Battlefield 4 Obliteration mode details, Levolution in all maps, no dynamic day/night cycle & more

Battlefield 4 Obliteration mode details, Levolution in all maps, no dynamic weather & more gameplay info

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MizTv1613d ago

This is Most likely my go to fps for the next year or so

ATi_Elite1613d ago

Wait till you play Planetside 2, it gives BF a run for it's money by being GREAT in it's own way.

Spenok1613d ago

A Ti_Elite is correct. Planetside is a great game in and of itself.

Though they are two very different games. You could easily go back and forth for different experiences.

BF4 will be my go to shooter for a while I have no doubt. Unless Killzone pulls something out of its ass. I love those games, but BF's MP always has me hooked.

r40k2131613d ago

Planetside 2 is pretty fun if you don't mind the cash shop stuff and only having the one match style. I played it for a while but never was a fan of games with cash shops attached.

Gigaguy7771613d ago

I'd rather stick to Battlefield, not a fan of Free to Play, and the game is meh in general.

3-4-51613d ago

ehhh, After playing Planetside 2 for 3-4 months on PC, and then just starting playing Bf3 about 1-2 months ago, I can say I prefer BF3.

There is more to do and the battles are more interesting.

I've had some great epic battles in PS2, but it gets boring pretty quick when there is nothing to really earn or go for.

It's a good "in between" games, game.

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ATi_Elite1613d ago

yeh yeh yeh blah blah blah

can't wait till we get side by side video of BF4 running on a PC PS4 XB1 so MOUTHS can be once again SHUT UP!

DICE has jam packed BF4 with features, great features but I'm more concerned with INSTANT patches for unbalanced weapons maps etc..

BF3 had too many issues that took too long to address while some NEVER got fixed.

TheFutureIsBlue1613d ago

Nobody even brought up consoles vs pc. Why start this? Can't everybody just enjoy Battlefield 4 on their choice of what to play it on? I played BF1942 and expansions, BF Vietnam and BF2 on pc, but then I couldn't afford upgrading anymore so I started playing them on PS3. Sheesh! Quit being so selfish.

ATi_Elite1612d ago

Oh sure THIS coming from the "OMG it's SONY PS4 nothing is better ever" person

Us PC Gamers and MS fans have witnessed how YOU Sony fanboys operate.

Your Hypocrites and demeaning to others so it's up to me "The Master Gaming Race" to keep you guys in your place.

Did I just see The Order 1866 (a PS4 Exclusive) running on a PC? LMAO!

TheFutureIsBlue1612d ago

When did I ever say PS4>PC?

FullMetalTech1613d ago

Like the Obliteration concept. Camping with a bomb wont be possible in this game mode with you being spotted on the map with it.

1nsomniac1613d ago

Yea I noticed that too. Did they not already confirm a few days ago that dynamic weather was added??

dcj05241613d ago

Yeah );. I was looking forward.

excaliburps1613d ago

Title was changed due to reflect dynamic day/nights will NOT be in the game.

For weather, DICE has NOT confirmed it. We do see changing weather, but people are saying it's part of "Levolution," which means might be scripted.

xxxsiegezzz1612d ago

there isn't dynamic day/night cycle, but weathers haven't been confirmed

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pandehz1613d ago

Dino mode will be in their final dlc.

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