Gran Turismo 6 gameplay video shows Grand Valley Speedway

CVG's Gamescom team has had the opportunity to play Polyphony Digital's upcoming Gran Turismo 6 at the event and, for your viewing pleasure, has captured live off-screen footage from the show floor.

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abzdine1247d ago

i feel the game is faster than before!

SniperControl1247d ago

i was just thinking that, looks damn good.

HardTileD_1247d ago Show
abzdine1247d ago

it was F5 that i thought was slow.. that gameplay video i saw bored me really bad.
GT6 seems faster than before, which is aa good thing.

HardTileD_1247d ago Show
windblowsagain1247d ago

Either the tv or the video is setting is way too colorful.