Xbox One To Have A Similar Solution to huMA – Xbox One Dev

PS4 features better performance? Not so fast there.

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ape0071738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I have never ever seen a more fierce competition in my entire life

sony and ms, hats off

CRAIG6671738d ago

Very true, while fanboys are running around saying Sony is fail/Microsoft is fail, the truth is everybody wins, that includes us gamers...

mcstorm1738d ago

I agree and this is why I have said for a long time on here the gaming industry needs at lest 3 companys making consoles and at this moment in time I don't think there are any better 3 than Nintendo Sony and Microsoft as they all offer something different but they are all trying to out do each other to. This is also part of the reason I think the WiiU, Xbox one and PS4 sales will be close between the 3 come then end of this next gen.

nukeitall1738d ago


I agree that competition is great for everybody, but Nintendo at this stage isn't a real competitor to Sony or MS. They are still set in their ways.

I think we could use another major console maker that isn't cheap android like devices. Problem is, unless you are already in the market, almost no-one has the money to start competing in this business.

Valve is one of the few that is correctly placed in the industry, but I doubt they have the funds or even the expertise. Most likely it would be a PC in a smaller box with far minor investment.

Septic1738d ago



Thus competition is so fierce and look how the industry has changed already with more disclosures, more transparency and greater efforts, especially on the part of Microsoft, to engage with their community when compared to a few months earlier

redwin1738d ago

I love this competition, because of it no matter what I choose its going to be great. But I already made up my mind. I'm going for performance and features, uh and games. Which do you think that is ?

LoveOfTheGame1738d ago

Well features go to Xbox, performance to PS, and games are subjective.


rainslacker1737d ago

I love the competition. The fan boys I could do without.

extermin8or1737d ago

Well features is actually looking pretty even (cable box required for xb1-only relevant in usa atm, plus sony have deals with virgin media for broadband etc over here if a virgin media tv app doesnt appear... I'll be shocked), performance is probably ps4, games... this is a hard one because atm xb1 has more AAA titles however going from history AND from what studios like naughty dog and santa monica put out...and we know will have games out/announced within next year or so. Hmm however I'm guessing he's going with either ps4 or it was a trick question amd he's boderline trolling and is actually buying a ne gaming PC :p which ofc loses him access to all the exclusive games...

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CrimsonStar1738d ago

Competition is good for all MS and Sony compete , we benefit tremendously from it . I hope Sony and MS both do very well next gen so when the next one comes around it will be even better .

n4rc1738d ago

"He also noted that he couldn’t find a source where AMD’s senior product marketing manager Marc Diana stated that the PS4 would have hUMA and the Xbox One wouldn’t."

me either... a playstation fansite came to that conclusion it seems..

AMD making both chips made this claim pretty unrealistic..

MasterCornholio1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

"a playstation fansite came to that conclusion it seems"

Small correction.

That would be a German IT magazine called Heise.

Edit: Well i dont know why he didnt mention the XBOX but he said the PS4 would have it. Also theres a part of the article which states

The playstation fansite run by "Sony fanboys" just translated it.

" didnt see anywhere where he said xbox didnt have it"

I think this is the part that caused people to say that.

"Behind the scenes c't could also capture developers unofficial voices that see the 3D performance of the Playstation 4 very far from that of the Xbox One."

And if this is true then for some reason the PS4 is able to render 3d graphics better than the XBOX One which is probably due to huma which is mentioned in the article.

Anyways i cant wait to see the comparison between multiplats to resolve this issue once and for all.

n4rc1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

i read the translation... didnt see anywhere where he said xbox didnt have it..

the only place that was mentioned was the headline and then goes on to list the PR about the tech.. "increased performance" was not in reference to the ps4 but to the AMD tech itself over its competitors

MasterCornholio1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

" "increased performance" was not in reference to the ps4 but to the AMD tech itself over its competitors"

No one really knows since the article is so badly translated.

Something is extremely fishy though especially about the XBOX Ones hardware.

Edit: Now that i think about it i dont think either console has that technology.

joeorc1738d ago

here is the direct Quote:

AMD's Senior Product Marketing Manager Marc Diana said that the PS4 had shipped with a sense of Huma [Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access] from AMD.

BallsEye1737d ago

I am yet to see any game that shows the amazing power of ps4. For now XO wins cause they show, sony just talks. People already forgot how sony cheated with KZ2.

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Sarxblade1738d ago

Again Sony elite fanboys were going rabid on another rumor. I knew something didn't add up, but Sony fanboys were posting that huge huma advantage all over the place. It's gonna be sad for those fanboys that still believe ps4 is 50% more powerful then Xbox One, they well be very disappointed if they keep believing it.

FrigidDARKNESS1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Agree infact MS coherency solution also means
MS is fully designed the solution with help of AMD
instead of just pure Off the self Produced by AMD --> PS4

AMD wont said a thing because they think it is not important
we already Know PS4 garlic/onion Kabini (not full HSA) Not fully Huma.

PinkFunk1738d ago

Frigid, you so crazy :P

edgeofsins1738d ago


DDR5 is off the shelf? hardware for better audio and game recording is off the shelf? The processor quoted as having “a large number of modifications.” is off the shelf? I'm gonna go build me a PS4 then.


The PS4 has a modified processor. That is why it has 50% more raw power. That doesn't include that it has dedicated hardware for audio processing and to handle recording game footage. That means less load on the processor. It also has wider buses for more data transfer at a time.

rainslacker1737d ago

Odd that you would change your tone Frigid. Aren't you the one that for the past month insisted that MS had HSA? You knew it for a fact. Now it's, "Well, MS has a custom solution designed in tandem with AMD that renders HSA moot".

Also, off the shelf implies that this chip is available on the shelf, which it's not. It's not set to release until next year.

One last thing, it's been widely reported by both Sony and AMD itself that Sony customized the chip to a great degree in order to achieve the results it wants. They did this in conjunction with AMD, and AMD even said that Sony made an "interesting choice" when it came to that customization. No one knows what that choice is to my knowledge. Perhaps since you seem to be an expert in what these APU's provide, you could enlighten us with detailed specs on both.

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Jury1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

It's detailed on gaf. The Sony site got it from there and brought it to ng4 I think.

HiddenMission1738d ago

You do realize Reddit was the site MS got busted on the other month for using reputation management on which they would hire companies to go to sites and create posts, comments and uptick pro XB1 related content and then down play pro PS4 posts/comments.

So it it's kind of funny that a MS Dev working on XBOXONE just happened to see that the XBOXONE has a feature now that nobody knew of and then turns around and says that PS4 doesn't have this feature (in a different way of course).

You follow me...

“Not only in-house; they’re also dishing out the big bucks for some pretty high-profile marketing firms to do the work for them. Reddit will absolutely be a part of that strategy, and the couple of guys I saw were probably just the tip of the iceberg.”

Link below:

Here is NeoGaf post with a series of links that support that PS4 also sports the yeah do some research before you post and all agreeing with you are blind sheep fanboys...just saying because you spoke without looking 1st...

Gozer1738d ago

If you are quoting NeoGaf, you might as well be quoting sony headquarters. NeoGaf is highly sony biased.

HiddenMission1738d ago


Actually if you clicked the links you would see that they provided sources that weren't other NeoGaf posts they were from all over the industry.

Not sure if you are aware but NeoGaf is mainly people from the industry so not just Sony employees...which would make them impartial.

I also saw some of your comments above and it's clear that you yourself are biased in favor of MS...pots shouldn't call kettles black if you know what I mean.

joeorc1738d ago


If you are quoting NeoGaf, you might as well be quoting sony headquarters. NeoGaf is highly sony biased."

that is sony biased, no this one, no that one over there. lmao


quenomamen1738d ago

Exactly, hmmm lets see, PS4 has a AMD guy talking about it and on the MS side you got some Dev going " ooh yea, X1 also got one of them that there things too !

Again unless I hear a AMD guy coming out saying the X1 had something similiar built in then I'm calling bullshit. Oh and just cuz AMD is building both console's hardware that doesnt mean they are the exact same thing.

XboxFun1738d ago

Funny when a dev talks about PS4 and it's advantages..


But when a dev talks about Xbox One and it's advantages:

N4Sony: We don't believe you! MS paid for this dev to say it.

But then again this HUMA that no one was mentioning or even cared about before is now the new RAM/Indie/Headphones/Kinect required ammo that sony fanboys need to combat the Xbox One.

I can't wait until this is crossed off the list just to see what else you guys can come up with.

JackStraw1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

@gozer it appears anywhere on the internet that isn't an xbox forum is sony biased/fanboys. couldn't POSSIBLY be that people just want the console over the xbox one, huh?

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Animal Mutha 761738d ago

All this BS willy waving will be put to rest once digital foundry or LOT or Ars Technica get a hold of these bad boys and rip them to pieces.

Even then it will be the software that really shifts the units.

People will still no doubt enjoy arguing over any little detail otherwise N4G won't earn any advertising revenue!

sobotz1738d ago

DF? you mean that site that have been saying all of that PS4 RAM's drama?

Animal Mutha 761738d ago


Sure they don't always get it right but then who does when reporting from external unverified sources? On the whole I find them to be trustworthy in the vast majority of their reporting or speculation.

starchild1738d ago

Digital Foundry have been extremely reliable over the years. That fanboys want to tear them apart for simply reporting what they were told is just sad.

tuglu_pati1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


If it wasn't for them people would still think PS4 uses 7-8 GB of ram for gaming and that is not the case.

rainslacker1737d ago

It'll always be the software that shifts the units. 99% of the people out there couldn't give a rat's ass over the specs. Long term it could matter, but history says otherwise.