Chronicles of Spellborn gets US Publisher

Brenda Holloway reports:

''Seems like just yesterday we were wondering if The Chronicles of Spellborn would ever see US shores. Some kind spirit must have heard us, for today comes news that a US publisher has signed a letter of intent to publish this rather unique fantasy MMO on this side of the Atlantic. Spellborn International and its European/Asian publisher, Frogster, have decided to push the release date of the game from Q2 '08 (ie, Real Soon) to Q3 '08 (ie, when Warhammer Online and the new World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, ship). The reason given for the delay is polish and time for the US publisher to work on marketing the game. Polish. That used to be such a kind word. Polished games are nice, but "fun" is an even better one.''

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