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Submitted by sigfredod 905d ago | video

inFamous: Second Son Reactions - Gamescom 2013

Colin and Andrew breakdown everything you need to know about the much anticipated iteration of the inFamous franchise. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

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sigfredod  +   905d ago
My most anticipated open world game along with the division
best looking console game. lol pc gaming in the background.
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ElitaStorm  +   905d ago
so the power we have seen is NEON, cool
Rainstorm81  +   905d ago
Neon? NICE!

Initially i thought it was redesign on the Electricity powers.

This and the Witcher 3 early next year, may be our first REAL taste of Next-Gen games
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joeorc  +   905d ago
"so the power we have seen is NEON, cool"

Yupper's just think what type of thing's , make up in NEON sign's.

electrified glass tube containing a "rarefied" gas!

Geissler tubes were quite popular in the late 1800s, and the different colors they emitted were characteristics of the gases within.

So if you look at it like this, the Gass from sign to sign may not be the same, hell it may not even stop there, since he can turn himself into smoke, what about his than smoke body taking on the property dynamics of further "rarefied" gas

grin. with electricity to boot, how about his gas body with mind altering effect from the gas on his oponent's. worse yet

Tritium illumination! look up this one under google

evil grin
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CaptainSheep  +   905d ago
I totally went into fangirl mode when they revealed his new power. Neon? Light? Whatever it is, I can't wait to see Delsin use it in action.
ashahab861   905d ago | Spam
ABeastNamedTariq  +   905d ago
DEM PARTICLES! Truly a beautiful game.

And, I want to see what power they come up with next. Bet they have a lot of interesting things.

Day one.

EDIT: Plus, I like how they integrate the touchpad into the gameplay!
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Rainstorm81  +   905d ago
Its almost like a re-imagining of Mega Man within the inFamous universe
GribbleGrunger  +   905d ago
That neon power would be handy if he could use it to illuminate darkened areas such as sewers and caves.
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Ashunderfire86  +   905d ago
Delsin is the new Sylar from Heroes! He killed that girl to get her power.
jimmywolf  +   905d ago
while i agree cause i like that reference, don't think he killed her. think he just absorbed her power or copy it.

maybe even got her memory's why he say after he does it "i enjoy meeting new people"
JackVagina  +   905d ago
infamous gifs!


http://farm4.staticflickr.c... (look at the shadow just before he goes into the vent)
D_RoyJenkins  +   905d ago
Can't wait to play this, Sucker Punch has raised the bar
Sevir  +   905d ago
Neon!? So it's a fancy name for "Light"? Omg I freakin can't wait. It's just a crazy sin to not have this at launch, but man oh man, I feel this game will finally cement sucker punch as One of Sony's premier, up there with Naughtydog, SSM and Media Molecule.

The fact that it's launching 3 months after the PS4 means it'll establish it's new fanbase really quick.
MrDead  +   905d ago
Neon is a gas. Can't wait to see what you use the power for.
Sevir  +   905d ago
While Neon Element is a gas, I believe this has more to do with the bright color of the lights... Which seems to be the focus... I'd like to see it demonstrated to be sure but it seems very much in a practical sense that it's being used in way of light and not gas!
joeorc  +   904d ago

"While Neon Element is a gas, I believe this has more to do with the bright color of the lights... Which seems to be the focus... I'd like to see it demonstrated to be sure but it seems very much in a practical sense that it's being used in way of light and not gas!"

its a combination both, remember the tube's in the signs are

"electrified glass tube containing a "rarefied" gas! "

So for instance depending on what type of gas they are using, the color will just be a side effect. Though with his ability to drain or Absorb thing's and not to mention control his body, there could be many effect's such a person could be able to do..sorry for being long winded, i used to playtest quite a number of PEN n Paper super hero RPG's like books for hero games Champions, things like that. Power design and playtesting was kinda my
ZBlacktt  +   905d ago
The game looks very very good in the graphics. Man, the PS4 is just golden!
breakpad  +   905d ago
i m wandering why Sony keep releasing Infamous games??? never liked them, never will and a lot of core gamers haves the same is the most generic ,whatever franchise ever...ok Sony you must understand smthing infamous does nt sell because it s a damn mediocrity (with good graphics i cant deny this) want to buy your console ?? put some damn japanese developers to make games for you... it s just so simple
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Rainstorm81  +   905d ago
Im "wondering" why you are commenting on a game you clearly dont like....its not like this was the first unveiling of this game

But hey just keep on wandering
breakpad   905d ago | Bad language | show
bsquwhere  +   905d ago
Man your right. Sony needs to start listening to you. You clearly know what's best for consumers and a corporation. I mean in your statement you speak for all hardcore gamers, and we thank you, but I don't remember asking your candy-ass to say a g'damned thing about how I or anyone outside yourself feels. If you don't like Infamous than don't come on articles about it. That's pretty simple.

Edit: he's also a racist. In another post he says that "white guys" can't make good games, only Japanese can. Well I'm sure Naughty Dog, Bungie, Sony Santa Monica, and Rockstar have some "white guys" involved. Along with a various other talented ethnicities.
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breakpad  +   905d ago
ok men let the sales speak ...either of the game itself or of the console which is on...sales it s not alays a factor of quality but you cant go wrong with 3 games in row (infamous series
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Rainstorm81  +   905d ago

Shadow of the colossus sold A little over a million on PS2 with its huge install base..... I guess that game was trash a didnt deserve a sequel either huh??

Besides dont dwell on sales,, just buy the games and consoles you prefer and be happy....besides its not even a Launch title
iceman06  +   905d ago
Well because, lucky for Sony I guess, they don't cater games to individual taste. No disrespect, but there are a lot of people that do like it. It has sold respectably, which is why Sony and Sucker Punch are still making them.
I DO agree that more Japanese devs need to get back with the program...or at least they need to localize a lot more Japanese games. But, they can coexist right?
kwiksilver99  +   905d ago
giant enemy moth all but confirmed:)
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   904d ago
Neon and Mitch Murder. Done!

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