Next Week on the PSN: August 27th - 5 Day 1 Digital Titles, Spelunky, 1 New PS+ Free Game

"Yes, we have yet another busy week on our hands this coming Tuesday, with 5 Day 1 Digital titles scheduled to release on the PlayStation Store, Spelunky coming to the PS3 and PS Vita (with Cross Buy), and the final PlayStation Plus free game for August being added." - PSLS

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AceofStaves1553d ago

I've been waiting for Spelunky. I'll definitely be picking it up for Vita.

DarkBlood1553d ago

im now an official ps plus member let the free games BEGINNNNN.... oh f*** i have a 25 gb cap, i cant download them all lol

Deadpoolio1553d ago

Wow someone needs a new ISP

DarkBlood1553d ago

well its the package with roger i have, if you go on the site its not actually part of the options because it was made before then through some issues.

anyhow im not the one paying for this but i'll consider a bigger plan when i get my own apartment lol

Wedge191553d ago

It's certainly an awesome time to be a gamer.

Toon_Link1553d ago

How accurate are these previews? I was just talking with Square Enix customer service and they didn't know if there would be a FFXIV digital collectors addition. If anyone has heard of this or know how reliable these previews are please let me know.

TrendyGamers1553d ago

The Collecter's Edition is already up for pre-order on the PSN, so this is accurate.

Toon_Link1552d ago

Oh nice I need to check that out. Thanks for the info!

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