Why Ignite is EA Sports' Answer to Frostbite

IGN:EA Sport's VP Andrew Wilson explains how Ignite will transform its sports titles, making it easier to crowdsource innovation.

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LOGICWINS1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

This game looks sick! UFC looks ridiculous!

r40k2131763d ago

Except EA doesn't need to "answer" to Frostbite since they own it. DICE is a subsidiary of EA.

Hufandpuf1763d ago

If anything Ignite IS a piece of the Frostbite engine. I remember the DICE devs saying that they needed the fidelity of the FIFA animation system to make BF3 a better game.

r40k2131763d ago

From my brief scanning of the article they seem mention that Frostbite and Ignite are derived from the same "code base." So yeah..... not the best article title, IGN.