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Submitted by NYC_Gamer 903d ago | interview

Titanfall is a whole new breed of multiplayer

GS:Abbie Heppe explains why multiplayer in Titanfall is like nothing you've played before. (Abbie Heppe, Culture, PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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NextGen24Gamer  +   903d ago
My prediction is this game will be GOTY! I couldn't be any more excited for a game!
golding89  +   903d ago
Yes sir.
JokesOnYou  +   903d ago
I dont know about GOTY but its going to be a must have game for X1 owners when it launches.
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GarrusVakarian  +   903d ago
Looks like alot of fun, but GOTY?

I wouldn't go that far.
s8anicslayer  +   903d ago
I think the game may warrant a multi-player GOTY but there will be many games current and next gen in 2014 that will say otherwise!
HardTileD_   903d ago | Spam
user7402931  +   903d ago
it looks fun but there are other games coming out also that could get goty.
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NextGen24Gamer  +   903d ago
I don't know man, all the awards it racked up at E3, all the raving comments from people who have played it, and on top of ALL OF THAT....It's not even coming out until the Spring. That's insane man. How much more polished will it be by then? It could release now and be the best game easily at launch as is....
XboxFun  +   903d ago
Damn right it will be.
Johnsonparts23  +   903d ago
maybe but the Division is coming out in the same year so........
H0RSE  +   903d ago
I can already see players that become "masters of movement" with the pilots that own the battlefield, without ever using mechs. Perhaps even clans forming around this concept.

The comparisons they got to older shooters like Quake and Tribes, is promising. If it truly can emulate the "feel" of the "grandaddy shooters" of the "golden age," I might enjoy this more than I originally thought.
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pop-voxuli  +   903d ago
Yeah, we'll see. I swear to jeebus, if its just 10 variations of horde mode I'll snap a disk.
(pc version of course)
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AlexanderNevermind  +   903d ago
The frantic gameplay reminds me of UT3. Off the wall movement and speed. Vehicle/Mech combat and going into Titan Mode.
rmw2hot  +   903d ago
This game is so overrated looks to much like call of duty to me. That better be the 360 version cause it looks sub-HD like the X1 version of COD Ghost which is unacceptable for next-gen hardware.
darx  +   903d ago
Killzone blows!
H3ADWOUND81  +   903d ago
Killzone looks better and was alot more fluid gameplay.. True it looks fun but I've got hundreds of fun games, as for GOTY, only time will tell, GTA V goes to next gen kiss that thought good bye....
darx  +   903d ago
Titanfall poops all over KZ.
H3ADWOUND81  +   903d ago
Based on what? Lol...
darx  +   903d ago
Based on nothing! I am just going tit for tat with ya. If you can do it I can do it.

Myself I'll be going with Titanfall.
Bolts  +   903d ago
How many people are playing Killzone 3 on the PS3 right now...oh yeah. It's a wasteland.

This is the problem with the Killzone franchise in general. The fanboys make a lot of noise on the forums but the truth is that the Killzone franchise is the Crysis of the console world. It looks good, have plenty of features and modes, but it's totally meh in terms of gameplay and it's own multiplayer identity.
starchild  +   902d ago
So even though you say it looks fun, you're going to dismiss it because you think Killzone has better graphics? uh.. ok.

Well as a PC gamer Killzone Shadow Fall's graphics don't impress me at all. It's graphics are below what I have already seen in modded Crysis 2, Crysis 3, The Witcher 2, Metro Last Light and other games, so should I just dismiss it too?
H3ADWOUND81  +   902d ago
Stopped reading at pc gamer, yawn....
H0RSE  +   902d ago

Because you're ignorant and can't stand arguments you can't win?

He makes a valid point, and his post was not "PC elitist." PC's do in fact produce higher quality graphics and performance than even the unreleased next-gen consoles, so mentioning this is simply stating facts. Perhaps inconvenient truths are too much for you?
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   903d ago
The only negative press this game is getting is from ps fanboys who can't play Titanfall despite it winning best of E3 and many journalists praising the game, you know people who actually have had hands on time with the game.
jagstatboy  +   903d ago
It will be a contender but there's a lot of competition for GOTY. Don't think it gets it.
dethpuck  +   903d ago
Get both consoles and grow up. In so sick if fanboys
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pandehz  +   903d ago
Like the speaker said.

Once you get used to the movement and method of travel with parkour style-jetpack-twitch movements you can go back to playing other games.

I think this might happen. As i find every other fps shooting mechanics odd after playing BF3. Same way this might just kill off some major fps gameplay mechanics.
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Brix90  +   903d ago
If this game goes multiplatform I can see this taking a good part of the COD community with it.
Bolts  +   902d ago
It is multiplat. It will be coming out on the PC.
Brix90  +   902d ago
Yes but I mean including the playstation community.
H3ADWOUND81  +   902d ago
I'd say there's a strong chance it will end up on ps4 after exclusivity is up, listen to what the dev team is saying, their not denying it but more to the point they are saying they want their game on as many platforms as possible.. Logically they can't say too much about it due to the deal they have with MS currently.. Not sure if I'd get it anyhow, so I'll refrain from commenting further..
medziarz  +   902d ago
Damn MS's corruption again - bribing Respawn and EA not ot release on PS4 :/

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