Is the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 the best?

DICE was showing Battlefield 4 to convention attendees at Gamescom in Cologne. The Battlefield 4 Gamescom demo was running on the PlayStation 4 hardware, and pushing all that 60 FPS goodness. But according to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, who put the game through its paces at the show, the improved DualShock could give Battlefield 4 a leg up on the competition, or at least a better experience than the PS3.

According to a Sony representative who got hands on with the Dualshock and Battlefield 4: “The overhauled L2 and R2 triggers wrap snugly around your index fingers and respond crisply to every input, giving a satisfyingly precise and tactile feel as you fire your weapons. In the build I played, L1 and R1 handled grenades and a radial command menu, respectively. Tapping down on the PS4’s refined directional pad cycled through weapon firing modes (semi-auto, burst fire, and fully automatic fire), while tapping left deployed class-specific equipment such as the Engineer’s RPG.”

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s8anicslayer1613d ago

I'm really starting to worry as to why none of these games have yet to run on actual Xbox One hardware and starting to believe all the stories of PS4 versions of these multi plat games having a graphical edge.

user74029311613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

the ps4 version will be superior to the xbox one version.

but that doesn't mean the xbox one version will be bad. it will look good im sure too.

abzdine1613d ago

PS4 has superior version for 3rd party. Sony says it, 3rd party themselves say it. Now if you have a doubt just wait until both consoles release and you'll see all bunch of comparison videos.

millgate11613d ago

Yes, a bunch of comparison videos like during this gen. Where you literally can see no difference whatever. Well of course you'll get the fanboys saying 'Ooo, the Xbox version is better, that character has darker eyes' or 'PS4 version is better, the lighting is slightly brighter!'.

filipakos1613d ago

@millgate1 The only difference this gen is on contrast,brightness

1613d ago
Spenok1613d ago

Well said. Glad some people have some logic on N4G. It will more than likely be similar to how this gen worked out. Most games being similar on both consoles, and platform exclusives showing you how powerful a system is.

That being said, I will still be getting the PS4 version. May even pick up the PS3 version before and do that digital upgrade for $10. Two copies of a game for $70? AND one being next gen? Worth it.

user55757081613d ago

oh well i guess we'll start seeing "best on ps4" commercials instead of those old "best on xbox360 commercials"

UnHoly_One1612d ago


I'm glad I'm not the only one.

I gave up watching them a long time ago.

The only differences I could ever see was that IGN needed to change their brightness settings on one version of the game to make them equal.

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ZBlacktt1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Even at E3, MS did not use X1's. They were using modded PC's. I think that speaks volumes here that some simply choose to over look. But with as much as MS lies and tries to be sneaky. Not sure why anyone would deal with such a company ( Plant people in the crowd to clap??? Flip Flop much??? )

Even here, fully busted MS says these huge PC towers are X1 Dev ( link for pictures and story )

Go look at some other 3rd party dev videos..

Ubisoft, using PS4 controllers on Watch Dogs and AC4.

Bungie, using PS4 controllers on Destiny.

And before someone comes in here crying " fanboy ". Look I've been around a long time with video games. I do not care who makes what. I care about being honest with customers.

falviousuk1613d ago

Amother factully incorrect statement by a sony troll.

MS first party games were all running on xbox one hardware, third party games were running on pc's which is where games are developed on.

The only notable exception was a early build of lococy le which was running on an nvidia card. The developers allready explained the reason behind this.

But why let facts get in the way of trolling

Destrania1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )


Simply put, you're an idiot. Example, back at E3 when the Alan Wake/Quantum Break dev was on GT.TV, he was directly asked if that 'demo' was running on an XB1, and he said and I quote 'it's running on something... we'll get there'. All M$ has shown for the most part is pre-rendered cgi videos because the XB1 horribly sucks for gaming (obviously, duh).

HugoDrax1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Are you serious? This was verified months ago that the only game running on a PC was LOCOCYCLE. Matter of fact, I posted about it months ago with links verifying games running on XB1 consoles at E3, with the exception of LOCOCYCLE because they didn't port the game over in time according to the developer.

I'm over these fanboy wars on this site, its getting out of hand and people will believe what they want without doing any research. Enjoy choosing alliances while I'll be neutral and enjoy next gen gaming on both PS4 and XB1.

Destrania1613d ago

I think the real question is are you serious? Don't be dumb.

DigitalRaptor1613d ago

@ Auric

Verified by who? There has to be substantial weight to that for me to believe them after their string of lies and clouding the consumer for the past few months.

But yes, there's proof that Dead Rising 3 ran on a PC for sure. That one little thing was a dead giveaway. Don't put it past MS to do it and then tell you they didn't do it.

MysticStrummer1612d ago

From Convas's link :

"Suffice to say, it's somewhat dismaying and very concerning that the majority of Xbox One games we saw at E3 were not actually running on console hardware, to the point where we were wondering whether the title of this article was somewhat disingenuous. We couldn't help but flash back to E3 2005, where key games were running on PowerPC Macintosh-based Xbox 360 dev kits (some of them overclocked, to boot). Coming out of E3, it's difficult to avoid the sense that Microsoft is not as prepared for its upcoming launch as it should be, especially in comparison to Sony, which was able to show all of its titles running on actual PlayStation hardware. It's a shame because beyond the glitches, tearing and poor performance of many of the games, it's our contention that Microsoft has a pretty strong launch line-up here.

And yes, there were some games that were - categorically, without a shadow of a doubt - running on Xbox One hardware. It'll come as little surprise to learn that first party software was more likely to be showcased running on the new console, with Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 5 the most high profile title we saw that was visibly operating on the actual unit."

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corvusmd1613d ago

Uh THIS game has, and DICE actually came out and said that it runs best on the drivers that are exclusive to Windows 8 and XB1...

negative1613d ago

Truth means nothing here. Vote PS4 or be destroyed!!

Destrania1613d ago

Saying something is truth means nothing without proof. Not ever has DICE came out and said that it runs best on the drivers that are exclusive to W8 and XB1. Wow, what a pathetic naïve deluded moron.

thechosenone1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

You got your little information from this video am I right?

I read that article and no where in that piece did DICE make the claim that the Xbone would have the "definitive version" of their game. That article has since been removed by the way did you know that?

No what it actually said was that they saw a slight performance boost when switching from DX10 to DX11 for BF4 and that was about it. Did you also know that DX11 is not an Xbone exclusive API? It can also be used on the PS4 if developers so choose. Think I'm lying? Check the quote below.

"The PS4 sees Sony move to a 64-bit x86 chip architecture, which will be music to the ears of developers, especially those used to working on PC games. The good news doesn't stop there, though. Developers will be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s latest industry standard DirectX API — DirectX 11.1, but Sony has taken the time to improve upon it, pushing the feature set beyond what is available for PC games development.

Those improvements include better shader pipeline access, improved debugging support features out the box, and much lower level access to the system hardware enabling developers to do “more cool things.” That’s achieved not only through an modified DirectX 11.1 API, but also a secondary low-level API specifically for the PS4 hardware."

malokevi1613d ago

Really? The controller is the reason?

not only is that highly subjective, but... response triggers? HELLO?

FullmetalRoyale1613d ago

It's certainly PART of the reason. From what I understand Sony eliminated the millimeters of dead zone that the analog sticks of the dualshock 3 have.

I had never really noticed it before, but when I saw somebody mention it I picked up my ds3 and sure enough there is a good little bit of movement required to get the onscreen character to respond.

So, eliminating that would make your reaction times improve. Simply by tightening up the analog sticks.

Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

Ask me....

Pretty sweet.

WeedyOne1613d ago

@ Jecht_Heisenberg

Little known fact is that the DS3 actually has a smaller dead zone than the 360 controllers

Dead zones can be a good thing though. Prevents the screen from turning due to the knobs not springing back to center completely. Its happened to my DS3 before where the screen was slowly rotating and I was not touching the controller.

malokevi1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Same is true of the new XB1 controller, too, though. Deadzones have been all but eliminated, so that there is more sensitivity as far as maneuverability. Can we not pretend that these are exclusive features?

I mean, really... the difference is in button placement, latency, and under the hood features. SO subjective.

All I'm saying is, whoever chose the article title, and then chalked up the difference between the two console versions to "the controller" is... well... their bias is clear. I was expecting something about visual prowess, not a bunch of crap about how somebody feels about the controllers.

FullmetalRoyale1613d ago

"If you put words in my mouth ARTICULATE!" -Heisenburger

Did I say a damn thing about the xbox?


malokevi1612d ago

So when you say it's the PS4 version is the best... you comparing it to... itself?

lol. Don't play stupid, it suits you too well.

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Muerte24941613d ago

It seems to remove some of the deadzones that plagued Dualshock3. I still don't understand how people say that dualshock3 was bad for shooters, when I never had a problem with it. To know that the responsiveness has been tightened though excites me.

DEEBO1613d ago

off topic but cool avatar man

ATi_Elite1613d ago

wait a minute!!!

I haven't seen BF4 run on anything EXCEPT a PC. LMAO

hell even Sony ran that 1866 game on a PC. LOL

PS4 so good that we demo games on PC's

can't wait to see StarCitizen demoed on a PS4/XB1 but called the PC version....Oh wait that will NEVER happen

Deadpoolio1613d ago

The hardware still isn't ready yet...They're still trying to fix the overheating problem that the 32mb of eSRAM is causing...They can't use XBO at a show IF it's going to RROD....But then again they're using PCs and Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 that they console is based on....Pretty sad considering EVERYTHING Sony has shown has been confirmed to be running on PS4s

timl2411613d ago

If any of you think that third party games will look better on the PS4 you are on crack. And the same goes if you think they will look better on the Xbox One. This generation, most, if not all, third party games look the same. A lot will say the 360 versions look better though, when it comes to the small details. And that's a console that is inferior in the hardware department. I highly doubt that PS4 games such as Cod and BF will look better simply because they never have. First party games will be different. First party PS4 games will look better than first party Xbox One games. But at the same time, there will be nothing to compare it to so in the end, who knows? Both consoles are going to be great graphically. Will the PS4 be slightly better? Yes, for first party games. But third party games have always proved to be about the same.

PlayStation_41613d ago

Really interesting especially when you consider EA's deal with M$... How underpowered must it be??

The_Sneauxman1613d ago

You have a grand point sir!

Not using a console you're gonna be selling rather using a computer while your competition demo's on their respective console, spells trouble to me.

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NatureOfLogic1613d ago

Is it better than the weaker Xbox One, yes. PC,no.

bumnut1613d ago

I'll be playing in 1440p (2560 x 1440) @ 60 fps on PC. Neither next gen console can compete with that.

sAVAge_bEaST1613d ago

Sweden gets no Love?, from the xone.

Ps4 gets love from DICE.

Themba761613d ago

thats why I switched from M$ to Sony I hate cod BF is my type of game.

HolyDuck1613d ago

Last time I read an article about an MS rep saying something, all the fanboys started calling it out as bullshit, so for the sake of being unbias.

Really guys, he's a Rep, he's paid to say this stuff, utter bullshit, XB1 all the way.


sAVAge_bEaST1613d ago

Your missing the point,, Bf4 was Demoed on Ps4's,..

not xbone.

finbars751613d ago

Actauly it was demoed on Xboxone but really was windows 7 pc not PS4.

s8anicslayer1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )


The question here is more like why have we not seen any of these games running on X1 hardware? Your right a rep is rep who is nothing more than a corporate cheerleader there are other concerns that plaque our minds.

No_Limit1613d ago

"According to a Sony representative"

OK, I came, I saw, and I'll leave. I already know this is a un bias point of view. :)