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Media Molecule on Tearaway's past and the studio's future on PS4

Polygon - Tearaway has changed quite a bit since its announcement at last year's Gamescom event, inarguably for the better. (Media Molecule, PS Vita, PS4, Tearaway)

Goro  +   587d ago
I can pre-order Tearaway for only 20 bucks, what's with that?
Is there not a lot of content or something?
Cirehpsa  +   587d ago
Certain retailers often give discounts as a pre order bonus.
Goro  +   587d ago
No they don't...
snitch_puck  +   586d ago
^ the ignorance is strong in this one..
slivery  +   586d ago
When you pre-order something you never usually have to pay the full price up front unless you want to.

The game cost $40 like any other Vita game for the most part. So I don't think what you put down for the pre-order has anything to do with the content available in the game.

Pretty sure you still owe them another $20 bucks for the game when it comes out or when you want to pay the rest off.

I pre-ordered mine for $5 a long time ago and payed mine off already.
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Goro  +   586d ago
When i said 20 bucks, i meant £20 AND no i don't owe them anything extra...i'm not retarded.
Rockets12  +   586d ago
Where can you preorder it for $20?
Goro  +   586d ago
Pancit_Canton  +   587d ago
Cross play this game on the PS4 now.
yellowgerbil  +   586d ago
I want a announcement on their ps4 game. The tech demo they showed in Feb was the moment I desided I HAD to have a PS4.

I am an artist, wanted to make games but was terrible at Maya and dropped out, I see the clay creation in the tech demo as a way to make 3d art and make little games and animated pixar style shorts to share with others.

MM gives us wannabes the tools to play out our dreams of being the creators. They need a nobel prize or something, maybe for awesomeness if that prize can ever go to anyone other than Bruce Campbell...

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