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Destructoid: "Are you sick of hearing about Titanfall? Too bad.

Actually, I'll try to spare you a bit, as we talk about this game non-stop. But we blabbler on for good reason -- it's amazing."

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dirigiblebill1704d ago

Just couldn't help yourself, could you.

RandomDude6551704d ago

Help myself what...I'm going to buy on PC

1704d ago
JokesOnYou1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Hell yeah, first it was E3, now its Gamescom and X1 games are still the ones most talked about even sony folks are drawn to X1 threads over and over again just to let us know what huge pc fans they are now, or why X1 games aren't anything special, or how sick they are of hearing about this game, but not sick enough to stop following X1 games news. ENVY is such a cruel emotion. lol, kids just go preorder your X1 now.....After I Ryse, Titans WILL Fall.

malokevi1704d ago

Cool... will buy on XB1.

waiting for all the PS4 "I hate PC elitist" people to come in and pretend they have nice gaming rigs.

FlunkinMonkey1704d ago

Didn't have to wait long for the premature moaning as usual from the raging Xbox fanboy..

WeAreLegion1704d ago

Don't most gamers have a rig that can at least run most PC games on low-mid? Everyone I know does. That's why I don't get the pc vs. console arguments. Everyone I know has a decent-to-beast PC and at least one major console.

malokevi1704d ago

Most PC gamers that I know are adamantly against consoles. Most console gamers I know don't care enough to have PC's. I fall into the latter category, as do all of my friends. My brother falls into the former category, as do all of his friends.

It seems to me like very few people who have nice PC's and really invest in them on a regular basis care to buy into consoles. Makes sense to me... but I'm a console gamer. I love my standardized hardware and guaranteed software support. Also the portability is nice.

1704d ago
3-4-51704d ago

You can play this game on max settings on a $600 computer so you don't need an elite rig, you just need to be intelligent when you purchase parts.

1704d ago
starchild1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )


As a PC gamer I say your comment is a load of crap. Most console gamers don't just happen to have a gaming PC.

I've seen your comments and you are a raging Playstation fanboy, don't try to pretend that you and everybody you know are PC gamers.

Nobody with a decent gaming PC is going to just choose to play games on a console that they could be playing on their PC.

And why would you even spend the money on a gaming PC, which admittedly is a larger up front cost, when you are just going to hype up a console and buy your multiplats on that console? Makes zero sense. I've seen many of you guys make comments about getting multiplats on your consoles.

When the biggest argument I hear over and over again from console gamers is that gaming PCs are too expensive and a console is much more affordable, how in the hell am I supposed to believe that most console gamers are going to buy a console AND a gaming PC?

Like I said, your comment is a joke and the furthest thing from the truth.

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starchild1704d ago

If you are truly a PC gamer like I am, then cool, I'll see you online. But if you are just one of those Playstation fanboys who likes to hide behind the PC and act like you own a gaming PC just to downplay the Xbox, then that's crap.

adventureghost1241704d ago

alright I'm just tired of hearing of this game. What is so amazing about it? It looks exactly like call of duty but instead with jetpack's and titans? That's basically Halo with Call of duty's guns! there is no single player either so what else is there? there are plenty of other games that do this like destiny except it looks better and it is a huge open world game. it's not really an exclusive either, its on PC and I can imagine it coming to PS4 later on as well. Not to mention this kind of a game looks like it will have another call of duty fanbase to go along with it. So no its not everything else than Titanfall. Its everything but Titanfall.

falviousuk1704d ago

Except everyone who has actually PLAYED it has said its a great game. The only ones denouncing it are the N4G sony fanboy brigade who havent played it and its not out on the PS4.

If it was coming out it would be a whole different story.

If it was a PS4 exclusive it would be talked about so highly on here.

Game looks decent enough, though not sure ill be getting it due to its fast paced nature.

adventureghost1241704d ago

I'm not really saying its bad I'm saying its old its been done before. The only thing new is the graphics. Also its not being a fanboy if you give your own opinions on a game, for example I believe that Project Spark has a lot of potential and looks really interesting and creative. And that Knack is less appealing than when I first saw it. If it was a PS4 exclusive I would denounce it. Just like I denounce time and eternity for PS3. I'm allowed to have an opinion just as much as you are, but not everyone who favors one side to another or even hates the other side is a fanboy.

PONTIACG8GT1704d ago

I don't understand why everyone argues that it's not an exclusive. Besides Xbox, what other gaming console can you buy Titanfall on? None. PC isn't a gaming console.

I'm glad it doesn't have single player, I've been waiting/asking for a major game to come out with no single player. COD and Battlfield, do you think people buy it for the single player story or to go online? How come the only game play videos for COD and Battlefield have been about multiplayer? That's where a game longevity comes in. Great, you beat single player, now what? You think COD could survive without multiplayer?

The only element I see of COD is the fast pace gameplay. I didn't see it take 50 bullets to kill a guy, no kill streaks, no gimmicks. The multiplayer maps are huge compared to COD which is like fighting in a bathroom. The graphics look terrific, the innovation of Titans (getting in one, having one follow you, ejecting, riding one, etc), and that's just what you see now. And even if it has a little COD feel, is that bad? Last I checked COD (which I'm not a fan of) is one of the greatest selling franchises ever.

Theres a reason it stole the show at E3 and won a ton of awards. Titanfall is most talked about game so yea, it is Titanfall and then everything else.

towelie12881704d ago

X1!!! DAY ONE!!!!
this game is a must!!!

mfletch5121704d ago

this game isnt out day one... :(

PONTIACG8GT1704d ago

Lol try day 365. Game won't be out for like a year. But it will be worth the wait.

denero11704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

The game is amazing looking but i will also purchase on pc if i can >.< i have a gtx 460 it's held its own for awhile lol >.<

but kudos to microsoft for getting the console exclusive it should help

Belking1704d ago

Title says it all. Xbox-one baby!

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