Killzone: Shadow Fall - Warzone mode runs at 60 fps

PCG had the chance to play the new Warzone mode of Killzone: Shadow Fall - "it runs at beautifully soft 60 fps", the magazine writes.

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NewMonday1550d ago

We need to hear this directly From GG before we get to excited

Maybe it was locked down and so smooth it felt like 60fps.

TI_211550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Read the original; GG does aim for 60 FPS.
However they didn't quote anyone in that article.

I guess GG did reveal that in the interview which will be printed in the next issue of their mag "play3". However it takes some time for that to come out, so I guess we'll get confirmation from other site's earlier then that.

BTW Gamersyde actually filmed the gameplay from the reveal and it appears to be higher then 30 but not 60 FPS, yet. The E3 trailer is also available in 60 FPS.

Aery1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I'm totally biased about Killzone. I love this game and I will love the MP !!!

Ps 60fps would be great, but I'm happy with 30 rock solid fps too

Ju1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

a) it was mentioned "soft 60fps" - which means it isn't locked but can "go up to 60fps" - KZ:SF never ever dips below 30.
b) Modern engines run sub systems with different "clocks". Logic/input can still be locked @ 60fps while rendering runs dynamic for example - which means the game runs at a "locked pace" of 60fps.

thechosenone1550d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


GG dev confirms that the MP is 60fps!!!!! OMFG!!!

video of MP running at 60fps

ABizzel11550d ago

Maybe multiplayer is 60fps while single player is 30fps.

It make sense, single player is going for the best graphics they can do right now, and with all the particle effects, lighting, open levels, ray tracing, etc... it takes a toll on the GPU.

But in multiplayer all of those things are cut back to a degree, so maybe they got multiplayer running at 60fps.

NewMonday1549d ago

This will be fantastic, 60fps MP matters to many, this will be game changer for the franchise if they can make it, they should tout the hell out of this.

Enemy1549d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall's graphics are way too insane to run at 60fps in any mode. I'll wait to hear this from Guerrilla themselves.

Ju1549d ago


Hey, first time I had time to watch Shue playing that opening sequence in full resolution. This didn't come over so great when I was watching that live (far away and tiny shot - this is much better). But this is quite awesome, actually. Livestream, join, upload and all. This needs to be promoted much more. Whoa.

SilentNegotiator1549d ago

1080p60fps multi, (probably) 1080p30fps SP.

True next-gen is almost here.

finbars751549d ago

Actually my Sony Rep got his hands on all the PS4 games at there Las Vegas convention the week before Gamescon and got to play Killzone Shadowfall and the Mp and yes it was playing at 60fps on both counterparts.They where told the difference between the E3 show and there show was that GG only had 4gb to work with out of the dev kit along with the other devs. before they switched it to 8gb.GG has been working on the game ever since they got more memory for the PS4 and have the game running at 60fps and the game looks alot more spectacular then before.I think its safe to say that Killzone Shadowfall will be one of the best fps mp coming out for next gen.Plus another side not the MP has no more XP its all about doing challenges to unlock stuff for your guns a customizing your characters.

ShinMaster1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

That's perfect.

People say that First Person Shooters should run @ 60fps because of their competitive nature and that is exactly what Guerrilla Games is doing.

They don't have to worry about that for the Story Mode, so they can add more effects, better lighting, etc @ a smooth 30fps.

strifeblade1549d ago

umm assassin's creed 4 multiplayer runs in 60 fps lol

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Septic1550d ago

I've never been a fan of the Killzone games but the MP gameplay looked like a heap of fun.

60FPS goodness will just be amazing.

abzdine1550d ago

killzone multi is all about fun, and lot of tactic as well that makes it the best in my eyes :)
you know where to find me saturday :D

Kleptic1549d ago

Killzone 2 on PS3, even to this day, was one of the most impressive console multiplayer shooters i've ever played on a technical level...While it didn't have vehicles, it did have some massive maps, 32 players, and at any given moment could have so much going on at once your eyes would still holds its own as one of the most impressive console games of this gen even 4.5 years later...

however...Guerilla had a swingin' set of balls in terms of design choices...At a time when everything was desperately copying CoD, killzone 2 stood alone...dynamic mission objectives, little auto-assist, no stupid point counters flying at you in the middle of the screen, a heavy 'weight' to control feel, etc...while I applaud them for that...there was an area that GG struggled with...

equipment balance...It didn't take long for 'Rocketzone 2' to show up...a class that had double the health of a standard soldier that carried an RL that could one hit kill if it landed within 15 feet of someone...was beyond annoying...and for a few months, ruined any competitive play...eventually the community just fired back by blocking that class and weapon entirely...GG never really fixed it, though...

enter Killzone 3...which, imo, was even worse with balance (cloaked classes carrying AR's???)...and attempted to dip into the CoD formula far too much...killzone 2 worked very hard to be its own franchise...and killzone 3 threw a lot of that out the window...

I'm interested in Shadow Fall...but haven't seen enough yet to see where it is over all...if its more of a throw back to kz2, i'll be all over it...if its more like KZ3, no thanks...regardless of how impressive the visuals are...

JBaby3431549d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. I loved KZ2 and the weight of it (still can't get over the people crying that soldiers loaded with gear didn't move like they were on skates). The level designs were great and visually it was just stunning. I had great fun as long as the rocket launcher and grenade launcher were blocked. KZ3 killed it all and was not fun at all. I'm hoping for good things from KZ:SF.

dantesparda1549d ago

I loved KZ2's MP its was so actioned packed it wasnt even funny, but i could never get into KZ3's MP, it just wasnt the same, not even close

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FamilyGuy1550d ago

A lot of positive news has been pouring out of GamesCom.

Killzone looking that beautiful and running smooth, November's starting to feel really far away :(

mewhy321550d ago

This game looks amazing and I'd take more fidelity at 30fps than the dumbed down graphics of 60fps(Call of Duty) anytime. I'd rather they push fidelity of 30fps than try to get 60fps and have to make call of duty type sacrifices to get there.

ILive1549d ago

I think they sacrificed player count more than anything since the player count is still 12vs12 i believe. I believe the graphics will still be in place.

KwietStorm1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Call of Duty certainly doesn't look worse because of its frame rate. That outdated engine is a good place to start. Look at Battlefield. That runs at 60 fps, and even higher on my PC.

AKS1549d ago

The higher frame rate is more important for multiplayer. Smooth precision is key when you're dealing with online competitive play.

For single player you aren't battling several human opponents, so it's less of an issue to scale back the frame rate and push the visuals as far as possible. There would be more of a focus on the storytelling and set pieces than quick reflexes. This is going to be a showcase early game for the PS4, so I can't blame them for wanting to push the envelope on the visuals at the cost of frame rate in single player.

All the footage I've seen has looked terrific in both SP and MP.

Lboogieskells1549d ago

Killzone will be well received this time around. I feel it in my bones.

Whitefire1549d ago

Killzone 2 got a 91 on metacritic, so the critics seemed to like it. Most people I saw liked the multiplayer, and gave good impressions. Number 3 somewhat of the same. So it's not like the franchise has been beat on by people. It's just it hasn't been game changing.

caperjim1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Good that its 60fps but is it 1080p? Did they sacrifice resolution for the frame rate? Id hate to think that a next generation console purchase only gives me a few extra frames. 1080p should be expected with PS4/X1

AKS1549d ago

"A few" as in double the frames?

Raising the resolution isn't always the best way to improve visuals. Most of the best looking games of last generation were 720p, not 1080p. Sometimes added detail at 720p can look and run much better than what you'd get with 1080p and scaled back detail. After high end AA, raising the resolution has often been the second biggest frame killer for me when playing PC games. Sometimes you get better results from dropping the resolution to get more fps, detail, or postprocessing effects, which is why Naughty Dog picked 720p, 30 fps for The Last of Us, arguably the best looking console game from this generation.

Don't get too hung up on the "True HD" and "subHD" nonsense, which his mostly marketing and fanboy wars garbage. The people at Guerrilla Games know what they are doing and will make the right technical choices.

caperjim1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


If your talking console games then yes the best games were 720p because that's the regular resolution for console games this generation. Retail games that were 1080p were upscaled not native.

I game on PS3/360 but I've gamed mostly on PC for the past 2 years and can say that there is a big difference between 720p and 1080p. Better textures, shadows, etc. don't mean much when playing at 720p. Its like looking at beautiful scenery through a dirty glass window.

I have both PS4/X1 preordered because I love gaming. I cant imagine us still playing at 720p for the next 8 years until the next generation arrives.

I will be buying Killzone day 1 regardless.

AKS1549d ago


Where did I say resolution makes no difference? It's one of many factors, and sometimes another factor or a combination of other factors make a bigger difference, sometimes substantially so.

I have an OCed 2600K and two GTX 670 4GB cards in SLI. I've played the best looking games available and am pretty familiar with the impact of various settings. Resolution is important, but other factors should also be carefully considered. The jump from 720p to 1080p is huge in terms of computational requirements. Many assume that that's just one notch up because they aren't using the many resolution choices in between that you'd find in PC games, but that's a significant amount with the type of detail and effects in a game like Killzone when you're going to have limited resources of a $400 console, especially if you're also going to try to achieve a smooth 60 fps. Selecting the best combination of settings for visual fidelity and smooth frame rate makes a hell of a lot more sense than "1080p or bust."

caperjim1549d ago


Its true going from 720P to 1080P takes considerable toll on hardware resulting in lower FPS.

Bottom line is if next generation gaming means a bump up in frames while staying at last generations resolutions then it isn't "Next Gen". We are stuck with these console specs for the next 7-8 years. That's not very "future proof".

AKS1549d ago

I think you've got the wrong mindset for understanding this. It's not just about upgrading the hardware and jump a notch in resolution even though that's the way marketers tend to try to frame it.

You could make a game with an insanely high resolution on the PS4 if you scaled back all the details and effects. If you made a game with PS2 graphics on PS4, you could pick your multimonitor sky-high resolution and hundreds of frames per second. Add some high-end antialiasing to that. However, it still wouldn't look all that special. It would looked like a gussied-up PS2 game because that's basically what it would be.

If you're going to try to push the envelope with $400 hardware, there will be some sacrifices and compromises. The way to think about this is picking the best combinations of settings to get optimal visuals and a good frame rate, not upgrading to a certain spec hardware to get a certain resolution.

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Kaneda1549d ago

PS3 is more powerful...

"Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi said he expects the PS3 to be capable of running games at a stunning 120fps, according to a report in The Nikkei BP"

showtimefolks1549d ago

i hope most games can do 60FPS, if next gen can't even achieve that than what kind of next gen consoles are these

we need 1080P
we need minimum 60FPS

starchild1549d ago

Well, you won't get it on consoles. I can guarantee you. Most games will continue to be 30fps on consoles this upcoming generation.

Some of these shooters are targeting 60fps (especially in multiplayer) in order to compete with Call of Duty. If COD hadn't been so successful and hadn't been a 60fps game I am fairly certain we wouldn't even be seeing this many 60fps games on consoles.

If you want every game to be 1080p and 60fps you should be gaming on PC.

Consoldtobots1549d ago

let me be the first to cast my vote for an HD remake of the first KZ on the PS4!!!

mkis0071549d ago

The first Killzone? Its already been put in HD on ps3.

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Benjammin251549d ago

I know right? I don't understand why more people aren't hyped for this game. Killzone 2 was easily one of the greatest shooters of last gen, and if shadow fall even comes close to that games greatness, we're in for a treat come November.

Irishguy951549d ago

It is releasing with bf 4. Therefore it is pointless

LonDonE1549d ago

i just played through killzone 2 again yesterday, and also spent some time in skirmish, and multi player, man that game to this day LOOKS OUT RIGHT STUNNING!! a testament to guerilla games art and technical wizardry!! seriously killzone 2 looks light years better then all the halo games that have been released, the particle effects, the real time lighting, the shading, EVERYTHING BLOWS any xbox exclusive, and i think the new one on ps4 will do the same! killzone 2 and 3 to this day all these years on are still 2 of the most technically advanced shooters in console history, these guys know how to create some of the best looking shooters around!!

Maddens Raiders1549d ago

Killzone 2 was incredible, but don't forget that Killzone 3 was and is fantastic right now too! It's FPS pr0n lol. Looks like the Guerilla Gods are on their way once again.

sandman2241550d ago

I want to see it in action. Killzone rocks. Thank you gurilla games.

pyramidshead1550d ago

Hope they didn't make too many sacrifices, if any, to achieve that though. At least that will shut certain people up about the ps4 not being able to handle 1080p60fps.

zombie-fun5441550d ago

from what i heard so hard to make game work 60 frame and take time in pc or ps4 or xbox one

wishingW3L1549d ago

from where have you heard that nonsense? If you have the hardware you can even run at 120fps easily on the PC and at way higher resolution than 1080p too.

Skate-AK1550d ago

I think that is a mistranlation but it would be great if it isn't.

gijsbrecht1550d ago

I know a little German; in this case the translation seems to be correct.

ZodTheRipper1550d ago

They definately say it's 60fps. They also state that it's pretty noticeable and that they never played such a smooth Killzone.

AKS1549d ago

My eyes must also be mistranslating what I'm seeing in that video thechosenone linked, then. That looks like 60 fps to me.