Nintendo TV rebrands as Nintendo Unleashed

Nintendo Insider writes:

Those that regularly tuned in to Nintendo TV through the Nintendo eShop will have spied its disconcerting absence this month, but fear not, as lo and behold it’s been rebranded Nintendo Unleashed.

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thomasmiller1610d ago

Besides the great games, this is one of the reasons I bought a wii U! really like this app.

gamer421609d ago

I hope you guys know that this isn't from nintendo themselves it's from the official nintendo magazine it has nothing to do with nintendo's tvii app.

Tewi-Inaba1610d ago

Leave it to nintendo to name something terribly

KonsoruMasuta1610d ago

It's an awesome name.

Sounds wild and cool.

XboxFun1610d ago


just kidding, Nintendo unleashed eh? Gives it this eXtreme sort of vide right.

darthv721610d ago

lol because Sonic unleashed was such a roll-off-the-tounge runaway hit.

i kid...i kid.

stage881610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Wy would you called it that?

It's such a 90's title. Too over the top.
Why not X-Treme?

Summons751610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Problem with the 90s? 80/90s were the best!

My daughter only watches cartoons from the 80/90s (ones I grew up with) she can't stand today's tv shows and she's 3. It was a time when gaming focused on the fans and quality of the games/gameplay. Today it's just about how photorealistic they can be. Nintendo is trying to hold those beliefs and Sony is getting back to those beliefs too.

stage881609d ago

The 90's was a great time but times have changed.

You don't want to see people with 90's hairstyles now and you don't want to see 90's branding now, for example:


---stone---1610d ago

So bold. So daring. So scandalous. oh man.