Destiny: Behind Closed Doors at Gamescom 2013

IGN:Live demo offscreen of one of the most talked about games at Gamescom.

lastofgen980d ago

this is the same demo we saw at e3..

3-4-5980d ago

I"d rather them spend this time working on the actual game than making a second trailer.

Lboogieskells980d ago

This is quite dissapointing, I was looking forward to a new demo. I'm so exicited for Bungie as a studio and can't wait for some new footage of this game.

Mr-Dude980d ago

Man i'm excited for this game! Countless hours of exploring planets and ruins, shooting sh*t up!

ZBlacktt980d ago

Yeah, so many great games coming out now. Massive worlds to get lost in!

TheKingWilliamV980d ago

crickets... the exact same demo as E3? WTF these lazy mofos

Lboogieskells980d ago (Edited 980d ago )

There is alot that goes into making demos. Look up the the making of GOW2, that will give you a hint of the process. Sometimes the Demos don't meet the deadline or standards.

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