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Xbox One One-Ups PS4 in Multiplayer Experience

Microsoft finally scores a point against Sony when it comes to the multiplayer experience. (Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

Godlovesgamers  +   321d ago
Really? You have both the XB1 and PS4 already to make that comparison? The only thing 360 had over PS3 was cross game chat and now that's a non issue.
XboxFun  +   321d ago
Try reading the actual article to find out what the title is truly talking about.
golding89  +   321d ago
Don't mind him. When an article explains ps4 is somehow better than xbox one, you will never see him ask the question "Really? You have both the XB1 and PS4 already to make that comparison?"
redwin  +   321d ago
Is this new ? Everyone knows that 360s online experience is better than ps3s. They think that's gonna change ? PS4 is a nice hardware upgrade from the ps4 but its not a next-gen machine. Sony is giving you more of the same guys, they said they are giving you more of the same because it works "fine just the way it is....you read that article, Sony:" We were surprised by Microsoft policies".
Kleptic  +   321d ago
personally...i simply can't stand it when articles argue about this stuff as fact...and still fack it all up by saying things like 'peer to peer hosting'...

if an article is written by a child trying to illustrate the advantages of XBL vs. the PSN, but is using peer to peer networking in his argument, because he thinks either network uses that to any degree...its as credible as a politician...
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   321d ago
It's hard to be a Playstation fan here on N4Xbox.Nothing but attacks and insults.
AzureskyZ  +   321d ago
@ Golding -do you think you need both system to make a fair comparison- I would say so--- you are jumping into a brand new console, with a new os, with a whole different concept for multiplayer gaming(not including PC here folks)-- i think both system should have a fresh start to see the difference, unless of course you are a blinded fanboy and thinks one system is better than the other without ever touching either system. I think its a fair question no?
NewMonday  +   321d ago
most games run on their own servers even on the XB1 like Destiny and Battlefield
MysticStrummer  +   321d ago
Yup and if you look up info on Azure, those hundreds of thousands of servers are virtual servers shared with numerous products besides the One. When Sony did dedicated servers for PS3, they were clusters of PS3s scattered around the globe, and that was at a time when PS3s were still more expensive than PS4's launch price. Nothing is stopping Sony from doing the same thing again, or offering dedicated servers in a different way.
AzureskyZ  +   321d ago
As mystics say gaikai fulfills more than just back catalogues of ps3 titles-- yoshida himself have already stated the capabilities of gaikai extends- far beyond, including being able to offload certain data to server and to host private games-- these arent news people, both system is remarkable simliar, yet why are there some many people blinded by this simple fact-- just pick and choose your favorite system or buy both.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   321d ago
they said they can't comment,.. Even though they re-wrote the code for ghosts. Ps4 will most likely have dedicated servers,.. just more M$ moneyhatting.
AzureskyZ  +   321d ago
@ redwin so if ps4 isnt next gen than the one certainly isnt either-- considering its less powerful--- i play on both live and psn-- for the most part their isnt much difference-- i do like certain things on how live is integrated into the game where as psn seem to run outside the boundary sort to speak, but psn now being a paid service is going to be able to put a product that is equal to live-- dont be another tool that speaks none sense if you like xbox over psn just say so.
bsquwhere  +   321d ago
Ignore redwin. He's a tool..I mean troll. He has no idea. When Sony says more of the same, its in regard to policies. Its something MS fanboys (not fans) haven't experienced yet with all the 180's. That statement BTW is not trolling. They have done 180's on every policy sense the initial reveal.
Nawert  +   321d ago
It is not confirmed to be exclusive. If it was they would be gloating about it. They just haven't announced for PS4 yet.
Orange  +   321d ago
I think the writer is arguing that Microsoft has infrastructure that Sony does not. Resources would then make it exclusive.
thekhurg  +   321d ago
The writer is incorrect.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   321d ago
then why could Sony do dedicated servers for many first party games this gen with no paywall? A man thinks there'll be far more Sony games with dedicated servers this gen considering one has to pay for MP now.
Kleptic  +   321d ago
the writer thinks if you don't use dedicated hosting servers that its peer to peer networking...anyone that has half an idea of how modern multiplayer functions would stop reading there...
Bigpappy  +   321d ago
Sony can do the same thing if they have the infrastructure. All MP games on XBL can have access to these servers. They are provided by M$ a lot cheaper that running you own.
gamertk421  +   321d ago
Exactly. They can "if". But they don't have the infrastructure currently.
NegativeCreepWA  +   321d ago
KingKelloggTheWH  +   321d ago
Isnt Sony actually working on that Right now, not to mention many games have servers of their own.
dazzrazz  +   321d ago
Hardly a point when you don't give a f*** about copy and paste from Activision
Rowdius_Maximus  +   321d ago
Yeah Micro$oft can make it rain, with deh powweeehh of deh clouddd. Once the revenue from the PS4 sales gets Sony rolling in the cash then maybe Sony will evolve into $ony and the PS4 into P$4, then $ony can make it rain with da powwaaah of dehh Gaikai clloouuuddzz.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   321d ago
Rowdius_Maximus  +   321d ago
Why the disagrees?
sAVAge_bEaST  +   321d ago
alot of people are scared of the truth, and would rather drink that neon-green Kool-aid.
gamingfriend  +   321d ago
Yea xbox live is good(360 user) but xbox live isnt good enough for me to pay for it anymore, and I have problems with live now and again, same with my mates on ps3, same will be next gen, thats just online gaming not 100% reliable but its good enough for what we us it for, blowing shit up.
gamertk421  +   321d ago
So you're going PC then? If not you're gonna have to pick between XBL and PS+ for your paid online service.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   321d ago
or he doesn't base his console choice purely on online MP stability. A man will be spending most of his time this gen in SP though KZ and BF4 MP look stunning and a man will definitely give those and Destiny's co-op their fair share of play time.
PirateKing  +   321d ago
The one up'd them solely on the fact of dedicated servers for one game...ok.
PirateKing  +   321d ago
You guys can down vote me all you want. It doesn't change the fact that this is pretty meaningless in the long run.
Zool 08  +   321d ago
Sony can always upgrade it servers so technically can match MS on that one, however MS cant match Sony on console specs until at least XBOX Two arrives.
Belking  +   321d ago
Sony will never be able to match MS servers. It takes years and lots of money to do that. 300,000 servers didn't just happen overnight. Sony is not a technology corp. They needed to buy gaikai just to provide a cloud streaming service.
kingdip90  +   321d ago
300, 000 servers sure is a lot but I don't remember anyone saying those servers were exclusive for xbox one gaming and the cloud. In their press release stating their new mission statement a while ago they made it sound like those servers and the cloud would serve windows phone, windows and xbox one. I'm also sure they sell space on those servers to other costomers and companies.

I'd like to know just how many servers are reserved for games and gameplay
hazardman  +   321d ago
@ kingdip..

Really dude... its obviously exclusive!! The servers belong to MS!
eyeDEVOUR  +   321d ago
" Sony is not a technology corp."

Really? Lol
M$ mainly does software and Sony does hardware so....Wrong
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kingdip90  +   321d ago

You do realize that windows and windows phone are owned by MS right? And since the own them 300, 000 servers they are free to profit on them by selling cloud services to whoever they like right?

Assuming they bought them just for xbox one is a little presumptuous
bsquwhere  +   321d ago
Well if their virtual servers they did indeed pop up over night. Plus I mean where else they gonna keep all the advertising info they gather from kinect.
OrangePowerz  +   321d ago
Activision only said they don't talk about the other platforms right now. It is likely they will also run on dedicated servers for the other platforms since it would be bothersome to make different net codes.
ZBlacktt  +   321d ago
It's COD.... Do I really care about COD on Next Gen? ( zero hate here, lol ) I buy Next Gen for games like Assassin's Creed 4. Just look at that massive open breath taking world!!! Well over 100 hours of game play.

For Watch Dogs, look at the extremely detailed city. So alive with people and random acts. Look at that game play! Live players hacking into my game. We doing missions together hacking stuff!

Destiny, again massive open world. Live player drop in's. So much to see and do. Random acts, never the same game twice! So beautiful and breath taking as well.

Infamous Second Son, wow, Next Gen graphics and game play!!!

BF4, again large detailed open map. Full on destruction with SO much more going on all around you.

Killzone Shadow Fall, fully redone. Awesome more open world with Next Gen graphics. The online has fully been redone as well. All fully custom matches, etc.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   321d ago
exactly a man's thoughts on all those games..except AC4 which a man will hold judgement on
dcj0524  +   321d ago
A man thinks that you. A man. Are correct.
johnny555  +   321d ago
Did everyone forget how the PS3 have had dedicated serves from the very beginning??

Remember Resistance:FoM 40 players online matches??

Remember Resistance 2 60 players online matches???

Yes, they were both lag-free and completely free online-play.....

The people here sound like kids that were not around since the beginning of the current gen.....
ZBlacktt  +   321d ago
Hell, people can't even remember MAG having 256 players in Domination. Let along remember anything that's factual. The best experience I've ever had in a FPS was MAG Domination. It was crazy crazy fun.... You couldn't reload fast enough.

I miss that game dearly. :(

and yes, free online also!
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jperez96  +   321d ago
@ johnny555 you sound dum
#12.2 (Edited 321d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
ZBlacktt  +   321d ago
You spelled dumb wrong.
jperez96  +   321d ago
no you did!
bsquwhere  +   321d ago
What a comeback. "No you did" is priceless. I'm gonna have to use that one the next time I'm arguing with a 3 year old. Lol. D-U-M-B. I can use it in a sentance ... Your dumb ass can't spell for shit.
jperez96  +   321d ago
@bsquwhere I spelled it wrong on purpose and yeah "no you did" is a bad comeback if I was gonna come up with a good comeback I'd probably go to a topic worth arguing about. This ones just stupid obviously Sony is not at a disadvantage, not only has Sony had dedicated servers but cod ghosts will too. When they asked the cod rep he said no comment cuz Microsoft wants people to believe that its exclusive.

P.s. I actually know johnny555 that's why I originally posted the joke. So go complain to someone else.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   321d ago
and that was without a paywall! A man shudders to think what Sony can do with an online MP paywall as far as servers and stability goes since they rivaled XBL already.
dcj0524  +   321d ago
A man wants Warhawk 2 on these dedicated servers.
T2  +   321d ago
You are right resistance 2 played great no problems ... People just need to desperately cling to their fantasies
gamingfriend  +   321d ago
No gamertk421, im going ps4 because I know people who have spend 800/1000 on a gaming machine and they still have online issues, because like I state online not 100% reliable and it also comes down to the service provider aswel, nothing in this world work at 100% rate well maybe forks and spoons etc but even theybhave problems, so im going ps4 want to get bang for my buck as they say.
yankolo  +   321d ago
Alway has been better microsoft online than sony everybody knows this most of my friends have ps3 i have the 360 .
T2  +   321d ago
Wrong I have both , and its the game that matters not Sony or MS
bsquwhere  +   321d ago
Apparently your friends don't know. Or do they know..and you don't ?
Outlaw1986  +   321d ago
Why is it called Xbox one anyway? One just sounds stupid, like its there first console. Lol PS4 sounds much better. At least we know haw many playstations there where. No one would guess how many xbox's.
gamingfriend  +   321d ago
Coorect me if im wrong the name xbox one means one box does everything, which is ehy I aint buying a multimedia centre, nor do I want to talk to the xbox, ps4 is for grown ups xbox is a gimmick
surefire7  +   321d ago
I'm getting a PS4 but I'm wondering if there is some truth to the dedicated servers through Azure babble. I'm not a tech savvy person, but I play alot of online games. Should I be worried that PSN will be less smooth and convenient than XBL next-gen? No fanboy stuff please, I'm looking for real subjective answers here :)
edonus  +   321d ago
The real truthful straight answer is. YES
Dedicated servers make a big difference. The video in the article explains it excellent.
I really am not sure about what sony is going to do. I am not sure but I think they are still P2P. Servers are expensive so they may limit dedicated servers to only the biggest of games if they even do that.
If you ask a PC gamer, they swear by dedicated servers and wouldnt even touch a game without it.
T2  +   321d ago
Thats not a truthful answer as many have already posted Sony has used dedicated servers since early ps3 ... They arent just going to ditch them ... Killzone never lags, resistance , uncharted , etc
iiwii  +   321d ago
Games don't get much bigger that COD sales wise. It's the top selling game on PS3 and XB360 if I recall correctly. But if I had a PS4 preorder for COD and Activision came out and said no dedicated server for me, I would cancel it and buy something else. That's just me.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   321d ago
Sony has there own dedicated servers, and are going to increase the number,.. CoD ghosts was re-made for servers, Pc, xbone, and most likely Ps4, they just cant' comment on the Ps4, because CoD is money hatted, by M$..

(M$, does a better job at trying to divide, deceive, and spread lies,,.. than unite gamers,, that is why they are a cancer)
jaren92  +   321d ago
Multiplayer was better on the original Xbox and the 360 wtf makes anyone think things will take a turn this time Xbox live will always be the superior online service wether anyone likes it or not it's
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   321d ago

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