Batman: Arkham Origins Creative Director Explains why Deathstroke is Confined to Challenge Mode

Deathstroke is a huge part of the marketing campaign for Warner Bros. Montreal's upcoming game, Batman: Arkham Origins. The character has been prominent in a majority of the game's trailers, and is being promoted as the main pre-order bonus. The character however, will not be playable in the main story-mode (the bread and butter of the Arkham franchise) in any form.

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ZombieKiller1735d ago

That's OK as long as I can play as Batman I'm good lol

Kalebninja1735d ago

i wasn't expecting to play as him like that but now they go and say that makes me want to be able to do that... they should have never said anything...

Kurylo3d1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

deathstroke is just a villain. Whats so special about him. In fact... isnt he, mostly, not even a batman villain? I thought he was a dc universe villain that i guess warner bros is trying to make more popular by including him in this game.

I mean dont get me wrong.. he has this cool wannabe big boss look under his mask, but other then that i dont even find thim all that interesting. In fact they seem to really be lacking this time around with the villains. Mostly using villains that no one really heard of or are very unpopular... but then decide to throw bane in there even though he wasnt even in batmans life at this point in history lol...

TransientDreamer1735d ago

I would argue he's more of "Bat-family" villain since he's appeared in Teen Titans, Batman & Robin, and Nightwing.

"Mostly using villains that no one really heard of or are very unpopular"
They used up all their A-listers in AA and AC. Why rehash that? I'm really excited for their interpretation of Copperhead.

"but then decide to throw bane in there even though he wasnt even in batmans life at this point in history lol"
This game isn't a retelling of official canon. It's their own take.

Kalebninja1735d ago

the only villain i dont know so far is copperhead i know the rest and im not sure of deathstrokes exact origins but everything i've seen him in is batman related except until the arrow show it seems as he's a green arrow villain in fact his nemesis

Kurylo3d1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

There are a lot mroe A listers available, but besides that... arkham asylum and arkham city all had the rogues gallery that detailed the characters histories according to the comic books. if this is a prequel it should obviously be like the comics or at least fit into the comics history. To say its their own take, but then call it arkham origins and say its a prequel is nothing more then an excuse. This was one of my greatest fears when i heard rocksteady wasnt envolved with this one. They were the ones who made the series and made it fit so damn well.

As a prequel they should have set it up where azrael th guy who became batman after bruce waynes back was broken by bane was a villain. They should have included red hood (former robin that was killed) as a villain. I mean they have some sick villains to choose from, yet were stuck with a dude with a jetpack... how lame lol. So far im just not impressed with this game. There putting too much emphasis on deathstroke who im pretty sure originated in teen titans. And teen titans was about robin.. robin doesnt exist yet. lol... I feel like were getting messed over by the people making this game and they are simply riding the coat tales of rocksteady.

Its like what happened to call of duty modern warfare. Modern warfare and modernwarfare 2 were hot... after that everyone in the company bounced do to legal stuff and activision greed.. then activision made more games with their code lol.. just ripped it off.. not even as good as those previous ones. Those previous ones are what revitalized call of duty and turned it into a powerhouse.