Sony on PS4 vs. Xbox One: "It's nice to feel you're ahead"

Sony UK managing director Fergal Gara talks to GameSpot about the PlayStation 4's line-up, the battle for preorders, and why the console looks set to sell-out this Christmas.

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ABeastNamedTariq1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I bet it is. They've got a good portion of the gamers on their side. Enough to get a million preorders. Great launch games, even better games to come (Infamous, The Order, ND, SSM, QD, GG, I need to go on?)..thinks are looking good for them.

A vastly improved controller, a beautifully designed console, a great online service that gives you access to full games.. What's not to like?

I'll be enjoying my PS4 day one.

Lwhit61709d ago

I also will be enjoying my PS4 day one!

I don't know about anyone else, but I would rather have a console with a slew of third person action adventure game exclusives than a console that wastes all its money on assuring timed exclusives for first person shooters.

UltimateMaster1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Well, PlayStation did made significant steps to improve their infrastructures and games.

Just look the ratings of all the Exclusives PlayStation Games has to offer.

Just proves a testament in their dedication to gaming.

They deserve all that Glory.

Magicite1708d ago

Yeah, Xbox is mostly FPSbox, for a JRPG fan like me it presents zero interest.

come_bom1709d ago

"Sony on PS4 vs. Xbox One: "It's nice to feel you're ahead""

It's not hard with the extra help they are getting from Microsoft.

MasterCornholio1708d ago

And it all started with TV TV TV SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS.


Now that was just funny.

miyamoto1709d ago

Sony has shown visionary leadership since the Feb unveiling of the PS4.
No other company is capable of this kind of responsible leadership within the gaming industry.
There are tons of proof that only Sony has the integrity to lead the video games industry towards a better future.
The other two's true identities were exposed and revealed their true colors.

PS4 will revolutionize gaming once again!

ZodTheRipper1708d ago

Funny reading this from Miyamoto, the master mind behind Nintendo's success :P

But you're right though, Nintendo's focus lies in the casual market, Microsoft's seems to be more into entertainment. Sony is the only hardware manufacturer who's putting traditional gamers first at the moment. Steam seems to be having the same goals and I appreciate them entering this market with their own hardware since they have established themselves amongst PC gamers already.

Rimeskeem1709d ago

Dont forget the indies a f2p games they all look really good and im really looking forward to seeing the devs grow and start making bigger and better games exclusive to sony

PS4 day one

what people dont realize about all these indie games is that since the PS4 and sony allow them to do so much with the console they will come back again and again and make better games and sony will then buy the devs/studios just like they did with ND and SP and then bam they get lots of studios for them and now they get all of these amazing exclusives

you just gotta be patient

Magicite1708d ago

and besides Nintendo, Sony is only company in world who actually knows how to manufacture hardware for consoles.

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NatureOfLogic1709d ago

Can't wait to get the most powerful console ever day one. 4>1

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Shazz1709d ago

remote play has me pumped:)fifa online in bed and sum watchdogs will be insane

THamm1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Yes finally a real NBA 2k portable, even online with real consoles. This is the real deal, people will see

Pancit_Canton1709d ago

Technology Wise - Checked
Price - Checked
Public Relations - Checked
Exclusive - Checked
Kazification - Checked

HammadTheBeast1709d ago

We might be running low on Kazification, I haven't seen him at any events since he got his promotion.

We do have a lot of Cerny stamps though.

Rimeskeem1709d ago

you forgot shufication and Cernification

showtimefolks1709d ago

as big of a PS fan as i am we all have to admit, coming from ps2 sony had a huge ego, they felt like they didn't need to make it easier for developers to develop and the price point announcement was more like #dealwithit#

PS3 started out slow but wow just wow, sony found out the best way to reach to gamers's hearts and pockets is to deliver games and services that people want

also now with PS4 sony doesn't have to go through the growing pains, its a established service and that 14 days of free psn-plus will get a lot of people hooked on to it, also for Europe buy Plus now and get 3 extra months is pretty sweet

i feel like sony said to Cerny just FIX the PS brand and its image, and he has done just that. Because he is a developer himself, he is well respected

sony sending out free dev kits
sending Gold color PS1 to MineCraft creator and now its on PS brand too

just keep it up sony, all the mistakes of ps3 couldn't stop sony from passing the xbox360 so now doing everything right and at a great price point should be dominating

great time to be a gamer, picking up PS4 right at launch than hopefully Blackfriday will have some sweet deasl on ps4/xbox one games

one thing thought, almost all of the games i really want are coming in 2014, but KZ and drive club will last me a while

here is hoping for Lat of us on PS4

and also can't wait to try all the free to play games

can you guys recommend some good FTP games to keep an eye on? I am thinking DC Universe

fsfsxii1709d ago

DCUO was only hindered by the amount of RAM on the PS3, other than that, its a great game.

Remember when people said "IT HAZ NO GAMEZ" crap?? I wanna hear what they say right now.
Question is, how will the AAA industry change with the newer consoles?? I'm pretty sure people are fed up with FPS and shooters. and devs have no scapegoat this time with both consoles easy to program for.

The next few years are going to be interesting.

showtimefolks1709d ago

lazy developers will find a way to screw t up but some of the top guys will show the true power of ps4 and xbox one

whether we like it or not Shooters are here to stay for a while, it looks like people love guns and love to shoot people in a digital world lol

but that's where the Indie's come into the picture, also with sony we know they will take risks since its in their DNA to make Niche games

Part of me says i want UC4 but there is a huge part of me that tells me ND won't make it anytime soon ad they are working on a new IP

showtimefolks1709d ago

new games from David Jaffe, he is been quote for far too long

new game from Stig Asmussenthe director of GOW3 has a team within sony santa monica

Cory Barlog game director of GOW2 also back and making a new team, here is hoping he and jaffe work together on a new game

ND team working on a new game

MM not doing LBP3 so they must be working on something

QD also is working on new IP but they won't admit it till B2S releases

GG have a new IP in development but we won't hear about it till after KZ shadow fall

many of sony japan studios are also quite
what about other teams with sony Europe

so next few months we should hear some announcements, E3 was for american developers, Gamescom was for Europe and now TGS for Japanese developers

Gameinformer most likely will reveal one game before end of 2013 as cover story

VGA on Spike most likely will reveal one if not not more exclusives

only matter of time, The Potential is huge and so is our excitement

Hicken1709d ago

"Indie is a joke who is going to pay 400.. For just indie game??"

Via one of my coworkers. Dunno how or why, but he's become an Xbox fanboy. Funny thing is, he had something else to say a few minutes later.

"Indie games aren't next gen looking bro. And Xbox will have plenty"

Which was right after

"Xbox is #1 and ps is #2. That why third parties will support them first. Lol"

He thinks the lineup is better because of Forza and TitanFall, which is apparently enough to outweigh everything we know will be on the PS4, and everything we know is coming from the likes of Naughty Dog and SSM.

HOW this makes sense, I don't know, but it's amazing to watch people try and twist ANYTHING into a positive when there's not much to hold onto.

Sci0n1709d ago

Blacklight Retro, planetside 2 and warframe look to be very promising. Was watching some vids on YouTube of the PC guys playing em and boy do they look fun.

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