Equality in Gaming Means More Female Enemies

A long, long time ago, there was a game called Final Fight and a character named Poison, who recently showed up again thanks to Street Fighter X Tekken. When Capcom was developing the character for the original Final Fight in Japan, she was always intended to be female. However, they were worried about how American audiences would respond to hitting women and wondered if feminist groups would sue.

"Hitting women was considered rude," according to All About Capcom Head to Head Fighting Games. So the character was made a transvestite. Playtesters for the SNES did indeed express dislike of hitting girls, and the explanation that Poison was secretly a dude was not exactly met with the greatest of enthusiasm. She was replaced with a male character named Sid.

With the exception of fighting games, which have always been oddly very equal-opportunity, it's remained fairly rare to see female minions in the wave of enemies. If they are present, they're almost always some form of dominatrix. Regular shock troops in the rank and file? Not so much.

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Pancit_Canton1706d ago

I don't really care if there's more female enemies, zombie infant babies (Dante's Inferno), Giant Enemy Crabs. As long as the game is entertaining as hell and smart A.I. I don't really give a ____.

caseh1706d ago

Equality in gaming means more bitch slaps

TheBossMan1706d ago

Equality in gaming means you close that fist and don't pull.


Just wait until animal rights comes into play.

Wni01706d ago

timesplitters has done that for ages. 160 playable characters, 40% being female.

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