The Xbox One is actually more powerful than the PS4

You’d be forgiven for looking at the raw hardware specs of both consoles - which on paper - Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 looks to have the upper.

Whilst we won’t see the full potential of the physical hardware until late in the cycle – with golden late releases such as The Last of Us – the Xbox, this time, has an unmatchable advantage out the gate which is miles up from raw hardware...

... It’s the Xbox Live Cloud.

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Pintheshadows1555d ago

Not this nonsense again. Yes, the cloud is a good service for doing minimal processes. No, it won't exponentially increase the power of a piece of hardware.

Intel are still in a prototyping stage with regards to Cloud based hardware performance augmentation.

xHeavYx1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Please, here we go again. The magic cloud will save the day.
This website logic is "Da Cloudz = dedicated servers = most powerful console evah!"

Skips1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Apparently "tEh CloUUDS" have more to do with the power of the hardware than the ACTUAL HARDWARE ITSELF...


Enemy1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I saw cloud, laughed, and clicked out. Poor idiots thinking "server power" is going to make better looking games.

The specs are out and it's said and done. Xbox One is the weaker platform.

aaron58291555d ago

Please.. dont underestimate the

wait for it..

Da Powerz Of Da CloudszzzzZZZzz... !!


devwan1555d ago

There would be no need to upgrade from 360 to Xbox One if the cloud could perform such magic.

abzdine1555d ago

Da Pawaaah af Da Clawwwwd makes X1 more powerful than 10 X1.
seriously, i can do nothing but facepalm

DragonKnight1555d ago

*A gamer, a journalist, and two Microsoft executives are laying out on the grass looking up at the sky on a warm summer day*

Gamer: Hey, that one looks like Mario jumping on a Goomba.

Journalist: No it doesn't, it looks like a woman being objectified by the patriarchy by being scantily clad and needing rescue.

Microsoft Exec A: You're both wrong.

Gamer: Well what do you see?

Microsoft Exec B: Power.

Microsoft Exec A: And we can market that.

Journalist: Hey can I quote you on that and spin it in my article by using a sensationalist title?

And thus we arrive at this moment in time.

sinjonezp1555d ago

Im tired. Tired of the back and forward non sense about which console is more powerful. Its like hey my john is bigger than yours. No wait. When its warm outside mines is bigger than yours. Who cares. The only thing that matter is she satisfied. Just like gamers. If you want an x1 and you want to spend 500 bucks plus year gold, plus play and charge kit for both sticks, plus games, etc. That is on you. If you want to spend 400 bucks plus PS+ get a bunch of free to play games,that is on you. Both systems will have the cloud so this topic is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is what games matter for you.

tokugawa1555d ago

what amazes me is that these nonsense articles ALWAYS seem to be found by and posted by the worst sony trolls on n4g..

which always sets the alarm bells ringing.

without sounding like a butthurt xbox fanboy, but i honestly believe that they are part of their fabrication to continue the "idiot war" in the trenches

mp12891555d ago

Sony has a cloud too, its just that they decided to invest more on the hardware to begin with. I mean if the cloud is so powerful, why even have next gen consoles?

devwan1555d ago

@sinjonezp But the cloud is like the One's Viagra, when your hardware just doesn't cut it m$'s has their little blue magic fluffy pills.

Satisfaction guaranteed*

*Actual satisfaction may vary.

thechosenone1555d ago

Oh f**k not this sh*t again. I can't believe this dude is trying to argue this BS again...the cloud. :lol

tokugawa1555d ago

leave it out.

look at that site and when that "article" was wrote.


it was wrote 1hr ago!!!! and just happened to be found by natureoflogic???

read the about us section.

ANYONE can write on that site.

100% certain, that rubbish was wrote by the poster

ProjectVulcan1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

All I'll say is that if the cloud were such an enormous performance advantage, why would Microsoft even bother to increase their GPU clocks by a measely 6 percent. Seems a whole lot of potential bother if you are confident your cloud will destroy the competition.

Or that the very fact Xbox one has a bluray drive says that Microsoft are not quite confident and ready enough to give up physical copy distribution.

Ask yourself why? Maybe because a large proportion of their markets internet connections are horribly insufficient to just download 20+GB games?

So they know that the internet connections of a lot of people are pretty mediocre. Yet the cloud will be the greatest thing since sliced bread apparently.

Hmmm. Yea. Ok.

PONTIAC08G8GT1555d ago

I'll wait to pass judgement on the cloud once it's actually put to use. Maybe it will be useful and awesome, maybe it will be a flop like HD-DVD.

AngryTypingGuy1555d ago

Has Microsoft demonstrated the "power of the cloud"? I have yet to see any visuals that the PS4 shouldn't be able to beat or at least match. If the cloud can make visuals that beat the hell out of PS4 you would think that MS would at least give a demonstration to wow everybody even if it wasn't quite ready for the public yet.

cell9891555d ago

DA.....CLOUDZZZZZZZZZ!!!! pure POWARZ for your xbone

1555d ago
Kryptix1555d ago

lol Did anyone else laugh when they read; "... It’s the Xbox Live Cloud."? lol

According to Xbox Magazine, teh cloud is equalz to three Xbox Onez!!!1!

Link below. lol

strifeblade1555d ago

Both consoles have their pros and cons and sony may have powerful hardware but xbox really does have cloud or an 11 billion dollar mitlifunctional cloud service which at the very least is offering dedicated servers for call of duty and numerous other 3rd party multiplat games which in contrast sony do not have.

You may not care but the 12 million yearly call of duty buyers on ps4 do and i have seen a number of them consider jumping board to xbox one judging by the message boards.

The cloud will not make xbox more powerful but it will open the door to new experiences as well as the kinect and the slew of features that come along with it.

PS4 besides the slightly stronger specs has nothing else going for it. No servers from sony can offer dedicated servers for 3rd party- they do not have kinect/eye system included to open new experiences- the controller runs on old bluetooth tech compared to msoft wifidirect. 100$ more and this is what i am paying for.

Gamingcapacity1555d ago

MS is setting up a pretty big cloud network but it wasn't made for the X1. There is a lot of money in cloud services and MS have built the cloud service to make money not soley for the X1.

If Sony can't make a huge Cloud based network, it doesn't mean they can't get access to one... at a cost of course. Use of the cloud from other providers isn't out of the question is Sony need to. The question is will they need to?

mewhy321555d ago

well lookie here. another cloud article. LOL. micro$oft really blew it this time. I mean they were going to make everyone be connected all the time and that would have let them use the cloud. But not now. that 180 left developers with the fact that they may or may not be selling to someone that is connected to the "cloud" and as a result have to develop without that requirement. LOL. :> another micro$oft fail.

pixelsword1555d ago

Then why didn't any game in E3 specifically show the power of the cloud?

user55757081554d ago

so if developers build games for xbox one based on the use of these cloud data centers to improve processing...then wouldn't there be a problem when playing offline?

inveni01554d ago

The only cloud that will help gaming is Gaikai, because it is built to stream games live with low latency. Azure is not. It is built to handle things like player positions (allowing more players) and things like that. It doesn't do the graphical work.

PS4 has Gaikai.

Xbox One does not.

Whose cloud is better for gaming?

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Skips1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I know right!!! XD

rdgneoz31555d ago

First story from this site and its such a winner...

Here's a good read,

Gives an idea what the cloud can be used for. One of the main things is what we're seeing currently, "dedicated servers." Though the PS3 has had dedicated servers for pretty much all its 1st part games, and PC players have been enjoying them as well in things like MMos...

Kleptic1555d ago


So, by the logic of this article...the PSN has had equal 'cloud services' since it launched in 2006 with resistance fall of man...this is just marketing, and nothing more...

MS takes dedicated servers...something thats been around for decades...calls it 'The Cloud'...and i love the part where it says 'MS realized that player hosted servers was holding everything back'...yeah, it was, and it was ONLY ms that made devs/publishers jump through huge hoops to get dedicated servers on XBL...Sony, since day 1 with PSN...has simply said... 'sure'...

strifeblade1554d ago

LOL grasping at straws are we? any company can rent dedicated servers if they need them. Sony rented them and paid the price as well as mantaining them.

The difference this time around is that msoft owns all the dedicated servers and their infrastructure is large enough to offer it to 3rd party for dirt cheap to give them an incentive to using it. LOOK AT CALL OF DUTY- perfect expample of third party using microsoft's servers to their advantage while sony cannot offer servers for the same price since sony do not own an 11 billion dollar infrastructure. So yeah it makes a difference. The cool thing about azure is that it can change and grow with its user base and msoft can adjust how many servers support xbox live.

Kleptic1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

grasping at straws?...I think you're being pretty mislead...

XBL by no means is offering this for 'cheap'...and Sony has NEVER 'rented' dedicated servers for themselves...Apparently you never saw the server banks for very early PS3 games...Warhawk's consisted of thousands of networked PS3' 2007...Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 even more...nearly all first party PS3 games with dedicated servers used higher spec dev kits for hosting...New reports say it'll be similar with the, is sony renting their own hardware...from...themselves?

While its true that these servers would need to be rented by third party publishers...the PSN allowed publishers to integrate their own hosting systems into the PSN...where XBL charged for this...Confirmed by Midway/Epic with UT3, and a primary reason the game was delayed on 360...

MS is just doing typical MS control with its 'cloud services'...they'd rather do it themselves, and charge more for it...Titanfall is being published by think EA had any trouble before running their own dedicated server networks? Battlefield has been doing it on consoles for XBL rents these to publishers instead...same shit, different pile...

don't fall for the PR...that is all it is...Sony still allows publishers to seamlessly integrate and handle multiplayer in to the PSN without much trouble, but it is their own burden...MS still would prefer publishers just hand everything over and let them do a substantial cost...the end result will be the same...and I promise, this has NOTHING to do with Titanfall's timed exclusivity...

colonel1791555d ago

Whoever wrote this article doesn't know how "the Cloud" works! Also, how can they not realize that whatever they are thinking the Cloud is, Sony could do the exact same thing...

aaron58291555d ago

well.. some people are in denial..

Death1555d ago

Sony could do the same thing. If they had money to do it. Sony is not in a good place financially for quite some time now. So yeah, in theory Sony could use the cloud, but financially it isn't happening anytime soon.

Ryto1555d ago

Sony is reporting profits of 7.9 trillion yen (£52.7 billion) for the year.
Read more at http://www.trustedreviews.c...

Simple google and you'll see that Sony are now doing very well indeed.

tuglu_pati1555d ago

Oh boy its about to rain.... :/

RememberThe3571555d ago

In Seattle we have lots of clouds. Thats why MS is giving them out "virtually free."

Recently it's been hot as f*ck! I was wondering where all the clouds went, Amazon and MS took em all!

Thegamer411555d ago

You cant say Xbox is more powerful than the PS4, then say its an opinion, its either more powerful or its not.
How could an article like this be under opinion piece.

JunioRS1011555d ago

Mark Cerny reads articles like this, laughs to himself, closes his laptop...

Pushes himself back away from his desk, walks out onto his marble balcony, lights a cigarette...

Looks over to Shuhei, who is eating Fruity Pebbles with a Siamese cat on his lap, and says, "Fuckin' fanboys."

dcj05241555d ago

Jack tretton holding a tommy gun with andrew house next to him. Both in tuxedos then walk into the room both saying:It's time to make it rain.

jjb19811555d ago

That's funny stuff, made me laugh out loud

JunioRS1011555d ago

@ dcj0524

LOL!! That is fucking priceless lol

I could make truly epic comedies if I could record my ideas into a movie I swear lol

I looove over the top comedy. Best kind

ABeastNamedTariq1555d ago

I lost it at Fruity Pebbles, lmao. I can actually imagine him sitting there, chillin, eating that.

McScroggz1555d ago

Cerny doesn't strike me as a man who cusses.

IcicleTrepan1555d ago

most retarded thing I've ever seen posted anywhere. Get a life.

tokugawa1555d ago

agreed icicle

but what is sadder is the fact people thought that it was funny

Kryptix1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

lol That made me laugh. See how icicle and tokugawa reacted cause the word "fanboys" was mentioned. Can't say they don't have a sense of humor, they're just butthurt to be a part of those delusional Microsoft fanboys.

tarbis1554d ago

@IcicleTrepan & tokugawa
And yet both of you are here. Congratulations on your new found life. :D

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No FanS Land1555d ago

It is more powerful really...

so long as you have an internet connection DUH! (could be part of the reason why the console is releasing in not many territories.

Can't believe everyone is hyping the cloud service so much. if it really proves to be this useful then why isn't it applied to the 360?

KonsoruMasuta1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Bien! It's ze powah of ze clouds. It's so magnifique!

princejb1341555d ago

What if the online service goes down
Then what

1555d ago Replies(3)
twinspectre1555d ago

so the Author think with the power of Cloud Xbox can compete even against PC Power seems Legit -_-
PS4 > Xbox One even AMD said that
but CloudPOWAH will work only with a Internet Connection

Ryto1555d ago

haha youre right! Next they'll be saying the cloud could out perform a gaming Pc with x4 titans!

When will it end!

PFFT1555d ago

AMD said that when???

JsonHenry1555d ago

Distributed computing is powerful. Really powerful. But I think the internet broadband service across much of the world is just too slow to see the potential that "the cloud" has to offer.

I'll place my bet on who has what under the hood of the actual console myself for now. But I would love to be proved wrong.

jerethdagryphon1554d ago

Distributed computeing is imensly powerful its also immensly fiddly if I wanted a book report dont on I dont know war and peace I could read it myself or tear out each page and have you each readone and give me a synopsis then put them together to make my report. Thats disributed computing cloud computing is needing a bookreport on war and peace and going to bookreports whileu and having there lot of readers read and synpois it sending me the final thing.

Cloud computing or another term for it an older prenetwork one mainframe and terminals
Is that
Work is done off site and handed back to you. Ready for display
Yes in theroy each machine becomes infinitly more powerful as all the work is done on massivly powerful servers and sent to you.

But the problem lies in the whole sent to you part lag latency timeouts high pings dropped packets all this clogs up the speed cauong effectivly buffering and load errors ... please waite physics .ddl is being streamed ... lighint .dll was interupted please wait...

Thats an exageration but a possibility of the type of issues . Then when that occurels the terminal machine has to quickly do the work itself to keep things moving.

Yea all sorts of compression and streaming tech exists but its still far from amiricle

2cents1555d ago

The proof is in the pudding,

Let's just wait and see what MS cloud is capable of before we start claiming its the best thing since sliced bread. There is a long way to go before there is any actual evidence this.

The potential is exciting but there is nothing to show as of now.

Cueil1555d ago

it's not nearly as non-sense as you think... Nvidia just showcast it's ability to cloud source real time lighting... in 5-7 years we will be much further along on outsourcing computational data

Pintheshadows1555d ago

Indeed they did but read the interviews surrounding that demonstration and you will see that it is a very long way off.

Ryto1555d ago

It's not practical with realistic variables. Internet speed, latency, bandwith. What's more likely is having Gaikai games totally in the cloud which are rendered graphically superior, that could happen in a couple of years. but interaction between software computed on the xbone/ps4 and information in the cloud... no.

I'm not technically minded but common sense just screams no.

Cueil1554d ago

remember when the Xbox 360 launched... I think that the difference in broadband quality and penetration is huge... I expect in 5-7 years when these consoles really start to hit their limits we'll see cloud computational data being used more and more

Deadpoolio1555d ago

Idiots really need to STOP misinforming people about the power of the damn cloud.....Especially the morons who think it's going to have anything to do graphically with the Xbox One80...Azure has nothing to to with the GPU or graphics period....The only thing it's gonna do is help matchmaking slightly

1555d ago
DonFreezer1555d ago

Well I have a feeling if Sony was talking about the cloud you would all scream to it's name.

Tito081554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

There's have being early posts of Sony working with cloud computing, as is evidenced with their Gaikai acquisition, but we not going crazy and over-hyped about it like MS and their fanboys are, and in a lot of ways, MS is very known for over exaggerating and making things sound bigger than it actually is.

You don't see Sony over hyping things like the greatest invention since the creation of the wheel like MS usually does, like Peter Moore said before launching 360, "It'll have the greatest game launch lineup in videogame history" when it was in fact the worst.

Admiral-Saudi1555d ago

I want believe that it's true but it's too hard to believe it.

harrisk9541555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

You are so right... MS is once again passing out Kool-Aid and topping it off with overblown exaggerations... (and, yes, the PS4 can also use the "Power of the Cloud" ( )



"What's obvious at this point is that the concept of cloud computing looks uncertain and unlikely, and Microsoft needs to prove its claims with actual software. Yet based on what we've been told, the firm itself isn't sure of what uses to put it to, while the limitations of latency and bandwidth severely impede the benefits of all that computing power. Frequent references to Live and multiplayer gaming suggest a less exciting, though certainly valuable, use for Microsoft's new servers in providing better, conventional, multiplayer experiences. More players, adaptive achievements and intelligent worlds all sound great in theory, but we're certainly not seeing the notional results of a four-fold increase in Xbox One's processing power."

r1sh121555d ago

cloud based performance is a real thing.
AMD have a graphics server which can encode/ decode locally then send the decoded images to the workstation.
It does work well (I use it as part of my consulting job).
Now - The real question is, will it work with the average internet speeds in the world?
THe bandwidth required is just not high enough, so yes theory is there.
Practically the speeds required to achieve this will just not support it for the majority of consumers.

tiffac0081555d ago

Well I guess its only for people with fast internet connection, in countries with good internet infrastructure.

r1sh121555d ago

@tiffac008 - Its hard to say whether internet connection will be the only factor.
I can see graphics being decoded elsewhere and then being piped to a console, actual computing and calculations are another thing due to the size of the calculations and the speed at which they are made is less likely (At least for now).