Super Mario 3D World (off-screen) World 2-1- gamescom 2013

IGN:Off Screen footage of Mario taking on world 2-1 in his newest unique adventure for the Wii U

Locknuts981d ago

I hope it's more fun than it looks.

3-4-5980d ago

Have you ever played a 3D mario game ?

The worst one is better than most other games ever created. I'm sure it will be fun.

falcon97981d ago

It looks graphically amazing but they did say the EAD team that made this are working on something bigger and better ??

Realplaya981d ago

Was this a timed demo the player just went from point a to z skipping everything in between.

mcstorm981d ago

Cant wait for this game looks like it will be even more fun than the 3DS version. Add sonic to this mix of games to and they are 2 must own games on the Wiiu.

THamm981d ago

It looks like Sonic 3d Blast on the genesis