The best graphics cards for Crysis (DX10)

If you're looking for the most suitable graphics cards for Crysis, you might take a look at the article of PCGH. They have piled up a lot of benchmarks in DX10 from resolutions of 1024x768 up to 1680x1024 and graphics cards ranging from HD 3870 to 9800 GX2. PCGH uses a special level (Ice) that heavyly stresses the GPU.

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Jim Crowslaw3899d ago

The best card to run Crysis best is a Platinum American Express card. As u will need one of those to play this game at its full capacity

Mclovin963899d ago

Agreed. If you don't have a top of the line comp with sli'd video cards, then you will need to bust out the credit card to play this game at full settings. I always laugh when i hear PS3 fanboys saying the cell will run this game at high settings, 1080p. What a joke.

gambare3899d ago

you made me lol, seriously

TheIneffableBob3899d ago

For Very High settings, yes, you'll need some very powerful videocards for a stable 30+ FPS at HD resolutions, but you can get away with High settings, which still looks better than pretty much any game out there, on as cheap a card as the 9600GT ($110).

Mclovin963898d ago

maybe with really low resolution you could get a good frame-rate with the 9600gt at high settings.

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