Carmakers look to video games for new routes to market

The spoiler popped up automatically when the speedometer of the new Audi RS7 Sportback moved past 130 kilometers an hour on Charles Bridge in central Prague, creating just enough downforce to ensure the tires gripped the road around the next turn.

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Soldierone1734d ago

I'll admit that there have been some "OP" cars in GT or something that made me want them in real life. However at the same time there are other cars that suck more than real life that make you not want them. Or good cars with crappy specs (such as american sports cars not being able to turn at all.....)

level 3601734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Racing games like GranTurismo, Forza and others is definitely a great way for auto manufacturers to show car buyers/gamers what their cars would look and roughly handle in real life.

That is why when there is a motorshow held anywhere across the globe, usually you'll see a racing simulator stand in there. It's a great way to gauge for both the public/automakers reactions and insights.

You can say it's one of the best formats to advertise their vehicles to the public.

WeAreLegion1733d ago

Has anyone driven the Red Bull X2011 Prototype? That thing is insane! I was lapping Zondas in it earlier. It's incredibly difficult to control with a steering wheel though, unless you're on the high speed ring.