is owned by Epic, but hey let's just forget about that other scenario too right."

"Microsoft can purchase Respawn and the IP."

See that? That's the comment I was responding to. A comment about
O-W-N-E-R-S-H-I-P of the entire company and the IP. I wasn't talking about a mere publishing deal at all. Nobody was. Get yourself some reading comprehension and follow along with the conversation the grown-ups are having, then you might not embarrass yourself when responding to me.

Nice try, troll. Oh, who am I kidding? It was a pathetic one.

XboxFun1736d ago


Oh what a card you are. So no link eh? Typical of a person who talks a lot and says nothing.

So basically your argument above only suits YOU. But then when I bring up a counter and other points, you have no true answer and resort to name calling and the tried and true "nice try troll".

Good try but fail hard.

"The handful of games you listed (one of which came to PS3, ironically) doesn't change the reality of what happened to the ones I listed."

Oh my bad, please take off one and replace with another if that helps you sleep.

You see this little game we are playing...You pick and choose your petty little arguments to suit your weak claims then I turn around and do the exact thing to suit mine. See how it works, am I getting it right yet?

Here's the facts, TITANFALL is not on PS4. That's the FACT and the bottom line right in front of your face.
We can play "WHAT IF", "WHAT MIGHT" and "THIS HERE" all day but guess what...TITANFALL is not on PS4.

Now try and spin your way out of that. I know you can't, I'll get the same lame insults thrown my way whenever one who doesn't have an ounce of IQ have when backed against a wall.

I will now leave you with your circle jerk.

MrBeatdown1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )


Yup. That's the desperate "ignore reality and everything I said" reply I was expecting.

Let's start with the whole topic of OWNERSHIP we were talking about. You're "bu-bu-but MS could publish it!" doesn't mean jack squat here. I was discussing OWNERSHIP. Just like the guy I was replying to. But I see you had no interest to continuing that conversation.

As for links, it's funny that you place the burden on me to prove the well known fact that all those games were announced as exclusive... not timed exclusive. It's hardly surprising that you are so adamant that I use links and specific quotes from the "actual developer" to prove this, but you yourself had no interest in producing anything of your own to just prove I'm wrong. The best you could do was pretend to be skeptical.

You had to play "wrong until proven right" because you can't just definitively prove I'm wrong. Pathetic.

I'm not going to waste time hunting down links to prove common knowledge, a good chunk of which is available right on the damn boxart for many of the games I listed.

But just for the sake of humiliating you a bit more, I'll throw a few your way...

"The GTA IV episodes are a "complete exclusive," according to Scott Henson, Director of the Game Development Group at Microsoft, and will not showing up on the PlayStation 3 download service."

Fallout 3 DLC...
"'we'll be doing substantial exclusive 360 and Games For Windows downloadable content,' said executive producer Todd Howard at the Microsoft E3 keynote today."

Mass Effect 2...
"Mass Effect 2 will remain exclusive on Xbox 360, at least in 'the universe of the consoles of the living room'"

As for your "fact" that... "TITANFALL is not on PS4"... did I ever dispute that?


That's just you trying to ignore the subject of timed exclusivity that Virus brought up. I replied to a guy who believed that not calling it a timed exclusive was reason to believe a game isn't actually a timed exclusive, explaining just exactly why Titanfall being exclusive is a feasible possibility.

Any reasonable and knowledgeable person can understand that, but you're not reasonable, and definitely not knowledgeable, seeing as how of the eleven third party games I listed and you listed, only two didn't go to another platform in some form.

That's 9 to 2 for those keeping score.

Of course, I don't expect someone who throws out IQ insults and talks about "circle jerks" to be intellegent enough to carry on a informed conversation. That's one of the advantages of being a two-bubbled troll. Now you have the convenience of hiding behind your inability to comment.

Then again, knowing you, I could tell you it's around noon, point to the sun, and you'd blow ten bubbles arguing with it if Microsoft told you it was midnight.

solidjun51735d ago

Man xboxfun you've just been beaten. Throw in the towel.

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Clarence1736d ago

No one is talking about sunset overdive.

jerethdagryphon1736d ago

Sunset is insomniac eight they did kind of botch it with fuse. And arw counting on sunset and the ps3 ratchet to bailem out

jerethdagryphon1736d ago

The cloud may still be there for some stuff but it cant be guaranteed anymore
So company s must minimize use to maximize buyers when the y pulled there 180 a lot of things change also sony has gaikai and have said cloud computing is always an option

Redgehammer1736d ago

So many of you act like changing your mind, and pulling back from arguably bad decisions, is a bad thing?

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Belking1736d ago

Whether it goes to PS4 is up to Respawn. EA doesn't own the IP gentlemen. Sorry to break it to ya.

jjb19811736d ago

EA owns the IP. Sorry to break it to ya!

Belking1736d ago

Sorry there rookie but you're wrong.

"On April 12, 2010 the Los Angeles Times reported that West and Zampella were forming a new independent gaming studio known as Respawn Entertainment. They were seeking funding from Electronic Arts through the EA Partners Program. West and Zampella will retain the rights to all intellectual property produced by them in the future"

Now wipe the crow feathers from your lips and suck in the