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GameSpot - Forza 5's Career Mode Is About Exploring Cars, Not the Life of an Eccentric Billionaire

GameSpot - With a more open-ended career mode, Turn 10 is aiming to let players explore every style of cars however they choose. (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

Maddens Raiders  +   905d ago
I don't know... I like a really good challenge. This seems to be a good idea for getting people into cars that never would be able to the traditional way: by earning it. At the same time though it removes the time honored "progression ladder of increasing difficulty".

Interesting approach from T10; we'll see how the hardcores of the series react to this move.
theWB27  +   905d ago
I've been with Turn10 from the beginning and even though they always went the rags-riches way, it was never hard to get into a decent car early on. The past few games they had all of the cars unlocked in free race anyway.

So basically Turn10 has always designed the game around getting you into as many cars as possible without a ton of work, just drive. So, to me at least, it sounds good.

If that helps from a "hardcore" fan.
WeAreLegion  +   905d ago
Super jealous that it gets Top Gear commentary.
Master-H  +   905d ago
Cool, i played a lil Forza Horizon on my buddy's Xbox couple months ago, it reminded me of the first Test Drive Unlimited from last gen, feels luxurious and shit, i like it.

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