Xbox360 & Xbox One: 81 Features Locked Away Without Xbox Live Gold

After my original article regarding why Skype should be free on the Xbox One, I got to thinking about the other features. I wondered exactly how many features were locked behind Xbox Live Gold. After some research, I discovered that the Xbox360 & Xbox One collectively have 81 features that you will not be able to use without an Xbox Live Gold Subscription. Many of these features cost Microsoft NOTHING to operate, since many of them either run on the Xbox platform itself and/or the Xbox connects to a third party server and/or service.

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dazzrazz1519d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Basically without getting subscription all you can do on this device is watch BluRay movies,play single player games and maybe talk with someone in private chat. Everything else is hidden behind pay-wall even services like Netflix, Crackle (free on PC) that don't use Microsoft servers at all.. or Skype which is based on p2p technology that's why its free on PC. Why is that ? Well Microsoft actually makes a lot more money on those xbl subscriptions and software platform royalties (games in this case) than xbox hardware

Agent-861518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Not only Skype, but just about everything on this list is free on a PC. Just another reason why I don't like the MS business model for console gaming and would never buy or support them. Only thing I buy from them is my OS and even then, I only get every other release since it seems like every other one is garbage: Win XP = good, Win Vista = crap, Win 7 = good, Win 8 = get my point.

I'm primarily a PC gamer, but do like having a console as a sidekick: to have console exclusives, plus have gaming in the livingroom when friends are over (we like sports and racing games on the TV). Last gen, I had a PS3 and will be getting a PS4 this gen. I don't need PS+ since I do my online gaming on my PC, but it's nice to be able to stream to my TV or watch Hulu+/Netflix on it as well and not have to pay a yearly fee to do so.

Magicite1518d ago

Every 2nd M$ OS is Beta :)

StoutBEER1518d ago

@Agent I guess I see you're point if you do you're online gaming elsewhere. And it would be nice if Netflix etc wasnt behind Gold. Fair point

redwin1518d ago

It's like cable, if a free tv channel don't pay your cable company you can not watch it on cable. You can take it off the cable and watch the channel that way, but you can not watch the free channel through the pay service.

StoutBEER1518d ago

I dont care. I have been paying for Gold since Halo 3 and will continue to do so. But it does suck for those that can't afford 60 dollars a year... Broke ass

PONTIAC08G8GT1518d ago

Buy your subscription on eBay. I haven't paid more than $30 for my Live subscription in years.

rbluetank1518d ago

Wow! a lot what you want to use is behind a pay wall.

theWB271518d ago

So what. To Sony nation the only thing that matters is games. Not TV crap. Those moving over to PS4 aren't doing so because of TV apps, it's to game. Even though Micro puts everything behind a paywall, Sony is essentially telling you everything is good to use, but multiplayer. You have to pay 40 bucks to use the multiplayer.

ABeastNamedTariq1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

:0 The spin. I'm so dizzy right now. Is this real life?

P.S. - $50 for PS+. Annnd you have to pay $60 for XBLG. And apparently 80 other things. 0_o

theWB271518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Oh...Sony isn't charging 40 bucks JUST for multiplayer on the PS4? Everything is free and ok, but they choose the most crucial one to put behind a paywall.

COD is the biggest game this gen. Biggest reason why, multiplayer.
Battlefield= mulitplayer.
Driveclub is about being social= multiplayer.
The Division-multiplayer
The Crew-multiplayer
Sports titles-mulitplaer
Elder Scrolls ONLINE
God of War A went multiplayer- think it won't continue?
Drake went multiplayer- think it won't continue?
Infamous Second Son basically confirmed to have multiplayer

Doesn't take much spin to know the industry is heavily, heavily multiplayer oriented. Since Sony nation doesn't care about TV, why else are you upgrading?

50 bucks for plus to rent games, good deal. PS4 doesn't support PS3 games, how long you figure before they start offering the same there?

They still haven't decided if they're going to make you pay extra to stream PS3 games with GAIKAI. Will you if they do?

With PS+ on PS4 Sony is offering 3 gigs of cloud space. While the other guys offer unlimited storage.

I mean seriously, the biggest thing people moan about when it comes to Microsoft is they're focused too much on things other than gaming. Then people point out things like this, where most of extra fluff behind the paywall isn't about gaming. It's entertainment apps. But it's still used as form of complaint against Xbox.

Then with next gen coming, they make you pay for THEE most popular aspect of gaming behind a paywall..and it's ok. SMH...

Lovable1518d ago


Sorry dude you can't spin this one. FACT is FACT. No matter how much you emphasize the importance of multiplayer, it doesn't change the fact that other service that PEOPLE use are still lock in one platform while open in the other one.

ABeastNamedTariq1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )


I didn't want to waste my last bubble replying to you, but holy crap that's..a load of crap. I'm sorry, it is.

1.) Infamous is NOT confirmed, even remotely, to have multiplayer, I don't know where you got that. Pulling stuff out of your rear there.

2.) That whole "unlimited storage" thing is pure PR talk. Maybe for game saves and things of that nature, Kbs and MBs of content that won't take up too much, sure, but GBs upon GBs? Nahhhh.

3.) You mention how it's $40 ($50, man, get it right) to "JUST" play MP when, later in your comment, mention the benefits of the access to full games thanks to PS+. Lmao.

4.) Who knows about Gaikai, we'll see. I'd rather not blindly speculate.

5.) Like you said, it isn't just MP. It's games, discounts, full game trials and more.

6.) I LOVE the fact that you completely disregard the point. MS put multiplayer and 80 OTHER THINGS, SERVICES, APPS, behind the paywall, some of which already require a subscription!

7.) To the last part of your comment: Yes they did. But the reward outweighs the cost of subscribing to PS+. And again, what, MS didn't? IS IT SOMEHOW OKAY THAT MS DOES IT TOO? IS IT NOT ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF GAMING ON THEIR CONSOLE AS WELL? Good grief.

Okay, one more thing: F2P games will not be behind the PS+ paywall. There's some free multiplayer right there. :P

Ring around the rosy.....

nightfallfilms1518d ago

I have never paid more than $40 for Xbox live. If you can't find it on sale then your not looking.

MrBeatdown1518d ago


You know, it's pretty funny... in your sad attempt at painting "Sony nation" as hypocrites, just like you failed to do yesterday...

... you proved exactly how idiotic your argument is.

You're words...

"I mean seriously, the biggest thing people moan about when it comes to Microsoft is they're focused too much on things other than gaming."

"focused too much"




In case you need a refresher on English language, "too much" means "in excess" or "beyond what is necessary".

Criticizing MS for focusing on non-gaming "too much" is not the same as criticizing them for paying any attention at all to non-gaming features. Yet you make it sound like it's hypocritical to want free access to non-gaming features.

You're not very good at that whole trolling thing. Next time don't make it so obvious how flawed your argument is by undermining it with your very own comment.

FamilyGuy1518d ago

"And apparently 80 other things. 0_o"

I LMMFAO at that!

I really don't get why some in the Xbox camp are so delusional. Not everyone plays their games just for the multiplayer, there are people that won't buy PS+ and will still be able to enjoy their system. Without XBLG you basically have a PS3 from 2006 (before all the updates) that can't play games online. Extremely bare bones and an incomplete package.

Understand that some prefer single player games and some even despise playing online because of things like the other players being too good, the people cheating, the immaturity, etc. For these people that just want a gaming console that's has all these extra useful perks/apps it's nice to not have to pay extra just to use them.

Being able to do the extra stuff like talk to friends on your system and check out movie/tv/music/internet apps without having to pay extra to use them are STANDARD PRACTICES on any mobile device, pc, laptop, blu-ray player, SMART TV, tablet or non-MS gaming console that we are made to appreciate more simply because MS chooses to blockade them.

Please stop defending this terrible practice!

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dazzrazz1518d ago

I rather pay $50 for PS+ and have some "free" titles every month than completely nothing. Oh wait Microsoft was so generous for past couple of months they gave me Crackdown that came out 6 years ago and I could get it of eBay for 99 cents and 20msp for my birthday 0_o

deputyspade1518d ago

Sony also announced at Gamescom that if you sign up for 1 year of PSN Plus, they will give you another 3 months free. So it's currently 15 months for $50.

FamilyGuy1518d ago

Many of us already see the value of PS+ without it needing to have multiplayer behind its paywall. MS has all its entertainments apps behind the wall because there practically IS NO VALUE in XBLG if online gaming and those free-on-every-other-device apps weren't there.

It's like a magic trick and MS has some of these guys completely fooled.

MysticStrummer1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

"So what."

So... it's obviously better to have more features that aren't hidden behind a paywall...?

"Oh...Sony isn't charging 40 bucks JUST for multiplayer on the PS4?"

I'm not sure how anyone can look at everything you get with a PS+ subscription and make the claim that's it's all about the multiplayer, but spin on you crazy diamond.

pyramidshead1518d ago

+bubbs for floyd reference haha

Bhuahahaha1518d ago

man you're the one that makes me dizzy

yes you need a psn+ to use multiplayer on ps4(free with games that uses subscription model AKA like ffxiv)

its not $40 for multi and another $ for psn+

online play is free for ps3 games.
you can use one psn+ account for both ps3 and 4

psn+ gives you discount and free game(rentals as you say)

deputyspade1518d ago

Your logic is piss poor,WB. MS has been charging for online since 2002. I notice you're ignoring the content of the article and trying to bring up Sony's charging for online instead of attempting defending Microsoft's poor practices. Please, by all means, attempt to defend Microsoft keeping all their "features" behind their xbl gold paywall.

ziggurcat1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

A least you can access that "TV crap" without having to pay money.

And you're clueless to think that a PS+ subscription is just to make people play for online. Also, if you happen to not give a **** about multiplayer, Sony isn't forcing you to pay extra money to access the things you're interested in using.

"... where most of extra fluff behind the paywall isn't about gaming. It's entertainment apps. But it's still used as form of complaint against Xbox"

Because you shouldn't have to pay extra for those things.

"50 bucks for plus to rent games, good deal."

And you're paying $60 for XBLG to "rent" features that should be free to access (some of which you pay a monthly fee for already). Try harder.

techuser1518d ago

It's like you're talking to a brick wall, you made a good point in your second comment of your thread but these ps trolls just ignore it and say that it isn't relevant. These guys need to get take that tramp stamp of the sony logo off. This mob of losers will go away and troll something else. Guarantee that.

theWB271518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I'm not going to reply to them, cause it's true. The industry is heavily multiplayer and that's the aspect Sony put behind the wall. Period. It's like someone giving you a free Bugatti, then tells you in order to go drive it you have to buy the keys for 3million bucks. What the hell is the point if the most important aspect is behind a paywall.

They can carry on, my point stands and it won't change.

Nice on the Lindsay bit. Really ; D..hilarious.

gaelic_laoch1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Your argument is as steady as Lindsay Lohan doing a sobriety test! PS+ gives far more than Xbox Live's primary function which is based around restrictions and and illusion of a superior service.

...that bbc i player isnt on that list because the bbc is already paid for and is forbidden to be behind any additional paywall.... whats more telling is that ms wouldn't even let silver members to have it for free......because they couldn't charge for it. They use free stuff to fluff...WHY O WHY is this so?

Magicite1518d ago

I bet You havent seen what value PSN+ actually has.

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