GC: DriveClub back for more (Offscreen 1080p)

We weren't totally satisfied with the quality of our video of DriveClub yesterday, so we decided to get new footage today on the showfloor. We got two new videos, with the first being available right now.

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faysal1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

just amazing! cant wait to get my hands it! these so called gamer cant play for crap!

abzdine1495d ago

trees look so REAL! Alpha Code?? Headblown

fardan851495d ago

Damn, this looks good. I hope we will have the option to upgrade ps+ ver.

jaelegend1495d ago

you will be able to yes

6DEAD6END61495d ago

They really have been working hard improving the game since E3. You can see a reall graphical improvement, now the only thing left is to get it to 60fps.

sobekflakmonkey1495d ago


In all seriousness, all I've seen from DriveClub is people racing ghosts....where's the PVP gameplay at? I can't imagine that this is all there really is, just racing ghosts..

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1495d ago

There is person v person but there showing off the social aspect of the game like getting fame for your club and beating scores and times

sobekflakmonkey1495d ago

Yeah, I get that, but it's not explained, nor does it look like much fun, still pre-ordered the game a while ago anyways lol so whatevs...

mcstorm1495d ago

I agree looks nice and looks kind of like a Forza Horizon competitor. and I hope it is more than just racing ghosts and im sure it will be.

Gster1495d ago

Yea I think there will be, cause we seen car to car racing in the first installment of trailers.

jaelegend1495d ago

lets not compare to forza these game has a whole other message

mcstorm1495d ago

@jaelegend how is it another message to forza horizon? This is Sonya version of horizon and this looks just as fun as horizon was. Stop thinking like a fan boy and think out side the box.

jaelegend1495d ago

this is for ppl to get the concept of the game

sobekflakmonkey1495d ago

The concept of driving cars? You get that out of the title lol but yeah, I dunno, I just wish they would show more PVP stuff..

InMyOpinion1495d ago

It looks very good!

Does anyone know what the set-up is, I mean is it more aching to PGR and Grid than Forza or GT?

ProjectVulcan1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Its really closer to an arcade racer. Arcade seems like an old definition now but it definitely isn't trying to be a sim...

It looks very pretty and if the world is as expansive as they have said it'll surely be one of the better titles to pick up at launch.

mondofish1495d ago

Well it's definitely going for an arcade approach but you can't say that isn't like Forza...a few years ago you could have but the new direction Forza has gone in is arcade and that includes the newest one for Xbox One

InMyOpinion1495d ago

I don't consider Forza 5 to be less than a sim than GT, but I guess that puts me in a minority on N4G ;)

Is it true that you will get this with the PS4 at launch? If so I can't wait!

iiwii1494d ago

yes, you will get the PS+ version which will be a "light version" of the game if you have Playstation Plus when you get your PS4. You can upgrade it to full version if you like it (hopefully at a reasonable rate).

sincitysir11495d ago

Can I crash and cause destruction? As long as it has semi real crash mechanics I'm happy

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