inFamous: Second Son Release Date set for February 2014

Now that the PlayStation 4 is confirmed for November 15th/29th and all 33 launch games are known, we can look forward to 2014 and what Sony’ll have to offer after the system launches. - PSLS

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Abash1641d ago

Knew it was going to be February. Looks like PS4 will be just as hard to find in the winter as the holiday season with the sales boost inFamous: Second Son will give

vishmarx1640d ago

hopefully we get a bundle
this is most certainly gonna be my first ps4 game

FamilyGuy1640d ago

Didn't the first inFamous release in February as well?

trafalger1641d ago

One of most anticipated games for 2014.

aceitman1641d ago

ps4 dominates movers and shakers on amazon. dam top 20
cant wait for this.

Pancit_Canton1641d ago

Sucka Punch that motha in my collection.

showtimefolks1641d ago

how awesome would it be if ps4 gets a AAA exclusive per months in 2014?

the order 1886 is late 2014 also so now we have 2 confirmed exclusives

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Master-H1641d ago

Probably gon pick the 4 up the same time this comes out, unless i get an extra ton of cash before the year ends.

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The story is too old to be commented.