First Player-vs-Player Details of Dark Souls 2 Surface

Gameranx: "Dark Souls 2 has player-vs-player combat that's quite like that of the first game."

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garos821553d ago

I'm looking forward to next gen.but this game will keep me from selling of my ps3 for a long time.I can't wait

DestinyHeroDoomlord1553d ago

Must... resist. .. urge... to watch video....... aaarrgh

Brucis1553d ago

The clip showing actual PVP is, like, 7 seconds. There's him standing around first and an analysis afterwards. I understand though, lol. I kinda don't want to participate in the beta because then I'd have experience with that area and how the game feels when I actually start.

Swiggins1553d ago

Your pic brought back painful memories of Mushroom death....

Thank you for that though, it just makes me want to play Dark Souls again!