GDN: Mario Kart Wii Review

Mario Kart is yet another example of just how sharp and tight the Nintendo games machine really is. It may well have many of the characteristics associated with its older relatives, but it doesn't matter when they've all been so good at producing a great night in - and the Wii version just adds to the reputation. There's a slight ill feeling in the multiplayer with how they've changed it, but it's minor when you look at the broader scale of things. Pleasing on the eye, catchy on the ears and just a good bit of enjoyment, with perhaps a splash of retro to give it the extra flavour the Ninty faithful crave.

All in all it's a great title for the Wii, and GDN expected nothing less. The way it's managed to bring new things in such as the control system, motorbikes, tricks, online mode and still retain its original identity are most impressive.

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wiizy3871d ago

the wii has another winner on its hand