PS4 user interface offers a 'quantum leap' over PS3 XMB

PSU writes:

"Fergal Gara, head of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, has said that PlayStation 4’s user interface offers a ‘quantum leap’ over the PlayStation 3’s Cross Media Bar."

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SillyYou1732d ago

Cool fact: the XMB won an Emmy.

negative1732d ago

Who knows. All I know is the XMB is a POS - especially when accessing it in-game. Glad to see they have abandoned it.

SillyYou1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

The interface won the Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for "Outstanding Innovation and Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for the Best Use of Personal Media Display and Presentation Technology" in 2006.

....Aaah my favourite subject area.

NewMonday1732d ago

The best thing is the speed, everything from the PSN store to watching live game streams is fast and almost instantaneous.

Also you get live updates on the games you have like activity info and DLC without launching them.

darthv721732d ago

That is some really great improvements they made. I like how both xb1 and ps4 are streamlining their OS/interface to make getting into something (games/media) much more efficient.

and even better is there is room for improvements over time like we have seen on the ps3 and 360.

ShinMaster1732d ago

The XMB is a great interface. It's simple and versatile. Which is why it won an award back in 2006.

The issue was the PS3 itself, limiting it. Also, it wasn't meant to run in-game. That's why some people view it negatively. There were things added to it while the hardware remained the same.

The PS4's UI is being designed with a lot more in mind this time around.

gaffyh1731d ago

I actually love the XMB interface for the most part. There are some areas where there are options in places that don't make sense. I'm really glad that they didn't get rid of it entirely, because the bar itself is so simple and easy to figure out where everything is.

Kleptic1731d ago

Whoever was handling the UI at Sony since the PS3 was released...i really hope got some valuable feedback from some managers...

The problem was that they took all requests almost too literally...we said we want 'in game xmb'...but we didn't mean we wanted an in game version of the xmb that showed every single icon and option, but only had 3% of them functional...the rest requiring to back out of the which case, why even show it?

it was a disgrace for what should've been simple tasks...over 10 button presses to read, reply, and send a simple message?...stupid...all that pointless text and icons hogging up precious memory in game (they only had like 40mb to work with in game)...why not just design a very simple in game menu that ONLY shows what you can actually do? Don't show me all 300 video options when clicking on one requires me to back out of the game...

either way...the PS4's looks much better...and hopefully is easier to use...the xmb as a home OS was great for a controller...but what they added as a menu during gameplay was almost a bad joke since day 1...

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Mikefizzled1732d ago

Interesting fact good sir.
Follow up fact Xbox Live also won an Emmy. And the Halo 4 live action series Forward unto dawn is also nominated for an Emmy in September.

Hooray for new media!

Magicite1732d ago

Forward unto dawn was such a cheap and boring movie.

FragMnTagM1732d ago

Good, I always hated the XMB.

It is about time they revamped it.

hkgamer1732d ago

It does look great, however I wonder how it would look like with 30+ games.

PS3 UI looks terrible with more than 5 games.

PersonaCat1732d ago

You do know you can create folders on PS3 right?

ZodTheRipper1732d ago

But it's pretty inconvenient and hard to figure out. The XMB was a good first effort but there is definately a lot of potential. Reading such statements and seeing the video from Gamescom, I'm really looking forward to PS4's UI.

infamous-butcher1732d ago

Hard to figure out?
Do you not know your alphabet?

ZodTheRipper1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

What I meant was making custom albums, I totally forgot that you can group them by presets :P

hkgamer1732d ago

yeah but folders kinda make the XMB pointless.

I don't know, I mean XMB is cross media bar not multi tiered media bar that isnt a cross anymore. Well it is my opinion and i'm sure a few others will agree with me, I'm also sure alot of people still love the XMB as well.

ShwankyShpanky1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Highlight game -> triangle -> album -> enter name

Square -> sort by album

I definitely pity the souls that haven't figured this out, and are scrolling through scores of games to find what they want to play. It would certainly be tedious flipping through my 200+ games without folders. (yes, I am a digital hoarder. I've only really started deleting stuff to make room since my 500GB got close to filling up this year. Huzzah for PS+)

Game Shows
x : Minis
x : PSOne Classics
x : Software

hkgamer1731d ago


Folders on my PS3 keeps going back to ddefault settings after every update. Its annoying and I am not bothered to change it everytime.

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BlueBlood171732d ago

There are 33 launch titles...

hkgamer1732d ago

I meant how the GUI will look like after having a bunch of games installed on your HDD. I was just commenting on how ugly my PS3 XMB looks like with a bunch of games in the games list.

BlueBlood171730d ago

Yeah I just think you need to put them in folders. The only thing that really bugs me about it is that you can't sort them alphabetically. :)

I think I slightly misunderstood what you meant concerning the number of games lol sorry.

Jac5al1732d ago

I think the main menu just shows your most recent played games.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1732d ago

it does look great. cant wait to see it in action again.. this time i want a walk thru

TesMgsFan1732d ago

It looks great and the ps3 xmb looked good but this is like a updateted version :D

nukeitall1732d ago

Yeah, the updated version looks like Windows 8 Metro interface with a different coat of paint!

What happened to all the fans of XMB?

ZodTheRipper1732d ago

What? It still looks like the XMB, stop trolling.

hkgamer1732d ago

looks nothing like Windows 8 metro. the xbone looks like metro.

PS4 looks more like windows media center mixed with facebook.

rainslacker1732d ago

Looks more like the current PS Store with a few enhancements, then taking that concept, integrating that into a more XMB type interface.

Metro is nothing like that. Metro is crap.

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