Can Elder Scrolls Online Live With a Subscription Fee?

US Gamer - Today, Zenimax Online general manager Matt Firor announced that the Elder Scrolls Online would have a subscription fee. No free-to-play options, just the classic $14.99 a month deal some have been paying for World of Warcraft since 2004. In a talk with GameStar, Firor said that a subscription fee just feels right for Elder Scrolls Online.

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adventureghost1241737d ago

not for me. If we have to pay 60$ for the game and then 15 $ month for a subscription than that's outrageous. No game is worth that much. IM TALKING ABOUT YOU FFXIV! I've seen the gameplay and this subscription will surely kill it. You just cant survive in the mmo market with having it behind a paywall, considering that most are free to begin with

Monkeysmarts1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

FFXIV is less than $30 on PC and $40 for PS3. Remains to be seen what the price will be on PS4 but I would imagine around the same... hopefully PS3 gamers will be able to get the PS4 version at a discount to cross over. FFXIV actually is a very good game though... it's essentially the kind of game that FF fans have been kicking and screaming for the franchise to return to. Well worth a subscription to keep the game at a quality level in my opinion.

ESO looks several notches below FFXIV... or any other big MMO for that matter. It will fail miserably with a $15 sub and I think the game will be F2P before it's even 3 months out of the gate.

FFXIV on the other hand will be more popular than FFXI was - and FFXI maintained a sub fairly successfully for years.

adventureghost1241737d ago

Good point but still do you honestly feel good that you would spend a month on a game you are only going to get so much out of? there are plenty of other mmorpg's that are F2P sure there is stuff in game to purchase but that's how they work. If I already pay for a game I shouldn't have to pay more to use it. To me it just shows that they knew it was going to sell terribly. So they just squeezed as much as they could out of it

Monkeysmarts1737d ago

Well I know some people have that psychological thing with a monthly sub... like if you're not playing it constantly then you are wasting your money. I just don't have that, personally. The $12 or $15 per month is a price to pay for a game that's going to give you much longer life than most AAA titles even... plus the servers are not cheap at all to maintain.

F2P is good for trying out games you'd probably never buy in the first place, but I am really not a fan of F2P MMOs. They always rope you into some pay to win mechanic where you can't even really enjoy the game unless you're dumping cash into it all the time. I hate getting nickel and dimed for my gameplay experience. Subs or a system like GW2 put everyone on a level playing field at least. Although I would say the vast majority of MMOs are not worth it.

BlingBlaine1737d ago

Not a chance Im paying monthly for skyrim online, Im burned out anyways after 500 hrs of skyrim.

bohemian 231737d ago

Not happening. Unless that's the only game I played.

spaceg0st1737d ago

I would've picked it up, as I did skyrim... But I'm no longer interested. Too bad

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The story is too old to be commented.