Xbox One's Phil Spencer: 'We're Committed To The Original Vision'

Guardian writes: "We talk to Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Game Studios, at Gamescom about Xbox One's rocky road to launch"

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sincitysir11732d ago

It sure doesn't seem that way. I liked the original plan better. Too much of the same

Abash1732d ago

It's apparent that this is the case. The focus on exclusive games right now is to get the early adopters that are hardcore gamers to buy the console, but after that they will focus on exclusive TV programs to sell to casuals when the console shifts t approaching a more open demographic of consumers.

CerebralAssassin1732d ago

Agreed. Once they have a firm grip on the gaming part of the system, it only makes sense to polish the other aspects of the system.

JunioRS1011732d ago

That's kind of what they did with 360 IMO, and I'm a 360 owner.

I play Halo and Gears, which is why I like Microsoft.

But if those franchises dry up I'll just stick to one console this gen, PS4.

nukeitall1732d ago

As the years go by, the consoles will build up a size able library. For everyone that library will be to big to play, to even care about new games.

Right now, I haven't finished Halo 4, CoD Blops2, Dishonored, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Last of Us, and so on (and I own all those games).

The list keeps going and going.

It is early in the cycle that you need a lot of games and no, I do not want indie games. The vast majority of them are not for me. if it was, would have jumped ship to ouya or one of the myriad of android or ios devices.

That is my preference though in games.

Insomnia_841732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )


And this is why they won't sell the console without Kinect!! They will bring all those F'ed up policies again and the console will go back to how it was announced first with all the restrictions and DRM etc.

This is why I was still waiting for an sku without kinect to be sure they wouldn't do this.


LeCreuset1732d ago


I'll take my games as the console matures, rather than get a bunch of launch window titles and having the stream dry up later. Just look at The Last of Us.

1732d ago
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1732d ago

Xbox One's Phil Spencer: "We're Committed To The Original Vision Now"


andibandit1732d ago

I hate Phil Spencer, wish he'd left along with Don Mattrick

MysticStrummer1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Original Vision... version 3.99

This exciting strategy game plunges the player into the high stakes world of big business, where other people's money can be used to fund R&D, advertising, manufacturing, quality control and other aspects of moving a product out the door.

Newer versions give the player the option to rapidly and radically change their company's product and policies in response to public outcry, while deploying a form of mind control to create rabid internet fanboys that will defend their company's every move no matter how anti-consumer it may be.

Know your market, don't cut (too many) corners, and stick to your... Original Vision tm

malokevi1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Me too, and I'm going to say this as I have been all along... nothing has changed.

Sure, you can unplug your Kinect... that should appease the paranoid crowd.

Sure, you can unplug your ethernet cable.... Single player gamers and multiplatform developers will certainly be happy.

sure, Indies can self-publish... oh, and did I mention we get a headset?

But, at the end of the day, Kinect is integral, and an internet connection will probably be mandatory for all the major AAA 1st/3rd party exclusive games... so what has changed?

A few minor quirks. The console still exists in its former glory. Just no family plan... for now. And frankly, I think I can live with that.

KonsoruMasuta1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Internet won't be required for most 3rd and 1st party games.

We have yet to see a single player game for next gen that requires a internet connection.

Developers and publishers weren't pushing MS to do that. A lot of them came out and said that.

malokevi1732d ago

Forza... Drivatars and AI

Titanfalll... everything. Cloud processing, servers... its an online game.

Count on a majority of MS titles to function this way as the consoles life-cycle progresses.

KonsoruMasuta1732d ago

But internet isn't required for Forza.

Titan Fall is a multiplaye-only game so of course you would need an internet connection.

Internet isn't mandatory for and SINGLE PLAYER games.

malokevi1732d ago

Yep... no kidding...

But these are launch titles. As the cycle progresses, more and more Singleplayer games will be making use of online features. As of now, all the major upcoming titles have online directly incorporated into the single player experience.

Deny it all you want, that's where this generation is heading, and XB1 is ready.

Godlovesgamers1732d ago

"Sure, you can unplug your Kinect... that should appease the paranoid crowd. "

LOL!! The "paranoid crowd" LOL!! Yeah, time to wake the hell up smarty-pants.

malokevi1732d ago


Thanks for proving my point. lol.

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DragonKnight1732d ago

@sincitysir1: Don't worry, this means they're going to be bringing back the DRM that some of Xbox One fans loved in the future. After the storm has passed, expect another 180 that will have been foretold in the EULA that every Xbox One user agreed to.

Rainstorm811732d ago

That would be a full 360...:P

DrRobotnik1732d ago

It'll happen when some hacker will unlock the "every xbox1 will be a dev kit" capabilities and create copies of Halo 5. It's has happened before.

nukeitall1732d ago

MS going back to the original vision would be great!

Then consumers will accept it, and be the one doing the 180!

Fact of the matter is, the digital vision MS has is far more flexible than the cumbersome system we have now.

As a digital consumer, you essentially have no rights for trade-in, resale, gifting or even barely sharing.

Consumers aren't ready yet, but Steams model is ancient!

In five years time, hopefully we will look back and think, I was idiot for slowing down digital game adoption. I love it now!

stuna11732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Bravo DragonKnight you get it, why no one else does is beyond me! This is going to get ugly real quick once Microsoft builds up it's fanbase! Truely how many people can say they've read the TOS of any console? Not many, and if by chance there are those select few, how many of those understood what they were reading? Even less!

Tin Foiled hat what have you, they are pushing in this direction for a reason, and NO it's not the gamer, because if that was the case, why would they say that they were commited to their original vision? Especially after the gamers outcry!?

This should definately be taken as slap in the face of those who've supported Microsoft, but it also dispels the belief that Microsoft was doing all the 180's because of it's fanbase, this is proof positive of that fact! This is why people talk negatively about Microsoft, because they can't be trusted to keep their word.

DragonKnight1732d ago

@nukeitall: You're trolling with that comment right? Come on, you can admit it. It's ok if you are, don't get me wrong, but you have to admit that you are. No one but trolls and Microsoft employees would believe what you just said.

rainslacker1731d ago


OK, for the time being I"ll give you the DD win just for the sake of argument. But what about the physical realm? Were they making that less cumbersome with their policies?

If MS decides to implement this stuff later, and don't do so in a consumer friendly way, the backlash will be more extreme than it was before. Now the people who actually paid money for the console will be royally pissed.

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wait, which original vision?

is it;

The vision before or after the 180 on drm?
The vision before or after the 180 on Indie dev policy?
The vision before or after the 180 on 24hr checkin?
The vision before or after the 180 on used games?
The vision before of after the 180 on always kinected?

which vision, I am confused

Clarence1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

He wants you to guess which vision he's talking about. It's more fun that way.

Darrius Cole1732d ago

I'm excited over the X1 to start with. Although I must admit that I am a little concerned by this statement (2nd pargraph in response to the 15th question)

"What we heard from gamers is that they enjoyed the physical DRM they had with the 360 ecosystem and they wanted to add that to Xbox One. So we added physical DRM to the digital DRM plan that we had."

There was no "physical DRM". It was ownership; pure and simple. The fact that he still views it under the prism of DRM is disturbing. It tells me that they still don't get it. We own what we pay for. And if we want to sell it then that's our business.

I want some confirmation that Microsoft won't try to pull this crap again.

I was going to wait on the Xbone anyway. I take this little tid-bit as confirmation that I have the right idea.

Godlovesgamers1732d ago

"I liked the original plan better"

Really? The one where your rights and privacy are both violated so you can play video games? Wow, how trendy of you.

Mounce1732d ago

inb4 Microsoft 180's the policies to return to the ORIGINAL and crippling DRM policy down the road in X1's lifetime. Slowly they're flip the switches back to the DRM-ways, one at a time while no ones' looking....

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n4rc1732d ago

Me too.. I liked the original plans as well.. Thankfully none of it is hardware based and could make a return in some form at any time

DragonKnight1732d ago

All of it was hardware based, which is why everyone at MS said it couldn't just be turned off. They are making users download a day one patch that simply circumvents the hardware checks.

n4rc1732d ago


Its not hardware based as in no hardware had to be changed.. Its software

Hence a patch making all the changes.. A patch cant change hardware.

GribbleGrunger1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Look up 'circumvents' and you'll understand what DragonKnight is saying.

HammadTheBeast1732d ago

But a simple software patch could change things at any time.

Darrius Cole1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

A software patch can fix a lot of things. The designer of the operating system could completely lock-out whole pieces of the hardware if he wanted. I mean things like turn off USB ports; stop the system from reading the disc-drive, etc.

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Kayant1732d ago


A patch indeed can't change hardware physically but it has pretty much complete control over it that's why we have software in the first place. Hardware is paperweight without software to control it expect if it's designed without software interaction i.e a torch.

THamm1732d ago

Hearing this I think I'll wait until next year for an X1. At least Titanfall is on my beloved 360.

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stage881732d ago

The one which had all it's policies reversed?

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