GTAIV requires 3340KB HDD storage in PS3 version

As seen from the official boxart of the game itself,a minimum of 3340KB HDD space is required for the game to run in a PS3.

*For the uninformed 3340KB = 3.26MB.

*Also Notice that PS3 version supports 1080p too.Although it's not native.(as confirmed previously by Gamespot hands on).Xbox 360 version also supports 1080p.

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Storm233898d ago

That is what I said, lol. That is seriously nothing.

chaosatom3333898d ago

Heavenly sword had that much. lol. All those 5-10-15 GB storage space stories are debunked. That's for sure.

Storm233898d ago

Oh, and the packaging only says 1 player, with 2-16 online. Does that mean there is no split-screen?

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sonarus3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

OH NO 3MB installs lol

Kudos on rockstar for not taking the lazy way out and forcing installs upon us. That debunks that fake early review claiming ps3 installs were cumpolsory

LOL i think i have a disagreeing stalker. Been following me all day with his one disagree. Hope you are enjoying yourself whoever you are cus i know i am :D

deeznuts3898d ago

Actually 1024 unless your a Hard Drive company.

Doctor Who3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

In that photo its got the SixAxis icon???
Will it rumble??? Theres a new icon for the rumble DS3 pad.
Really hope it rumbles out of the box like!:)

To the 2 people below me!:D Thanks for the info:) It should rumble yeah. Got a DS3 pad a few months ago. Just thought they would have that DS3 rumble icon on the box by now. But the box might be a bit different when it comes out tho? Can't wait for it!:P

sonarus3898d ago

Rumble isn't out in EU yet so thats probably why the icon isn't there but i'm pretty sure it will rumble

MikeGdaGod3898d ago

of course it will rumble. all PS3 games have rumbled since December.

Real Gambler3898d ago

It would means that you could only install 17142 games like GTAIV on your PS3... Dang, I should buy a 500 gig hard drive tomorrow, just in case! : )

HighDefinition3898d ago

I wonder if this will apply to better frame rates?
Since this question has been answered, NEXT?

Perkel3898d ago

""Oh, and the packaging only says 1 player, with 2-16 online. Does that mean there is no split-screen?""

On UK version of GT5:P there is 1 player but in game there is split screen :)

maybe error or there will be no split for PS3 (cgreviews said that there is split) or maybe rockstar don't want to participate in console war and they cut split from PS3 to match x360 version (in cgreview without split)

everything is possible.

uie4rhig3898d ago

Who cares about 3MB

i mean even if i can't download anymore games because the HDD is full, i still have at least 100MB over on my PS3!!
so i couldn't care
in fact, because this is GTA IV, i wouldn't have cared about 10GB install!!

barom3898d ago

lol did they write the number in KB just to make it sound more?

lsujester3898d ago

Yeah, they're just trying to stir stuff up. Nothing new for this site.

Genesis53898d ago

It's not even a half a gig. Why is this news?

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pharmd3898d ago

but im sure everyone is gonna bash this like a bad thing, but its no problemo here.... LOVE MY PS3

Condoleezza Rice3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Have .Gif images that are THRICE that size,only a Clown would make a big deal out of 3MB for a Game Save file.

Condoleezza Rice3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Edit:Double post

3898d ago
Kenshin_BATT0USAI3898d ago


3Mb= 0.3% of a megabyte.

30MB would be 3%

dragunrising3898d ago

Too bad she won't buy GTAIV for you.

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THC CELL3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Also runs at 1080p

Real 1080p ( Not Upscale x box 1080p)

Future news ( x box gta is really 620p)

*Also Notice that PS3 version supports 1080p too.Although it's not native.(as confirmed previously by Gamespot hands on).Xbox 360 version also supports 1080p.

Strong words that come from Gamespot there last time i checked
they are x box fans and lick M$ass

Jack Meahoffer3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Think you need to smoke some more get a little more THC going in your brain because you can't read.

Strong words? WTF you talking about Sony sheepeople? Dude you don't get exclusive DLC get over it. Stop looking for anything to make you feel better for missing out on the complete experience.

@1.2 They're not going to "update the PS3 version to 1080p". Its coded for 720p and the console up scales it to 1080p if supported by your TV. No update is needed. Its not like GT5P where they add basic features later with an update. Another clueless non-techinical Sony fanboy making shat up.

EDIT - Can't believe you idiot Sony fanboys on this site agreeing with him for posting fake screenshots and saying the xbox version doesn't do 1080p which is a blatant lie. Bunch of lying, desperate, flip flopping Sony fanboy douches. You all suck.

chaosatom3333898d ago

Rockstar is going to update ps3 version to 1080P. I read it in the interview. They are going to add it in later. I am pretty sure.

Since most people have 720P, it's not a big news.

liquidsnake3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Is that comparison picture real? I mean It looks hell of a lot better on the PS3. Multiplat games don't have that much of a difference usually. Good thing I own ze PS3.

PSWe603898d ago

Then the PS3 version does indeed look better. The 360 version looks al fuzzy and over exposed

derseb3898d ago

also notice the lack of people and cars on the 360 version. seems like the rumors are true: less life in the city on the 360.

Snukadaman3898d ago

Anyone knows dam well the xbox pics of any game are not that fuzzy and grainy....nice piece of propaganda.

juuken3898d ago

I can't stand them. They seem to support the 360 more than the PS3.

ForTheFallen3898d ago

The Cell has a picture, Jack.

You have nothing. So stfu.

THC CELL3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

At below

Got i love been in Amsterdam
You are really on defense tonight lol

Jack Meahoffer3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

You douchey Sony fanboys are so butt hurt about the exclusive DLC that you continue to make shat up and flip flop over GTA IV.

None of you have any creditablity. You'd all sell your soul and kill your mother to defend Sony. You sad, sad lot. Makes me laugh.

You don't see stonerboy The Cell refute what I'm saying do you? That's because the pics are fake and he has a hardon trying to downplay the 360 version.

If the PS3 version is so much better why do they always demo the 360 version?! The PS3 version has only seen the light of day a couple times out of the hundreds of demos done. OWNED!

San anto3898d ago

if that comparison has a shred of truth then godaem! the ps3 version really does dominate

THC CELL3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

lol i enjoy it mate really i do i get that warm feeling that u x turds have failed lol i mean what have u got really
branded play station game LOL

it sound to me u are going to cry

Anyways DLC mean s+it to me i want GTA 4 and thats that
I wont be ripped off buying silly DLC lol
i will be enjoying MGS in the coming weeks and Exclusive games that x box wish they had
lol i hear they was begging for MGS 4

Anyways When You play GTA4 Remember You are playing A sony brand game
Begged to come to x box cause u have Fk all left to play on
GEARS 2 PFF what is that to resistance 2

UP next POG feelings about what i said stand by

power of Green 3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Somebody tweeked the color and removed some cars etc LOL trying to compare a dynamic sandbox game as if the same objects would be there in any given time(people and cars). lol.

You can see that they're both the same screenshot and you can see where the troll removed the cars from the supposed 360 pic(see the discoloration where the cars are missing in the 360 pic. lol)

The Sony troll or whomever did this could not match the color of the surrounding environments where the cars were, lol I don't know if thats before or after the color palette tweeks lol.


Snukadaman3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

I didnt notice it at first..but where the cars are in the ps3 pic there is white spots that are almost the same size of the cars that are in the ps3 pic..its a fake people...whats worst is these sony fans who need too manufacture pictures too show the ps3 version to be better..truly a example of brainwashing.....sadly this wont be the last piece of propaganda in the coming people have been duped.

Open this pic and zoom in where the missing cars are there is obvious distortion..ROFLMAO.

power of Green 3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

You did a better job matching the text of these pics(they are the same) then you did the actual screenshot(s).

Still you can see that the GTA4/Xbox 360/PS3 text are different warmths, you didn't tweek the cool PS3 text and the Warm 360 text good enough you should have wen't with one or the other with the text. Thats the best way to tell and the biggest misstakes fakers make they tweek the title visuals and forget they also tweeked the text. lol

Nevermind the fanboyism of yesterday and look to the gamers of the future!, YES WE CAN...

PSh1t33898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Boy, you droids are f*cking stupid. You can see the smudges of color where the idiot Photoshopped the cars and people out of the pic for "360" (and no doubt f*cked-up the color saturation too). Seriously, you sad f*cks are pathetic.

Just look at that big white car on the left shot, how it's gone on the right shot, but in its place is a big white smudge where he did a clone stamp of the road next to it. Seriously, if any of you morons have ever used Photoshop, you'd notice.

360 version is better, just accept it.


Pain3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

3340KB? umm so.....i have bigger Pic's from my camera then that on my not put a dent in my 160 HDD

And truth Sucks, 360 is lesser version, fake pic or not.

R* did and have and u can find proof 360 held this game back so how in the Mighty who give's a crap universe is the 360 version Superior.

just face it already 360 is old and its age Hurts todays games.

xbox tards say bla bla bla bla bla just look at jack.. no really RROD 2 CANT DO NATIVE 1080p but
PS3 can and if it say 1080p it just might be one of the XBOX 360 IS HOLDING GTA IV back hmmmm???....

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solsub3898d ago

Aint bad at all.

btw, Go Habs Go!

Surfman3898d ago

oh yeah man ;) go habs go.

solar3898d ago

i would love to see an original 6 finals with my wings and habs. canada really needs a stanley cup champ again. but not if they are playing the wings ;)

Alcohog3898d ago

Oh no! 3MB!

Oh wait, that is nothing.

deeznuts3898d ago

Dude, this isn't nothing, it's 3,420,160 Bytes man!