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Submitted by Zack1 830d ago | rumor

Xbox One: Release date rumors

Microsoft didn't announced a release date for Xbox One yet. So when does Xbox One hits the shelves? There are some new release date rumors from Gamescom in Cologne. (Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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iamnsuperman  +   830d ago | Well said
I don't think Microsoft knows how many units they will have (which explains why we have had no release date yet). We have just had them scaling back the launch for a lot of regions (they said it was software related but me thinks it was to ensure more units to other regions). If it was them waiting for Sony to make a move we should have word by the end of the week. They could be doing it as late as possible to one up Sony but they need to inform the public and publishers as soon as possible.

Also if the rumoured pre-orders are running out for Microsoft's Xbox One, releasing a week or two before the PS4 would have no effect as the system would have sold out anyway
abzdine  +   830d ago
I dont really care when it releases cause i'm not getting it, but could have been honest from them for the first time since may 21st to tell their fans how long they will exactly have to wait.
i think this is complete disrespect towards their fan base.
Sitdown  +   830d ago
Obviously you do care, cause you are here making off the wall claims. My if you don't give a launch date you are being disrespectful. If you have so much disgust for Microsoft why are you always so quick to seek out articles concerning you feel this is your civic duty?
nukeitall  +   830d ago

I find it funny, Sony just finally announced their release date so "MS is being disrespectful for not announcing their date yet"!

Wonder if you would have said that 1 or 2 days ago!!!

Then again, it is you and we know your agenda!
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abzdine  +   830d ago
@nukeitall: i have to agree with you :) but what you dont understand is that Gamescom is over and they still haven't revealed their release plans. you dont know how my reaction would have been if Sony didn't announce the PS4 date at their conference but i would have been annoyed and i would have thought the same.
i prefer Sony consoles that's a thing, but Sony not communicating info with their fans when they had to would have been a bad thing for me.
The_Con-Sept  +   830d ago
It will not matter to consumers if they decide to launch it from right this second to next year. I'm still buying a PS4 on November 15th, 2013.
iSneak  +   830d ago
Gamescom isn't over till the 25th

Dlacy13g  +   829d ago
So according to @abzdine Sony was disrespecting their fans up until 2 days ago. LOGIC FAIL
LOGICWINS  +   830d ago
It amazes me that people are ready and willing to buy a console with so much uncertainty behind it. I mean, theres not even a release date yet? Im not buying the One at launch, but the people who pre-ordered must be thinking "WTF is going on?!"
Septic  +   830d ago
Well I have pre-ordered it and I'm just waiting to hear from MS. Sony only announced the release date for the console two days ago so I don't see the urgency of releasing a date just yet.
Sitdown  +   830d ago
Ahhh man, what's going on.... I don't know the exact day in November the system is going to launch. Hopefully Microsoft will do a 180 and follow Sony by giving us a date. Thanks Sony for being such a trend setter by giving is a date only 2 days ago. Haha... seriously, get out of here.... sounds like you ate more concerned about the Xbox one than people who actually plan on purchasing one.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   830d ago
We get it,now Sitdown and relax.
LOGICWINS  +   830d ago
I'm getting an Xbox One, not at launch, but I'm getting one. I am genuinely concerned for the people buying at launch because Microsoft should be doing everything they can to please them..that includes a speedy announcement of a release date.
Dlacy13g  +   829d ago
@LOGICWINS ...why are you genuinely concerned? We know its November, that seems like enough right now for planning purposes. I mean it is August 22nd. So 2+ months to give an exact date on when I need to pick up but I do know it will be in November.

Not sure I am understanding the sense of urgent concern.
burkusmaximus  +   828d ago
Dude you sound like a fucking troll rolled into one huge douche-bag..get laid loser. Nobody really cares when they come out, we just want to play them b4 the year is out. Derp
urwifeminder  +   830d ago
I pre-ordered it doesn't bother me when it releases just as long as it does eventually so I can play some forza 5.
Pascalini  +   830d ago
400 pound isn't much of a gamble for next gen

My ipad cost 500 so I don't see why people think it's a huge risk - if you didn't like it I'm sure you could sell it for the same amount at Xmas with the shortages
jay2  +   830d ago
Most of it's on the camera, most games are multi plat, £350 vs £430 is the difference off 2 games + Driveclub vs fifa, which is a download anyway, so for and xbox one and 2 games and fifa(which you'll most likely need GOLD for anyway is, so add £40 to the prices). will cost £550 vs £430. What would you do, PS4, Driveclub and 2 games for £430-40 or XBO, XBLG, 2 games and fifa for £550?
AngryEnglish  +   830d ago
most games are multiplat?

I`m sorry where is the release dates on the PS4 for:

TitanFall, Quantum Break, Dead Rising, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse: Son of Rome... Just to name a few

and your cost scenario adds in xbox live but not PS+, your also comparing a stripped down Driveclub to a full retail version of fifa, now if you decided to do this correctly it would be PS4, +,DC, 2 other games it would be approximately $604 with tax, The X1, With Camera, Ki, Fifa full retail edition(or whatever comes in the usa), Gold, and 1 other game comes to $663, that is with the same games 2 full retail games, one free to play stripped down game, a $59 difference... if you have a day one xbox you get a year of live for free.... if you already have + or gold then remove $54 from the PS4 price and $64 from the xbox, that makes it a $45 difference, both consoles are priced very similar for what your getting, hence why i pre ordered both, cant miss out then
Sitdown  +   830d ago
Are you sure there is a free year of xbox live, I missed that article.....can you post a link please.
Dmagic  +   830d ago
@AngryEnglish we all know titanfall and sunset will be multiplats no brainers.
No_Limit  +   830d ago
Xbox One on One One One {ie..11-1} sounds like a good marketing ploy.

Anyways, it will be in my entertainment unit in November, so I will be here waiting whenever it is released. Can't wait.
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iamnsuperman  +   830d ago
No offence but that sounds terrible. It sounds like the One has a stutter.
The Meerkat  +   830d ago
What about 11.11.13 so that it also works in Europe?

Either that or they delay the European launch until the 11th of January.
cootdog123  +   830d ago
Even if it comes out a month ahead of the PS4 I just don't think it will make a big difference.
gaelic_laoch  +   830d ago
It would not look good for the Xbone if you can get one on launch without pre-ordering. I have an image of stores choca-block with Xbones unloved and unwanted like scabby little puppies in a pet shop window if that were ever to happen!

But luckily for M$ there is a huge market for its Xbone!
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cootdog123  +   830d ago
What I meant by that was as far as the PS4 goes I just don't think it would make that much of a difference. The PS4 would still outsell the crapbox.
No_Limit  +   830d ago
Nice, two Ps fanboys trolling on each other without even knowing it. It reminds me of the movie 2 Guns with Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington.
gaelic_laoch  +   830d ago
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Septic  +   830d ago
burkusmaximus  +   828d ago
Hahahaaaa good one dude
burkusmaximus  +   828d ago
Wrong!! Is the ps3 outselling the 360?..I don't think so bro
gaelic_laoch  +   830d ago
2014 for many and Nov 29th for some.
jay2  +   830d ago
Keep telling you 5/11 with Ghosts. And that'll be worldwide.
Deadpoolio  +   830d ago
Yeah NO they aren't stupid they aren't going to release it on dudebro day, they want to sell as many 360 copies of COD as possible....And chances are they aren't ready nor will they be then....Those slashes of launch countries have nothing to do with language, guarantee it has everything to do with the overheating issues they've been having
Animal Mutha 76  +   830d ago
They were waiting for Sony to make the first move. Now they might counter with a limited launch earlier in less countries.

Its possible...

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