Xbox One One-Ups PS4 in Multiplayer Experience

Microsoft finally scores a point against Sony when it comes to the multiplayer experience.

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Godlovesgamers1523d ago

Really? You have both the XB1 and PS4 already to make that comparison? The only thing 360 had over PS3 was cross game chat and now that's a non issue.

XboxFun1523d ago

Try reading the actual article to find out what the title is truly talking about.

golding891522d ago

Don't mind him. When an article explains ps4 is somehow better than xbox one, you will never see him ask the question "Really? You have both the XB1 and PS4 already to make that comparison?"

redwin1522d ago

Is this new ? Everyone knows that 360s online experience is better than ps3s. They think that's gonna change ? PS4 is a nice hardware upgrade from the ps4 but its not a next-gen machine. Sony is giving you more of the same guys, they said they are giving you more of the same because it works "fine just the way it read that article, Sony:" We were surprised by Microsoft policies".

Kleptic1522d ago

personally...i simply can't stand it when articles argue about this stuff as fact...and still fack it all up by saying things like 'peer to peer hosting'...

if an article is written by a child trying to illustrate the advantages of XBL vs. the PSN, but is using peer to peer networking in his argument, because he thinks either network uses that to any degree...its as credible as a politician...

QuickdrawMcgraw1522d ago

It's hard to be a Playstation fan here on N4Xbox.Nothing but attacks and insults.

AzureskyZ1522d ago

@ Golding -do you think you need both system to make a fair comparison- I would say so--- you are jumping into a brand new console, with a new os, with a whole different concept for multiplayer gaming(not including PC here folks)-- i think both system should have a fresh start to see the difference, unless of course you are a blinded fanboy and thinks one system is better than the other without ever touching either system. I think its a fair question no?

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NewMonday1523d ago

most games run on their own servers even on the XB1 like Destiny and Battlefield

MysticStrummer1522d ago

Yup and if you look up info on Azure, those hundreds of thousands of servers are virtual servers shared with numerous products besides the One. When Sony did dedicated servers for PS3, they were clusters of PS3s scattered around the globe, and that was at a time when PS3s were still more expensive than PS4's launch price. Nothing is stopping Sony from doing the same thing again, or offering dedicated servers in a different way.

AzureskyZ1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

As mystics say gaikai fulfills more than just back catalogues of ps3 titles-- yoshida himself have already stated the capabilities of gaikai extends- far beyond, including being able to offload certain data to server and to host private games-- these arent news people, both system is remarkable simliar, yet why are there some many people blinded by this simple fact-- just pick and choose your favorite system or buy both.

sAVAge_bEaST1522d ago

they said they can't comment,.. Even though they re-wrote the code for ghosts. Ps4 will most likely have dedicated servers,.. just more M$ moneyhatting.

AzureskyZ1522d ago

@ redwin so if ps4 isnt next gen than the one certainly isnt either-- considering its less powerful--- i play on both live and psn-- for the most part their isnt much difference-- i do like certain things on how live is integrated into the game where as psn seem to run outside the boundary sort to speak, but psn now being a paid service is going to be able to put a product that is equal to live-- dont be another tool that speaks none sense if you like xbox over psn just say so.

bsquwhere1522d ago

Ignore redwin. He's a tool..I mean troll. He has no idea. When Sony says more of the same, its in regard to policies. Its something MS fanboys (not fans) haven't experienced yet with all the 180's. That statement BTW is not trolling. They have done 180's on every policy sense the initial reveal.

Nawert1523d ago

It is not confirmed to be exclusive. If it was they would be gloating about it. They just haven't announced for PS4 yet.

Orange1522d ago

I think the writer is arguing that Microsoft has infrastructure that Sony does not. Resources would then make it exclusive.

thekhurg1522d ago

The writer is incorrect.

Jaqen_Hghar1522d ago

then why could Sony do dedicated servers for many first party games this gen with no paywall? A man thinks there'll be far more Sony games with dedicated servers this gen considering one has to pay for MP now.

Kleptic1522d ago

the writer thinks if you don't use dedicated hosting servers that its peer to peer networking...anyone that has half an idea of how modern multiplayer functions would stop reading there...

Bigpappy1523d ago

Sony can do the same thing if they have the infrastructure. All MP games on XBL can have access to these servers. They are provided by M$ a lot cheaper that running you own.

gamertk4211522d ago

Exactly. They can "if". But they don't have the infrastructure currently.

KingKelloggTheWH1523d ago

Isnt Sony actually working on that Right now, not to mention many games have servers of their own.

dazzrazz1522d ago

Hardly a point when you don't give a f*** about copy and paste from Activision

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