GC: More Forza 5 (Offscreen 1080p 60fps)

Here we are for our second day of showfloor videos, except now we have to dodge the rather amazing crowd. Let's start with this first Forza Motorsport 5 video, showing still the rather bland Laguna Seca track and this time the McLaren P1. It's worth mentioning that this time we managed to record direct feed sound, with just a slight saturation during collisions.

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abzdine1739d ago

it feels slow and those collision sounds are ridiculous. looks good as 360 game but definitely not a next gen game to me.

Sayai jin1739d ago

Your serious, right? Well thats your opinion. It looks better than any 360 race/sim in my eyes, controls look tight. Not sure what you mean about the collision sounds being ridiculous.

AngryEnglish1739d ago

And i bet Driveclub looks fantastic right?

abzdine1739d ago

it actually does :) don't you think so?

AngryEnglish1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Actually i do think it looks good, but i dont think it looks any better than forza 5, the cars in driveclub seem to float.... its a bit weird, one thing i will say about this video is i think its more of the tool playing than the game, as the other vids dont look that way... maybe he was playing with his feet

starchild1739d ago

Drive Club looks well behind Forza 5 unless you are blind or wearing some very thick Sony fanboy goggles.

steve30x1739d ago

When you say it feels slow does that mean you played it personally?

sync901739d ago

No, he means it looks slow in the vid. which it does.

1739d ago
sync901739d ago

Doesn't look that impressive to me. Turn 10 pump out forza every two years, almost like the cod of racers.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1739d ago

Is it me or do the textures seem abit flat? They seem to smooth you don't get a sense of depth within the cockpit. And visual difference between were you choose the car and when the car is on track is quite vast when in the showroom choosing car you have real nice lighting and reflections and on the track you still get that but it's toned down alot. I know there are reasons for that like in showroom there isn't as much to render etc co.pared to track

steve30x1739d ago

You are judging the game from a bad camera video. Its not even HD quality.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1739d ago

Yes I know but even in videos that are hd I the textures still sell flat yes it's offscreen but the textures look very similar to forza this gen

sagapo1739d ago

not all that impressed. The sunglare looked cool tho. But Laguna Seca is not a good track to show off your game, the environment is pretty boring. Take another track and the game will look alot nicer imo

Wikkid6661739d ago

Worst camera in the world.

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